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This is where you create your character.



Age: (must be at least 20)


Anything we should know:

Armor Apperance:

Weapons: (Min 1, max 6) (Discuss everything about them)

Robot: (Put the name, apperance, and its functions)


5/7/2011 #1

Name: Leon

Gender: male

Age: (must be at least 20) 24

Personality: A serious and valiant lombax although he is highly incompetent.

Anything we should know: He's a klutz.... and screws a lot of things up.

Armor Apperance: Black suit covering his body with steel covered plating covering most of the suit. Green energy orb in the middle of the torso. Called the ZR-2000

Weapons: (Min 1, max 6) (Discuss everything about them) Laser sword, Bouncer, Lancer, Vlux rifle

Robot: (Put the name, apperance, and its functions) Name: Klang ----- Apperance: small human like android, painted green ------ functions: Jet pack, glider, has video/audio recording functions

History: Has always been a stuck up and serious guy but when the galaxy was in danger, he took up arms to help fight.... too bad he sucks.

5/7/2011 #2

Name: Nix

Gender: male

Age: 23

Personality: Hard worker, likes to do things alone

Anything we should know: normally uses stealth to defeat his enemys

Armor Apperance: Dark red iron plated and black stripes going down his arm from elbow to wrist.called Sonicrunner 227

Weapons: plasma whip, Morph-o-ray,Fraker.

Robot:Zix, looks like clank but is coated yellow and the eyes are blue,uses helicopter blades

History: Interviewed the Mayor

5/7/2011 . Edited 5/7/2011 #3
A Minstrel And A Twin

And what race are you?

5/14/2011 #4
A Minstrel And A Twin

Also why make robots? What are you Ratchet clones?

5/14/2011 #5

Just lombaxes.

The robots are standard issue things you can easily buy. This takes place way before the Ratchet and Clank games.

5/14/2011 #6
A Minstrel And A Twin

Name: The Seer

Gender: Female

Age: Tough... probably... infinate

Personality: Passive(ish), intelligent, scorned (slightly), fair yet cruel when she needs to be.

Anything You Should Know: She is a mysterious robed woman whom has appeared everywhere and for some reason aided them, for no particular reason ever. Oh yeah since you didn't include race I should say Lombax in appearance.

Armour Appearance: No armour, black robes, gloved hands, and every part of her face above her mouth is covered in a black shadow from the robe's hood. Her lips glint in red lipstick and her eyes are bright blue, shining though the shadow.

Weapons: One only but a powerful one, a Voral Blade, in fact she crafted Voral Blades eons before existance had importance. It is a little longer than the average dagger but shorter than a short sword. It is made of polished minerals of magical value but that mainly makes it look bronze, when swung it glows green slightly. Also ancient words/carvings/ect are carved into it also increasing the magical value. The blade is light and easy to swing and it packs a surprising punch, it also makes those struck dizzy and disorientated.

Robot: Ummmmmm... NA?

History: See "Anything You Should Know".

5/14/2011 #7
A Minstrel And A Twin

Hmm first female character...

5/14/2011 #8
A Minstrel And A Twin

Also that you!

5/14/2011 #9

Try not to triple post.

Looks good to me and yeah just put N/A if you don't have something. I'll tell X52 we need to move on but he's not gonna be up for a while.

5/14/2011 #10
A Minstrel And A Twin

So can I RP?

5/14/2011 #11

Go ahead.

By the way, I know X52 personally and he's only played Up your Arsenal so Tyrhanoids we'll be the main villains. I guess we do need to know the races now....

5/14/2011 #12
A Minstrel And A Twin

Ok I'm fine with that but now I need an enterance for The Seer ( If you actually want to know everything about her contact me by PM but you probably won't). I'll just pop up behind you then.

5/14/2011 #13

Leon is taking cover behind some rocks and sniping (poorly) you could try that.

5/14/2011 #14
A Minstrel And A Twin

Name: Dynasty aka Dynasty of Darkness

Gender: Male

Age: Undefined

Personality: Pehaps the definition for evil, hate, but also immence pain and love interest with the Seer (raises eyebrows)

Anything you should know: The leader of one of the most feared force ever, Darkness.

