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Going by the first chapter of R+V and the Kokoa introduction chapter; I think Outer Moka is stronger than Kokoa in powered down state, but weaker than Kokoa with full power unleased.

Outer Moka might be hampered in a fight by a few things.

First is experience. Inner Moka's memories are remembered somewhat like a dream to Outer Moka, and the Seal probably separates muscle memory between the two Mokas. Still... some experience is better than none.

Second is Outer Moka might be stronger than half, maybe two-thirds, of the student Body. That's not a bad thing, but if Outer Moka decides to go fight someone, it'll attract attention from someone who'll be stronger than her and they'll most likely have more experience than her. (Example - she shoved Tsukune into a wall and it cracked a lot.)

Third is drive/pride/will. Unless it is to protect someone else or herself, Outer Moka tries to avoid fighting, unless it the little fun fights with her friends. those, I suspect she delights in partaking. Inner Moka seems more willing to fight for the sake of fighting, unless she views it as completely pointless.

What are your opinions?

5/24/2011 #1
Existential Insanity

But then do Moka's powers fluctuate while sealed? She can still be hurt by water sealed so I would say yes. Her rosary seems to be different than Kahula's limiters but the same at the same time. Maybe its a grade issue. Like Moka's seal is a high grade seal therefore she's only like a high class B monster. Kokoa at peak game is probably pushing high class A. In that little pathetic fight between the two of them, Moka, besides not wanting to fight, seems to be barely able to protect herself.

So while Outer Moka could probably spank some monstrels, she lacks the skill, drive, and real power needed to dominate. And if she's not going to dominate why would she fight? Pride comes before the fall, but knowing that you arent going to walk away without a scratch might keep you from fighting in the first place.

I think if she tried Outer Moka would gain back the muscle memory of Inner, and that would move her up to a solid class A.

7/7/2011 #2
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