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The most kick-ass group of writers the world has ever seen! Team Dragon Star is a collaborative community of writers that work together to bring you the very best stories that we can. Everyone and anyone is welcome to apply at the 'Marshalling Zone' but for those who would just like to chat, feel free to visit almost any of the other topics.
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But they make everything so easy, and using A manual hurts, and its slower and my feet hurt, can we go home yet, I wanna snow cooooooooooooooone

8/5/2013 #331

Ok, who broke Devils this time???

I'm not gonna to pay to get him fixed again!!!

8/5/2013 #332

God damn American electrical sockets, I need me a British one.

wait how did they fix me last time

8/5/2013 #333

How the hell should I know???? I'm not putting my hands in there!!!

I bet it's all icky and gross...

8/5/2013 #334
Kakarot Son

just bend the silver things until they fit in. when it blows up, you know you've done it right

8/6/2013 #335
Majin Son Goku

You know you have done everything right when something blows up. That is the purpose of the every man on this earth ... to blow something up.

8/6/2013 #336

So, I dont know If I replied right. Sorry if I didnt.

I saw it says Intros, so hello :) I have been on here forever, but I didnt know there were forums. I am excited to meet some DBZ fans :)

8/20/2013 #337
Kakarot Son

Nice to meet you, and yeah it worked fine.

8/20/2013 #338

Hey, NamekGirls! I'm Boboleta, nice to meet you.

Looking for some DBZ fans, huh? Well, you came to the right place. You sure got one in me. :)

Can I ask you: since you say you didn't know there were forums, how did you learn about us?

8/21/2013 . Edited 8/21/2013 #339
Majin Son Goku

Hey, I'm Majin. I like to pretend I am not insane.

8/22/2013 #340

I clicked on forums, and you were the number 2 dragonball z forum that came up .

oh awesome! I love DBZ fan friends.

8/22/2013 #341

Number 2 and the best there is, mind you!! xD

We're a little more active on Facebook, nowadays, but we're trying to bring the forums back to live again, so thank you for that. :D

And thank you for adding me to your favourite authors list!! I get really giddy and pathetic when that happens. Lol xD I see that you're an author yourself but most of all: OMG those paintings of your daughter on your deviantART account.... :O :O :O You're so talented! And she's really beautiful, btw. :D Congrats!!

8/23/2013 . Edited 8/23/2013 #342
Daughter Of Vegeta

Hey guys :)!

My name is Ashley, I'm from the west coast in the US, and I've been thinking about applying here sometime soon, so be expecting an application soon :)!

Talk to you guys later!

9/4/2013 #343

Hey, Ashley! I'm Bobo but my real name is Joana. Nice to meet you!

I'm really glad you've decided to apply! I'll be looking forward to your application on the Marshaling topic. If you have any questions or doubts about how it's processed or anything else just let me know, ok?

Welcome to the forums! :D

9/4/2013 . Edited 9/4/2013 #344
Daughter Of Vegeta

Thanks! Just let me get back into the flow of things at school, and I'll be applying ASAP!!

9/4/2013 #345
Daughter Of Vegeta

Oh and nice to meet you :)

9/4/2013 #346
Light in the Dark 2.0
Um hi my name is Julie and I wanted to ask if I could join you guys forum? I really would like to do this, but I have never been a part of a forum before so...I don't know what to do. You guys seem friendly enough!:)
9/16/2013 #347
Kakarot Son

If you'd like to just hang around on the forums, then there's no need to join anything - everyone's welcome :P

However if you would like to actually join the team as a writer, head over to the Marshalling Zone and submit an application there.

9/18/2013 . Edited 9/18/2013 #348

Hey, Julie! I'm Bobo. As Mr. Son has so gracefully explained you don't have to do anything special to be in the forum. Just be in it :D

That being said, in order to be considered worthy of our magnificence, you are required to answer these questions three:

1) what is your favorite anime character and why?

2) what would you wish with the dragon balls?

3) would you be willing to ignore the fact that these are actually four questions instead of three?

If you answer these appropriately, you will hence forth be knighted "sir Julie of the original pen-name" and thrive on that glory throughout all of TDS realms and territories.

If not... Nothing will happen since someone forgot to feed the crocodiles in the dungeon... Devils... -.-

So anyway... Welcome :D

9/18/2013 . Edited 9/18/2013 #349
Kakarot Son

Don't mind her, she's just jealous of my grace :P

9/18/2013 #350
Light in the Dark 2.0
9/18/2013 #351
Light in the Dark 2.0
What do you do for the Marshalling Zone?
9/18/2013 #352

Well, it's all pretty much explained on the first page of the Marshalling thread, here: arshalling-Zone

Basically, you have to show us an excerpt of your writing, name the reasons why you would like to join, and state what you'd be able to bring to the group. After you post your application on the Marshalling zone (as a normal comment, just as this one) we'd be evaluating it and get back to you with our veridict, either yes or no.

If you're truly interested, please take a look there. Read the first page and go over some of the older applications from the other members. It'll help you to get a feel on how you should write your application.

And, of course, if you have any doubts or questions, just give us a ring. :D

9/18/2013 . Edited 9/18/2013 #353
Light in the Dark 2.0
9/18/2013 #354
Sofia Volpina

Hey, everyone!

I've been hanging around on your forum for a couple of weeks now, mainly looking for writing tips, I even got a very helpful review for my story. ***Thanks Joana!*** I noticed I forgot to introduce myself. So, here I am... introducing myself: I'm Sofia, nice to meet you all! :D

9/23/2013 #355

Hey everyone! I'm Aquestra - I've posted on TDS a while ago when I first joined FFN, but seemed to have lost touch. So I am re-introducing myself :P. I've noticed you guys seem to collaborate on a lot of stories and I'm really interested in participating that! So I guess I'll chat for a while then head over to the Marshalling Zone to be tested.

10/16/2013 #356

Hey Aquestra, Raz here. Just as a word of possibility, if you wanted to join our little group you would have to post a one shot, that's common knowledge around here. That being said, at the moment a lot of our writers are getting their imaginations brewing as we have a Halloween contest coming up and if your one shot was to be horror related we could potentially pit you against the other members of our group on some friendly competition, only if you want to of course

10/16/2013 #357

Oh cool, a one shot for the group (meaning specifically tailored to join) or can we have pre-existing one shots? And please call me Q it's a lot shorter :)

10/16/2013 . Edited 10/16/2013 #358

Meh, I'd prefer to call you Aqua if anything. Yes, our rules and regulations since the beginning of this group is that to prove that you are willing to write for us we give you a couple of weeks after your initial application (find out more on the Marshalling Zone) to create a one shot for us. Doesn't have to be anything overly fancy but just something to show that you'll be happy to be a part of the group.As a side note, what stories would you be interested in writing alongside us?

10/16/2013 #359

Yeah go for it! I just think Aquestra is too long - it a username I came up with when I was around 7 for neopets and it has just stuck for everything since. I was hoping I'd be able to start on a new collab so I can be there from the get go. Action/Adventure is mainly my thing, but I've written quite a bit of angst and oddly enough, humour, as well. I'd be happy to hop on a team though, I've noticed you guys have plenty of fics I'm going to have to start pouring through :P

10/16/2013 . Edited 10/16/2013 #360
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