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The most kick-ass group of writers the world has ever seen! Team Dragon Star is a collaborative community of writers that work together to bring you the very best stories that we can. Everyone and anyone is welcome to apply at the 'Marshalling Zone' but for those who would just like to chat, feel free to visit almost any of the other topics.
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There's a seemingly long and tedious way to get potential new stories into the group but I'm sure we can work something out. Just do what I do and everything will be fine (I can already sense the mother of the group is going to scold me for this)

10/16/2013 #361

And what is it you do? (Should we move this to the general chat?)

10/16/2013 #362

Trust me, you'll find out soon enough

10/16/2013 #363

haha okay then :P. I just applied, Hope I get in :)

10/16/2013 #364
Hey, Aquestra! Nice to hear from you again!! :D I've seen your application up in marshaling and, while we're on the process of analyzing it, I just wanted to welcome you (again xD) to the forums. Hopefully you'll get in! (*fingers crossed*)
10/17/2013 #365

Hey Boboleta! Yeah it's been a while - I kinda disappeared to focus on my own writing but now that I've been on for a few months and settled into a good routine with my own fics I'm more than ready to get involved with collabs. I've also come to notice you guys are pretty much the best at it, so I wound up here.

You don't even know how much help your reviews were on The Saiyan Ascension - They really helped me for all the other chapters!

So for the Marshalling Process, I've noticed you no longer post individual scores (as I have read through that thread). So I should just be waiting for a yes or no, correct?

10/17/2013 . Edited 10/17/2013 #366
That is correct. After your application, some of our members will go through it and say "yes"or "no". When a verdict has been reached, someone will post the answer here as a reply. If you pass you will also receive an introductory package via PM with all you need to know about starting your way into the group. It can take a while for the verdict, but we'll try to expedite it as much as possible, okay?
10/17/2013 #367
Oh, and I'm really glad my comments helped. :D I'm more than happy to help you out with whatever else I can. :D just PM me whenever, ok?
10/17/2013 #368

Thanks so much Boboleta! I'll hold you to that :P (And obviously PM me anytime as well)

So how long does the process usually take?

10/17/2013 #369
It really depends. We have to have a minimum of members go over the application and cast their vote, and considering that we have members from various time-zones, it can take a day or two. Occasionally it can be a little more, but we'll try to do it quickly, ok? :D you won't suffer with antecipation for long xD
10/17/2013 #370

Oh thats not too long at all! :P I thought you were going to say like a month or something XD

10/17/2013 #371
Lol. xD Hopefully not so long!!! xD
10/17/2013 #372
Dying Grin

Hey, I'm new here, You can call me whatever you want, DyingGrin is rather a mouthful :)

11/10/2013 #373

Hya, Grin (how's that? xD). Nice to meet you. I'm Boboleta.

We are in the process of grading your marshalling application, so you'll be hearing from us pretty soon. :D Welcome to the forum!

11/10/2013 #374
Dying Grin

Thanks. Grin sounds nice.

11/10/2013 #375
A Sword Saint

Hello people! I have submitted my application, and am excited about the prospect of working with everyone here. I am a little worried though about the seeming lack of activity here...

1/15/2014 #376
Kakarot Son

Hey, nice to meet you, I'm Kaka. We're currently processing your application, it usually takes roughly a day for all the markers to go through it and come to a decision (timezones and all that). As for the lack of activity, don't be too frightened, most of us have created faux facebook accounts and use them to communicate as it works a lot smoother than these forums.

1/15/2014 #377
A Sword Saint

Oh, I see. That makes sense. I guess it would be somewhat cumbersome to coordinate story writing on a forum like this anyways...

1/16/2014 #378
Dying Grin

Hi Inverse Grimoire, I'm Dying Grin, most people around here call me Grin. It's nice to meet you, do you have any preferred nick-name or anything?

1/16/2014 #379
A Sword Saint

Not really. I've had people call me all kinds of things such as 'Inverse", 'Grim', or even my real name, "Maynard". I don't mind what you call me as long as it doesn't sound particularly dumb.

1/16/2014 #380

Hello, everyone. Panodra here. :) I just wanted to say that I am really impressed with your group. I have been on ffnet for a long time now, and have never really run across a group like yours before! I have been part of original-fiction groups before and always really enjoyed the atmospher that they bring about. I will probably lurk aruond for a while. I am interested in potentially joining, but am going to give myself some time before jumping into any commitments! Anyways, asI said, I am really impressed with your group and the writing you produce! Keep up the good work!

3/28/2014 #381
Leo the zodiac
I don't really understand how this works.... Can anyone post ideas or we have to be a member, do we post in the forum or PM you guys
5/18/2016 #382
Kakarot Son

You don't have to be a member to post in most of the threads in these forums. It'll say explicitly at the beginning of the thread if you do.

5/19/2016 #383

Never introduced myself here, but I really enjoy the stories that come out of Team Dragon Star and its members. There are just so many great stories. Endless hours of amazing writing conveying such a range of topics in the dragonball universe. Thank you for putting so much time into the stories you create.

Anyways, my screen name is zfj and I am a big fan of this community. Keep up the good work :)

6/15/2016 #384

Are you guys still working? I wanna use the review section. Thx

8/25/2016 #385
Kakarot Son

Yeah, we're still around. Go for it.

8/27/2016 #386

im looking for a gohan fic its about him and videl divorcing and he remarries to a female saiyan and they have a daughter together named gochi and videl kidnaps her when she is 5 or 6 or 7 i don't remember the story's name

1/23 #387
Team Dragon Star

Unfortunately, I can't say that rings a bell. Hope you manage to find your fic!

1/24 #388

Hi everyone! I just submitted an application and thought I should say hello.

2/5 #389
Kakarot Son

Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Kaka.

Figured I should let you know that we're currently in the process of grading your application. Shouldn't take much longer now.

2/7 #390
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