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Ship capacity:

Blaster info:

Type of shield:

Shield info and strength:

Durability without shield:

Other features:

5/7/2011 . Edited 5/7/2011 #1

Apperance:Blue and has bent wings for turning and evading striped with black lines and is shphere shaped.

Speed:600 MPH

Ship capacity: 5

Blaster info: like gatling guns but shoots plasma

Type of shield: 5633 jacker

Shield info and strength: can withstand 3 rockets

Durability without shield: can only take 1 rocket

Other features: N/A

5/7/2011 #2
The Dragon Knight

Apperance: Has a long wide body with fifteen foot wings on each side, Jet black, with 2 engines and 3 thrusters.

Speed: AT Full thrust Mack 5, Crusing speed is 1046mph

Ship capacity:2

Blaster info: Uses an Avenger Vulcan cannon firing plasma rounds at a rate of 3000 RPM, each a 30mm round.

Type of shield: Vulcan V2

Shield info and strength: Can survive 5 direct hits from HE rounds, more form regular AA fire

Durability without shield: 1hit ti the cockpit, 2 to the rear

Other features: Has an internal fusion reactor, Making teh Avenger usable, and the Afterburners to run for so long.

8/4/2011 #3
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