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Kakarot Son

Soul Eater ey? Wait for Zi-Dawg to come back from vaccation... He recently got into it...

Yeah, the One-shot hotspot was Raz's ingenious idea.

One last thing, what field, if at all do you specialise in?

7/15/2011 #31

Do you have any specific expertise with a certain character or type of writing?

what preference of fic or character do you have?

7/15/2011 #32
Sailor Saiyan007

Okay, what exactly do you mean be field?

Not so sure about expertise, but I love writing Gohan and Videl (2nd favorite DBZ couple).

Uh.... I hope that's what you were asking because sometimes I get things really mixed up.... It's the blonde in me coming out...

7/15/2011 #33

by field Kaka meant, what are your particular strenghts when it comes to writing, normally he would answer but seems as its 4 in the morning in australia, your going to have to put up with me.

7/15/2011 #34
Sailor Saiyan007

Um... I really don't know what my strengths are.... Seriously. No one's ever asked me that before, and I have absolutely no idea.

7/15/2011 #35

Then if you dont know i will have to go investigating and tell you what your strengths are.

7/15/2011 #36
Sailor Saiyan007

Thank you, it would be good to know that! ^^"

7/15/2011 #37

Ok after reading chapter one of "Gohan has a twin sister?" heres what ive learned, in terms of grammar and ouncutation, you have a good grasp on it which is always a good thing to start off with, in terms of characterisation you have it spot on, sharpners an ass, gohan is blind to videl, and well videl is videl. now heres what else ive learnt.

i dont know if its explained in later chapters if it is disregard this, you havent set out a back story prior to diving straight in, also you arent describing the scenery around them or what clothes there wearing. you can normally get away with that if the reader already knows about DBZ but if they dont then there going to be completely confused as to whos who and how they distinguish them. However these are minor things that can be fixed very easily, take heart in knowing your getting the basics right, the more advanced stuff is what you learn along the way.

this is in no way to discourage you from writing or applying, i infact quite enhoyed reading the first chapter

i know i should of left a review but hey you wanted to know right away so here it is.

7/15/2011 #38
Sailor Saiyan007

Yeah, I know I'm not very good at describing scenery and I plan in doing a prequel when or before I finish that. Just need to find the time and get my laptop charger.

7/15/2011 #39

Well if you ever need any advice or help im sure myself and other TDS members would be happy to help.

7/15/2011 #40
Sailor Saiyan007

Yay thanks!! Now I just have to nervously wait for the others to reply...

7/15/2011 #41

Well you will be waiting on Zi a while as he is either on vacation/moving, erm as for GTTM and Ulitimate we kinda dont know where they are at the minute, just have to see what Raz says when he wakes up because hes the boss for this month.

7/15/2011 #42

Thank you for the support. I saw Sailor Saiyan 007's application after she told me to read it. Then I read the requirements and such, and thought it was cool , so i decided to apply too. She also told me to read One Shot Hot Spot, and that's another reason I would like to join.

7/15/2011 #43

So SD same as before when i asked Sailor, do you have a certain area of fiction or writing that you excel at?

do you have a preference for a certain type of fic or character?

7/15/2011 #44

No I don't care. I was just making a suggestion. As for the reviews, I'm on FF a lot when i get on the computer. Be warned. I'm not going to be on all the time, but I will be on as much as possible.

Thank for the compliments on the writing. Since you don't know Sailor Moon, you can go to my page, I also have a story that i'm working on for Soul Eater.

I'm O.K. at proof-reading. I'm not sure about beta-reading, can you tell me what exactly what it is?

7/15/2011 #45

all i know of sailor moon, someone shouting "Moon Power".

beta-reading is the same as proof reading, you can do it on your own fics or other peoples. Well your going to have to wait a while for Raz to make a final decision on everything.

as a little side note where exactly do you live in the world, just need to know what timezones im working with.

7/15/2011 #46

Umm, no not really. I guess poems would probably be my strong point, though people don't really write poems on FF. I don't really no my strengths either. _

7/15/2011 #47

Same as Sailor Saiyan 007.

7/15/2011 #48

So if i remember from when i was in houston, i was 6 hours behind GMT, ok now i know where im at with my timezones.

Ok i will have a look through one of your fics and pick out some strenghts and weaknesses.

7/15/2011 #49

Actually thats a bad idea as i know completely nothing of sailor moon or soul eater, i;; have to wait till Zi is backa and active again.

