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The most kick-ass group of writers the world has ever seen! Team Dragon Star is a collaborative community of writers that work together to bring you the very best stories that we can. Everyone and anyone is welcome to apply at the 'Marshalling Zone' but for those who would just like to chat, feel free to visit almost any of the other topics.
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Kakarot Son

What is Team Dragon Star?

Well, the short answer is that we're many things, but first and foremost we're a community of writers.

At risk of oversimplifying things, our members work together to plan and write stories. Our beta-reading team works to improve the quality of the group's content and to provide constructive feedback to our writers. And finally, once the writing and beta-reading stages are complete, the content is uploaded to the Team Dragon Star account.

There's more to it than that, though. We're quite social and while these forums once were great evidence of that, most of that occurs on facebook now. We have a public page for fans and a private group for members (access to which is only granted after an application at the Marshalling Zone is graded as a pass), as well as many other groups and group chats for our members.

If you're interested in improving your writing or any other aspect of TDS, we strongly encourage you to apply to join the group at the Marshalling Zone. While it can seem daunting at first, this group was founded on the principle belief that we can improve together. If you have a firm grasp on the English reason and put enough effort into your application, we feel that there's no reason you couldn't pass. If all that hasn't convinced you, ask yourself what you have got to lose? We aim to provide even unsuccessful applicants with constructive criticism from our veteran writers.

Here's a list of all our current members.

Here's a more in depth explanation of just how things work around here.


This thread is a spot for you to introduce yourself to the team and anyone else browsing these forums. Note that we don't consider you for admission into the group in this thread.

Also, younger visitors should exercise caution when browsing through this forum. The ages of our members seem to vary from mid-teens to early thirties and so do some of the topics that are discussed (especially in the general chat threads).

5/9/2011 . Edited 7/7 #1
Team Dragon Star

Once again, this is Kaka, just giving you a link to the TDS account...

5/12/2011 #2

HEYYYY this is Gohan-To-The-Max :D

okay well I thought this will be the best place to inform the other members of Team Dragon Star but I've already informed Kakarot Son.... I'm sorry I won't be much help and all for the next few days and couple of weeks but I am going into hospital to have an operation before my exams start so at the moment I'm kinda useless. BUT when I'm sitting in the bed recovering I shall come up with some awesome ideas for some stories we can work on :D

5/13/2011 #3
Kakarot Son

You just focus on getting well soon, GttM.

5/13/2011 #4
Dr. Blue22

Uh, Hi lol i really like this idea you guys have here, but im curious as how to actually post a reply within a topic with out having to reply to a specific persons post or if thats just how it goes? and yeah Get well soon GttM. And i'm looking forward to all your future works you guys!

5/15/2011 #5
Dr. Blue22

Never mind lol i figured thats just how you post, the forums on fan fiction are different than previous ones i used so yea... Well See ya soon!

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #6

So we doin anything here? Someone needs to take the lead.

5/20/2011 #7
ultimate saiyan

mehh I was wondering the same, we need to chose someone to be the leader or we'd all run about like headless chickens ;) Gohan to the max- get well soon btw. who outta all of us has like the most access to a computer, I only have one in my house at the moment :P Anyone willing to take the lead,

5/20/2011 #8
Kakarot Son

True... True. I've got a brief idea for a fic, which I think may work really good as a collab:

Trunks and Bulma (Mirai ones) were upset and disappointed beyond belief. They had the bad luck of two Cyborgs coming and destroying everything they held dear. It just wasn't fair! They figured, if you can't beat 'em join 'em.

And thus they travelled back in time (to the DBZ timeline we hold dearest) and became the worst threat earth had ever seen. Bulma with her stunning good looks, and genius and Trunks, with brains and Brawn.


Now of course that's just the brief Idea; Trunks and Bulma turn evil, go to the normal time line, around the King Cold area of time, and turn into the worst threat the world has ever seen. Now this is probably an AU, and a G/V fic with a touch of a survival theme.


With access to a PC, give me about until June 20th and hopefully with a bit of luck, my mid years will be done, and I'll be able to access a PC every (or alternative) day, writing though, is a different story. If I can get a plot or something, I can have 1000 words done in an hour and a half, with most of the spelling mistakes taken out (not a great feat, but still).

Raz? I hear starting next semester you may be a little more free, willing to take charge, for a while then?



5/20/2011 #9

Well most nights I'm on the computer from the time I get home from work till I go to bed...but then again I lack the motivation to write most of those days...shameful, I know. Work just has me *******tired that writing is more of a chore than a hobby at times.

lol Kaka...quite the pun "Now of course that's just thebriefIdea" lol

Yea get well soon GTTM

5/21/2011 . Edited by Kakarot Son, 6/1/2011 #10
Kakarot Son

Ah, so you've got a good load of time on it... I know what you mean, I feel pretty sad that I waste my time doing other crap then updating. True, I remember a few times when I spent a whole day to get a single chapter out, because I was spent.