Armor Apperance: Humanoid form of black clouds. Purple eyes.

Weapons: Fear, scares you, Illusion, used alongside fear. Also one of the few beings of Darkness that doesn't use fire to attack but his own form of black magic.

Robot: NA once more and I'm not talking about sodium

History: Simularly to the Seer he was once mortal but was corrupted, they knew each other a long time after that and evidently fell in love regardless of the fact they where almost opposite. Since then they have fought many battles against each other. For futher information regarding feeling youtube.com/watch?v=-EQ6eHeBrhM&feature=related

6/4/2011 #15

Not accepted me and incinirmatt talked

6/8/2011 . Edited 6/8/2011 #16
A Minstrel And A Twin

Well of course, it's a shame though that this is the only living Ratchet and Clank forum.

6/8/2011 #17

*shrugs* Guess Ratchet and Clank isn't popular enough to have more forums that stay active. Too bad.

6/8/2011 #18

Nope but check out my other forums:

Sims 3 roleplay...PLEASE

Dragon quest 9 roleplay

and Pokemon Hybrids

and i dont care what you say incinirmatt

6/8/2011 #19


Should I just make an advertising thread for you Firefox?

6/8/2011 #20

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/10/2011 #21
The Dragon Knight

Name: Jason

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Personality: He is aloof most times but can be serious if need be.

Anything we should know: He was with the Rangers for a few years, then decided that he would be better off as a Merc, he was right.

Armor Appearance:

Weapons: Concusser, Duel Vipers, Fusion Rifle, Plasma whip, Electro static bairer.

Robot: None. He has a Thruster pack, But no robo.

History: Was Born in Metropolis, stayed there until he was 15, when he stole a fighter from a Rangers outpost and took it for a joyride, When he was caught they didnt Prosecute hiim, they offered him a job. From there was given the light armor that is now his Trademark. He blew through boot camp and was fighting everywhere from Outpost X12 to the Shadow sector by the age of 20, He then quit and became a merc and has been fulfilling contracts ever since.

7/21/2011 #22


8/3/2011 #23
The Dragon Knight

Sweet. So this place isnt yotaly dead

8/4/2011 #24

Name: Razer

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Personality: Laid back when off duty. Usually playing video games, watching Holo-vid, chatting on Spacebook, or surfing the Holo-Net. In a fight, usually the first one to start cracking jokes and taunting his enemies.

Armor Appearance: Black fur with light blue stripes, wears the same armor that Ratchet wore in A Crack in Time. Has a set of Chronoflux armor. It looks like the Trillium armor, but it's made from the same gold-like metal as the Great Clock and has blue lights where the yellow lights would be on the Trillium armor. Has a pair of hoverboots.

Weapons: Razor Claws, Spiral of Doom, Alpha Disruptor, Shield Charger, Plasma Striker, and an Omniwrench like the one Azimuth had. If he can't have an Azimuth Omniwrench, make it a plasma coil. What's the rule on gadgets?

Robot: Zoni. Looks pretty much like the other Zoni. ADD, short attention span, easily distracted. (Or is a robot required? The only robot I could think to make up would have the same functions as Clank.)

History: He used to be a high-ranking knight in the Praetorian Guard before he was taken from the other Lobaxes by a Zoni who told him he was needed in the Polaris galaxy. He decided to travel the galaxy to find out why he was taken there.

7/10/2012 #25

Name: Celestia

Gender: Female

Age: (must be at least 20) 20

Personality: Quiet, sweet, polite, loves to tease people, funny and quite firm with rude people.

Anything we should know: about appearance I drew what she looks like thinking of a species name. It'll recents ally come to me

Armor Apperance: is silver and then has black patterns on it

Weapons: (Min 1, max 6) (Discuss everything about them) has a pistol and grenade bombs

History: Haven't thought of it yet, I'm still creating her :)

9/29/2013 #26
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