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The most kick-ass group of writers the world has ever seen! Team Dragon Star is a collaborative community of writers that work together to bring you the very best stories that we can. Everyone and anyone is welcome to apply at the 'Marshalling Zone' but for those who would just like to chat, feel free to visit almost any of the other topics.
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Majin Son Goku

Seems to be your go-to response.

4/2/2013 #241
Kakarot Son

that and i say it a lot anyway

4/3/2013 #242

Hi, everyone.

6/18/2013 #243

Wow... now that I think about it, this forum has been quiet for a really long time... Hi. _

6/18/2013 #244
Kakarot Son

It has been hasn't it? ... We need to get our lazy asses off Facebook every once in a while.


6/19/2013 #245

Hey, "Exploding"... or "Head".... or whatever. :D

I'm Bobo, (a.k.a. Jo). Nice to meet you. And thank you for bringing a little life to this ghost town of a Forum. xD

6/20/2013 #246

Quick... think of something random to talk about. um.... Did you know that the dot over the letter 'i' is called a tittle?

6/20/2013 #247

No, Kano, I did NOT, indeed, know that. :D

What more can you tell us about the delightful letter 'i'? How exciting! xD

6/21/2013 #248
Kakarot Son

That's gotta to be one of the most random things I'd never encounter elsewhere

6/21/2013 #249

Hey Guys, my name is Aquestra and I'm kind of new to fanfic. Love dbz and can't wait to read everyone's work. Nice meeting you all and looking forward to getting to know everyone!!

6/25/2013 #250

Hey, Aquestra! I'm Bobo (or Jo xD).

Welcome to the TDS forum AND to fanfiction in general (although I'm kind of new to it myself xD).

We have lots of great stories and I'm sure you'll find something to your liking. Don't forget to let us know your opinions after you read them, too! All constructive reviews/comments are welcome.

6/25/2013 #251

Nice to meet you as well! I'm Kano.

Let us know if you're looking for recommendations, or just want to chat about DBZ. We're pretty sociable people. Minus Kaka... he bites :P

6/25/2013 #252

Yeah, but just don't look him in the eye and you'll be fine. xD

6/25/2013 #253

Nice to meet you guys !!

6/25/2013 #254
Kakarot Son

Hey I resent that... it's just that human flesh is so enticing these days

6/25/2013 #255
Infamous Storm

Yo! Name's Storm! Just stumbled on this place and really liked it.

Plus I was hoping to join and have some collaboration on a Naruto/DBZ crossover...

Hope you guys like my stuff and think I'm good enough!

7/11/2013 . Edited 7/11/2013 #256
Kakarot Son

Hey, man I'm Kaka. We're in the process of grading your application :P I look forward to seeing what you have in store and possibly collaborating with you there (I've written for both).

7/11/2013 . Edited 7/11/2013 #257

Hey, Storm!! :D

I go by many names but officially I'm Boboleta. xD I'm a DBZ-aholic but Naruto is not really my thing, so I'm no help with the crossover... that being said, I applaud your initiative! :D

You seem like you'd be a great addition to the team. :D Let's see what the Marshalling squad has to say, but either way, keep in touch!! ;D

7/12/2013 #258
Infamous Storm

Thanks! To both of you!

7/12/2013 #259
Infamous Storm

Oh my god... The wait is killing me. T___T Sorry, just extremely nervous.

7/12/2013 . Edited 7/12/2013 #260
Kakarot Son

I wouldn't be too worried if I were you... but sshhh, don't tell anyone I said that.

7/12/2013 #261
Infamous Storm

What did you say? All I see on that last post is kutktdkfd,gdthtdfkdtrdjtskydjtrkyts

7/12/2013 #262
Kakarot Son

I'm not sure, but you better check out the last post in the Marshalling Zone when you get a chance :P

7/12/2013 #263

That's okay. He starts facerolling the keyboard when he gets really excited. It's adorable really... he thinks he's still typing words. Anyway, nice to meet ya and welcome to the team Storm! I'm Kano.

7/12/2013 #264
Kakarot Son

b bhy6gg f53 d 8jncxf vg o m

7/12/2013 #265
Infamous Storm

LMAO! Thank you! Glad to be apart of the team!

So, what did you think could be worked on in the writing?

7/12/2013 #266
Kakarot Son

There was a fairly nice range of vocabulary that I definitely appreciated there, however at times I felt that it helped subtract from the piece's overall flow... sometimes something a little simpler may have worked better. That said, I'm nitpicking there and would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it :P

7/12/2013 #267
Infamous Storm

Ahh, thank you! Any feedback is appreciated!

Did you like the twenty reasons?

7/12/2013 #268
Kakarot Son

They were humorous but unfortunately, couldn't give you points for 'em. Had a chuckle though

7/12/2013 #269
Infamous Storm

Awww, fair enough :P At least I made you smile! :D

(sorry for all the posts... I'm on summer break...)

7/12/2013 . Edited 7/12/2013 #270
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