7/15/2011 #50
ultimate saiyan

Sailor Saiyan007:

Sailor will be a quicker and easier nickname to refer to you as

Well on the whole I like your writing and as I am feeling particularly nice today I will give you 5

I think im the only one who is not a beta reader so my spelling and grammar might be shaky so your help will be needed and you could specialise in like sailor moon, I used to love it btw :P so I will give you a 2

Bonus will give ya a 2 and thanks for applying

all in all you will gain 9/12 which is like 75% and that is what I call Pass for me :D

7/15/2011 #51
ultimate saiyan


I like kaka's idea of SD

Well I liked it so gonna give ya a 5

gonna give ya 2 here

and last one is gonna get a 2 so thanks for applying So a definite pass for me with 9/12 so like 75%

7/15/2011 #52

Ultimate welcome back, iwas wondering where you had gotten to.

7/15/2011 #53

Without either Zi or GttM here to speak their opinions, I believe I have no choice but to welcome both Sailor and SD to the group! However, I have one challenge for both of you to complete, think of it as a welcoming test. Since every single member of Team Dragon Star is an active member of writing DBZ (Ultimate's trying) I want to see what you can do writing a 1500-2000 word one shot for the Hot Spot. I'm sure you can do it.

It seems you to know each other I would imagine you have ideas on writing a collaborative story together, perhaps on the Sailor Moon front as you both seem to have a knowledge of the subject. As for myself, I know of Sailor Moon and used to watch the episodes of the first series as a kid but apart from that I know very little. As such, I doubt I will be much help in the subject. Soul Eater I do know a bit about, I have most of the episodes but I just need to get around to watching them.

Apart from the series mentioned, I want to know if you have any plans on broadening your writing horizons. What we are trying to do here is help people improve as writers by doing collaborative stories and the like, helping one another along the way. Curious, are there any series you wish to write stories for or are they limited? Using myself as an example, I want to write stories from a number of series including; DBZ, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Trigun, .Hack, Naruto, Seto no Hanayame, Baka to Test to Shokanju, Mahou Sensei Negima, Kampfer...the list goes on.

7/15/2011 #54
Sailor Saiyan007

!!!! I'm so happy now! SD is too, but I'm not sure she'll be getting on for a while because I think her mom grounded her from he computer. -_- I'm going to try and get the one shot done quickly, but SD will have a little more trouble with that because she hasn't seen much of DBZ, just what I've shown her when she come over. And yeah, I'm kinda surprised no one mentioned anything before. We're actually best friends, and I'm the one who got her started on Sailor Moon, DBz, and

And I have one question: do you think we could right the one shot together since she doesn't know that much? Its gonna be kinda hard to force nine season of DBZ down her throat in one day, since that's probably the longest she'll be able to stay....

7/15/2011 #55

Thats the meaning of collaboration, me and Kaka just finished a one shot together when i needed help.

Plus its good practice for getting used to working in a team with someone, i hardly know anything of soul eater or sailor moon but with Raz and Zi on hand im sure they would be willing to help out.

P.S. welcome to the team.

7/16/2011 #56

Yea, I figured you two knew each other both having signed up mere hours apart from one another. If you two wish to do your One Shot together I have no qualms with that. I'm sorry to say I won't be able to inform much else tonight as I've been called in to work.

7/16/2011 #57
Kakarot Son

To Raz:

Yep, they both passed remarkably well! Yea, that'd make sense, if you want a deadline to go for, try to have it in by Wednesday. Or I suppose Thursday.

Haha, series that we both like. Do you know if Kampfer's going to have a second season?

To Sailor:

I suppose that can't be really helped... Yep, I can't wait to read it. I understand, all our members can't be DBZ related, ahh okay, that's great, to have some of our members no each other in person.

I'd say go ahead, it's fine, it's a collaboration account after all. Though, it'd be appreciated if you wrote two one-shots, or a slightly longer one. (of about 3000 or so words) But just go ahead with whatever, you reckon you can do.

Welcome to the team! I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. SD seems to be a poet? Interesting, I have a small knack for poetry, it'd fit in for our one-shot hotspot or other one-shots. I'm now going to read Sailor's story, so I can get a better opinion of her skills and all.

7/16/2011 #58

Kaka, could you possibly PM me, the five digit moderator code please?

7/16/2011 #59

I'll give them until Sunday as one of them has very little knowledge on the topic and it is up to the two of them to figure out if they want to do 2 1500 word stories or a single 3000 word, I'm not picky. As for the second season of Kampfer, I'm trying to figure it out but I'll get the best results when I'm back over in town.

7/16/2011 #60
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