Dissidia Final Fantasy: The Great Will
A world were the Goddess of Harmony and the God of Discord fight for supremacy, the world depend on the choices of the chosen warriors of the gods. The question is: What will you fight for?
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This list is so that all members of the forum can know what characters will considered NPC's (Non-Playable Characters). These characters will only be controlled by the moderators in order to keep the rp going. As the rp story progresses more characters will be added. (If you like to introduce NEW NPC characters, they must be checked by either or any of the Moderaters before we can add them to the story line. Any NEW NPC charcaters can only be controlled by those who created the new ones.)

Final Fantasy Characters:

Warrior of Light (Style: Paragon)

Garland (Style: Nemesis)

Final Fantasy II Characters:

Firion (Style: Weapon Specialist)

Emperor Mateus (Style: Trap Master)

Final Fantasy III Characters:

Onion Knight (Style: Mystic Fencer)

Cloud Of Darkness (Style: Bane of Life)

Final Fantasy IV Characters:

Cecil Harvey (Style: Split Soul)

Golbez (Style: Thaumaturge)

Kain Highwind (Style: Tactical Striker)

Final Fantasy V Characters:

Bartz Klauser (Style: Mimic)

Exdeath (Style: Entropic Adversary)

Gilgamesh (Style: The Greatest Blade)

Final Fantasy VI Characters:

Terra Branford (Style: Esperkin)

Kefka Palazzo (Style: Mad Mage)

Final Fantasy VII Characters:

Cloud Strife (Style: Buster Basher)

Sephiroth (Style: Focused Blade)

Tifa Lockheart (Style: Feint Brawler)

Final Fantasy VIII Characters:

Squall Leonheart (Style: Relentless Revolver)

Ultimecia (Style: Sorcerous Fusileer)

Laguna Loire (Style: Tactical Gunner)

Final Fantasy IX Characters:

Zidane Tribal (Style: Aerial Ace)

Kuja (Style: Graceful Glider)

Final Fantasy X Characters:

Tidus (Style: Spry Striker)

Jecht (Style: Brutal Blitzer)

Yuna (Style: Grand Summoner)

Final Fantasy XI Characters:

Shantotto (Style: Chainspeller)

Prishe (Style: Combo Blitzer)

Final Fantasy XII Characters:

Gabranth (Style: EXecutioner)

Vaan (Style: Androit Attacker)

Final Fantasy XIII Characters:

Lightning (Style: Paradigm Commando)

Dissidia Final Fantasy Characters:

Chaos (Style: Master of Bedlam)


Cid of the Lufaine

Feral Chaos (Style: The Omega and The Alpha)

The Great Will (also known as the Mured Moogle)


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