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Existential Insanity

Hey, so I want you, the readers/posters, to talk about whats happened, happening, and will happen. Bounce around your own ideas and such. I'll pop in from time to time to either say 'hey your smart, I was planning that' or go 'no sorry nu uh.'

5/8/2011 #1

Will Ruby's master get a name or be referred to as Ruby's Master?

5/22/2011 #2
Existential Insanity

Does Ruby's master even have a name?

5/22/2011 #3

In chapter 13, page 52, when talking about yukari, Ruby said to her Master, "Yes, O-Yukata-Sama.", This was in response to when Ruby's master asked " A witch... A witch on my hill?"

In chapter 17, page 11, Ruby yelled out "Stop it Mistress Yukata! For heaven's sake!", When Ruby's master used the fusion spell with her man-eating plant monsters.

In chapter 17, page 24, Yukari said, "It's because Yukata is way too powerful for any of us.", When the fight between Ruby's master and Moka was going very bad.

In chapter 17, page 25, Ruby said "Stop it, Mistress Yukata!"

In chapter 17, page 28, Ruby said, "Mistress Yukata, please... stop this slaughter, MISTRESS"

In chapter 17, page 29, Ruby said, "Tsukune, Moka... I... beg of you... please stop... Mistress Yukata... from..."

In chapter 17, page 37, Yukari said, "If Yukata loses the magic power that enables her to keep them together, everything will end up in a massive explosion", After Moka destroyed the gem on Yukata's book. Ruby's master then went boom.

In chapter 17, page 40, ?Ruby? said to her master, "Let's go back, Mistress Yukata, let's go home... So we may live together peacefully and happily". Dunno if it was really Ruby. Might have been a shinigami disguising itself as Ruby to help Ruby's master pass on peacefully.

In chapter 17, page 44, The bus driver said, " It seems like Yukata used the last of her strength... To protect this child.", When he revealed Ruby was alive.

In chapter 17, page 45, I think the bus driver said, "Those kids are strong... Their bravery and confidence in friendship suceeded in changing Yukata's Heart... Not to mention that they saved the city and its denizens!"

So Ruby's master's name is Yukata? Characters in Manga had weirder names.

Ruby's master made the claim that plant manipulating was her specialty, in chapter 15.

5/22/2011 #4
Existential Insanity

wowzers. Yeah, I suppose unless the Kanji used for Yukata are different from a yukata. I don't know. Yukata it is.

5/22/2011 #5

What about a scene where Moka comes down with a virus where one of symptoms is cat ears on her head? Doubt it'll go anywhere. I now realize that would be more for an anime than a fic. Oh well.

Then Again, I got the idea from an omake of chibi-vampire, where Karin realized that their vampires had some stuff common with cats.

9/9/2011 #6
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