Haha, yeah I guess so... You should probably research and find out what Chichi means, it's really awkward to write that name knowing what it means.

Hopefully all went well, with the Kidney removal... Get well soon, we miss you!

5/21/2011 #11
Kakarot Son

Okay, I've decided that I'll begin a Pokemon/Naruto Crossover, most likely just with Raz, until we get the first few chapters up. If anyone's interested in the plot, let me know, and I'll tell you.

NB: Most probably won't be posted till sometime mid-next month. During these upcoming school holidays, we may not be going anywhere, and I shall be able to update like Crazy (hopefully).

5/21/2011 #12

Yup..and I recently fell as a victim to the evil Xbox I haven't played for over 8 months *desk slams head* Such a waste....Even on days I write, 2000 words doesn't seem like much to me, but it still tires me out and then I put it off even longer...

Yea I know what Chi Chi means....*******Deviant Art...I swear since I joined I've been scarred more than I should be lol

5/21/2011 . Edited by Kakarot Son, 5/30/2011 #13

Kakarot Son, I'm not sure if I would be eligable as leader material. Even though next semester I will have Wednesday and Thursday off of Uni, that does not mean that the time is free. In my desperate attempt to get work, I will likely be working every spare hour I can for minimum wage so I can feed myself the following week. As for the 'perfect leader' I say we put it to a vote between the five of us and decide from that. Although like all good politics, one is not able to vote for themselves. We will let democracy decide this. I'd like to nominate Gohan to the Max

5/25/2011 #14
ultimate saiyan

YEAHHH LETS VOTE!!!!!!!!!I've always wanted to say this

I, the ultimate saiyan everrrr, second the nomination for Gohan to the max :D

5/26/2011 #15
Kakarot Son

Yup.. Gttm's boss... I vote for Gohan-to-the-Max... Let it all fall in the hands of herself, Zi, and whoever logs into the TDS account to add to this!

Great idea with the leader thing Raz, I believe I had something going with Zi-Dawg talking about one leader/person in charge each week.

At least I can now say, I've voted.

5/27/2011 #16

Wooahhh I come back and find out yous is doing a vote for leadership :O i'm not sure if i'd be a good leader though :P and I am going to vote for Zi- Dawg, he would be a good leader I think :P

whilst I spent time away in the hospital bed, I have come up for three ideas for stories, all three are dragonball z, and two of them are Gohan stories (I like writing about gohan just so people know). The third one is a Krillin story as I realised I need to move away from Gohan a bit :P

ohh and kaka, the leader thing should be for a month as 1 week isn't actually that long :P well in my point of view it isnt that long, maybe every 2 weeks or something?

and thank you guys, I'm all better now as you can tell :D

5/27/2011 . Edited by Kakarot Son, 5/30/2011 #17
Dr. Blue22

So... This looks like its taking a while for you guys to set up a government kinda system here? im guessing still waiting for your story to update that have already started here. and if you need ideas, well shoot im here when i can be :D

Ill try and keep tabs on whats going on here my self as well. So good lucky with it.

5/27/2011 #18
Kakarot Son

Well, Mr. Blue, we are trying our hardest to get it up and running, rest assured by next month 23rd or so we'll be completely ready to go. Why wait so long? Well, Gttm has exams, till the seventh of June, as do I, and more. I don't know about the rest of TDS, but I'm sitting for an extra-curricular exam, to go to a far more 'prestiged', cheaper and recognised school. The major problem being, you have to be quite smart to be granted access. And believe me, I've heard terrifying stories, of people missing by simply a few marks and losing the chance.

Ideas? Well, not at the moment, Sir. We'd all love to shoot ideas out, but we really need to 'collaborate' them. But thank you very much, for the generous offer.

I hope you do keep in touch, but would you mind filling out a quick survey, about your fanfiction preferences?

What catergory of fanfiction is your favourite?

Within that what is your favourite couple?

And finally, what kind of writing do you prefer (visit my profile's poll, for the full list of them)?

Once again, thank you. I hope to see lots from you in the near future!

5/30/2011 #19
Kakarot Son

In Response to Gttm:

Oi... Don't say that, you'd be awesome... I'm sure Zi'd appreciate that a lot, he was actually my third preference... I was thinking that you'd be away for a while, so we'd have Raz running the show for a while Zi, backing him up. And me and ultimate just lazing around and adding stuff for a while till we rotated.

PM, us 'bout them... We don't want to much leaked out to anyone who might be watching... Though they can be more involved if they begin the marshalling process at this link:

Month'll be fine, actually... A week, wouldn't be that fair. So currently it seems Gttm's running the show for June, depending on Zi-Dawg's vote and whoever logs into the TDS account and votes. Nah :P month sounds good.

That's really great! I hope your feeling a lot better. If I had the motivation to update, I'd put up another chapter of twist (dedicated solely to you), but I decided I shall do something like a double, tripple or quadripple update...

Hope you do well in your exams, I'm doing quite alright in mine... At least I think so...

5/30/2011 #20

If we are doing this on a month by month basis I would gladly put my name down for July. I will be on my university break at the time so I won't be under too much pressure to do other things.

5/30/2011 #21

Just gonna go ahead and vote for GttM

Monthly over weekly imo. *We talked about that? My memory sucks*

5/31/2011 #22
Dr. Blue22

Well, Good luck on getting in your desired school. And I most definitely will keep in touch, and preferences lets see,

1) categories: Adventure, humor, romance Those are my Big three but anything else is good to. As long as it has a good plot line.

2) Couple: Gohan and Videl take the cake :D but Bulma and Vegeta are second.

3) Writing type: well.. -A lot of words, and a lot of chapter, -Slow and steady, chipping away bit by bit with large amounts of chapters (but i dont really like to long waits ya know like more than 2 weeks gets kinda irritating and i get antsy waiting for the next chapter) and then the occasional lemon is alright although it to me doesnt have to be like incredible detailed or what not.

And well if my vote counts I say bi-weekly. :D

5/31/2011 #23
Kakarot Son

Possibly.... Maybe I touched on it, when I sent you the massive P.S.? Something about you taking over for the rest of the week may have been in there...


Thank you a lot, Mr Blue22... Since you seem to be the first fan to make it on to our forums, I'll try to do something a little special for you... Perhaps check out the marshalling zone and give us your opinion of what it takes to become a member of TDS as this is a community based group with us just being the original 5.

Sweet... Your a humor and adventure man... I agree with that, and romance... But personally my favourite type of romance fics are the fluffy sorta ones with the people being really playful and light-headed. (Zi, you know what I'm on about).

Ahh yes... You'll find that Gohan/Videl are a personal favourite of most of us... At least for me. Bulma and Vegeta? Well they truly are intriguing but I'm more of a Goku/Chichi person... You know the monkey and the princess? As opposed to the Prince and Heiress of a rich company. Don't mind them though....

Ahh... shit... I made a spelling mistake in the poll... Better fix that up. A lot of words and a lot of chapters, and slow and steady, sound ideal... The lemon, was just a random thing I through out, to see who'd actually like it.


Well I suppose that's it... Majority Rules and Gohan-to-the-Max is the new leader of TDS!!! Let's all give her a round of applause! I hope you enjoy your time as leader!

____ Votes: Monthly: 3 (my vote)

Weekly: 2

We need to get another vote, Ultimate where are you?

6/1/2011 . Edited 3/30/2012 #24

When this is decided, we also need to work on a roster, so we can plan ahead such things like........ummm..........What exactly do we do when we are in charge for the week/month?

6/1/2011 #25
Dr. Blue22

Sure, no problem.

Hmm, Marshalling zone, well my opinion on what it takes to join... Well i'd assume dedication, loyalty, friendliness, gotta be able to write for obvious reasons. And well ya gotta be respectful of peoples's works and stuff, would be good to actually have had somewhat of a conversation with at least in my opinion 3 of you 5 and i could add more to this list but i'm being lazy lol. (I hope i answered what your asking 'cause kinda confused on if this is what your looking for.)

And i guess you could say i'm sucker for romance, fluff is always nice as long as its not like incredibly over dramatic ya know, its gotta be realistic in my opinion. But with romance there has to be something else with it to balance out the mush :D

6/1/2011 #26
Kakarot Son

Uhh... Well the person is in charge of organisation, the members of TDS and admissions for the rest of the month...

Basically anything you want to do, as long as it's humane, anything big however, still needs to be discussed...

Breaking News: DevilsDoCry scored a 15/12 on his admissions test, I need somebody else to calculate his score... If he scores an average of above 10/12 he's a partial member for sure...

6/3/2011 #27
Kakarot Son

Basically, ignoring all the fancy shit... You need to have a pen name which makes some kind of sense (uses capitals, isn't offensive etc.) can get your three marks. A piece of writing, without this you'll lose out on 7 potential marks. Free time, will earn you one mark. What you can do for us, won't give you more marks, but will give you a higher chance of entry, and finally bonus marks which can score up to 2 marks...

The total is 12 as free time, is really just a bonus mark...

Fluff as in, all the playful sort of stuff, like a sort of food-fight or something... (Doesn't really classify as fluff, but I don't know how to describe it), or like in Prince of Orange Star, my favourite scene, 'The Shoe Fight.'

Yeah, you need Drama as well for a good romance fic...

6/3/2011 #28

I have placed in my ratings for DevilsDoCry, he scored 9.5/12 and that was me being generous. If I must, I will be the iron rule of this group! You have been warned

6/3/2011 #29
Dirt McGurt

Hey, I'm really starting to like the idea you guys have here. However, I'm a little confused on how this is working. Please tell me when you can.

6/5/2011 #30
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