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I don't think that's possible. We are writing it together, but Sailor has all the notes and is grounded from the computer. Tomorrow is her last day from what I've heard. She plans to finish writing down on paper, then when she's ungrounded she will type it up and post it. You have to understand that we are still in high-school and our parents just don't like the fact that we are growing up. I t should be posted by Wednesday at the latest. We are both really sorry about this.

7/17/2011 #61

Dont worry i seriouslly think Raz meant next sunday, only one of you knows the subject matter(DBZ) so i dont think he would only give you a few days to write it up. Everyone at TDS knows where your coming from we are all either in high school or college, or in Razs case uni, so we know that spare time is precious.

Haha, dont worry we dont give detentions here.

7/17/2011 #62

Yea, I did mean next Sunday, sorry if I wasn't clear on that. Don't worry about the high school thing, Kakarot Son's still in High School as far as I know and I'm studying at university, there are going to be times when we are just bogged down with work.

7/17/2011 #63
Sailor Saiyan007

Ah, the wonders massages will do for you. :) Well, i had thought you meant next Sunday, but we weren't sure. Also, were getting a new roof tomorrow and the next day, and the internet is going to be gone for those days. :( I see what you post through my phone, but I can't reply for some retarded reason...Anyway, I have the beginning of the one shot written, but I'm a bit stuck. I'm going to work on it whenever I can for the next week, and considering i can only get on the computer after 5 or 6, It's going to take a while.

Kaka: Did you even read the rest of my story?? I tell you who Clair's father is in the 2nd or 3rd chapter... I think. Pretty sure.

7/17/2011 #64
Kakarot Son


Yeah Next Sunday as in 24th, when I'm leaving for five days on a school camp.

That's fine, we understand what it's like. It is possible, hard, but possible. Go to , click on original site, or whatever, go to DBZ and discussion forums. We should be on the bottom half of the first page, and you should be able to reply from there. Although I'm not a 100% certain on that one. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.

*Rubs head nervously*, Well I've been pretty busy... Got to weasel an Essay on the existance of King Arthur, today. I will read it soon, hopefully.

Devil & SD: Yeah, don't worry. If you can't meet the deadline, that's that. It's not a big deal, the deadlines if anything are more of a psychological thing. Not something to fret over. Plus as Devil said, we've all been in/through High School, so we know it's not easy.

For example, currently, my first priority is getting whatever work I have, done. Then posting. Fanfiction, is meant to be extra-curricular, it's not going to get you far in life, while education will. (I'm starting to sound like an old fart.)

Raz: This is what I've got. In terms of the list. Raz: Uni, Zi: Graduated, Devil: College. Gttm, Ultimate, SD, Sailor and I: Highschool. Though the definitions of College and Uni wary from Country to Country, from what I understand.

7/17/2011 #65
Sailor Saiyan007

Kaka: I have the forum up on the original site, but it still wont let me post. Believe me, I've tried everything. It's retarded. And, what should I do when I finish the one shot? Do I PM it to someone or what??

7/17/2011 #66
Kakarot Son

Well there are numerous ways to get it to us. You can send it to Team(dot)dragon(dot)star(dot)db(at)gmail(dot)com, or you can PM it to one of the orginal five members. Raz would be the suggested one, as I have camp, Zi may not be on again, Gttm could still be wherever she is. And Ultimate is somewhere. I can't remember where, while as far as I know, Raz is free, for the most part. (Save for work, and other stuff.) Or you can use the DocX method, and add either of us, on it, or just TDS in general, and we'll post it for you.

Okay, that's fine. If you want to say anything, feel free to PM one of us, and we'll post it for you. Not much you can do about it, unfortunately...

7/17/2011 #67
Kakarot Son

Oh and before I forget, could we move this to the main section of TDS, or somewhere else? There's no point in putting it all under Marshalling Zone, in around 24 hours, all un-related posts will be deleted. Including several of mine.

7/17/2011 #68

Kaka and Raz: i dont know if Ulitimate has PM messaged you at any point but ive been informed GTTM is in the hospital. also i might have uni if i can scrape together £6000, if not then im going to be on here a lot more often

7/18/2011 #69
Kakarot Son

I know that, and PM'd Raz earlier this morning. 6000 pounds should be around 9000 Dollars Aus. If I'm not mistaken, that's going to be hard... Very hard to raise. But I suggest you pull out all stops, to go to Uni. If you want a proper job, you'll need to go to Uni. (Or at least that's what they tell us.).

Raz, I'm trying to get the chapter done... I'm not exactly sure, as to where you'll want to take it, so it seems you'll have to follow whatever I've set.

7/18/2011 #70

As mentioned earlier, I am willing and able to look at all available work. The main problem at the moment is that I am juggling three jobs before I head back to uni on the weekend. Weirdly enough, then I'll have even more spare time to help out and try and securely get this off the ground. I may not be able to post anything until a later date as when I am not working I am sleeping. I will continue to overlook the general scheme of things and wish you all the best of luck with your respective tasks.

7/18/2011 #71

Anyway Raz whats the agenda for this week then?

7/18/2011 #72

Let's see, we've got the two new guys working on their one shot, they have until Sunday to complete it. Ultimate's one shot is being inspected by Kakarot Son (or so I believe). Kakarot Son is soon posting the start to a Naruto story and I've fallen behind since I'm juggling three jobs....okay then.

S'D+Sailor=Finish One Shot (you've got until Sunday)

Ultimate=Finish One Shot (You've got until wednesday)

Raz=Do prior work+ 2nd chapter of Kakarot Son's Naruto story

Kakarot Son= I want to see a DBZ one shot by you since you've been asking for one, say 1500 words approx

Devil= Have you read "A home once lost?" If so, I want to see a draft for the next chapter by Sunday. Think you're up for it?

GttM and Zi are unaccounted so they are excluded. I don;t think I've missed anyone...have I?

7/18/2011 #73

Give me an hour to think something up and ill have it done by tonight(your tommorow), ow sometimes timezones make my head hurt.

7/18/2011 #74

Ok Raz thats Home Once Lost chapter 2 done and dusted, is there anything else for me to do this week or havent we got anything other than the hot spot that needs a contribution?

7/18/2011 #75

Wow, wou wanted your homework out of the way quickly. I would suggest another spot in the Hot Spot as that is all I can think about but it is up to you, I will not force anymore work on you this week.

7/18/2011 #76

i might try a crack fic, but someone has lent me akira so thats my priority for tommorow.

7/18/2011 #77

Hi Im Ladylaide123, but Im usually called Lady.

Best place to reach me would be to PM as Im usually here for 18 or so hours a day :)

For my writing section, this is a little part of the ending of chapter three of my first fanfic:

Continuing to sit at the kitchen table. He held his head in his arms out of frustration. So many thoughts ran through his mind.

He had been running all his life, searching for answers. Always hiding behind his façade of strength, and finally when he had to provide an answer to a simple question, he could not. It had not been easy for him at all to embrace family life. Even to settle down on this mudball was difficult. His pride was in tatters. The basis of his entire race, his tail,gone.

To rebuild took time and just when he thought he had re-established his place as the Saiyan Prince, the most feared in the universe, it was ripped from his hands. The destiny he should have had snatched by Kakarott and his idiot brat. The taste of pure power as the Legendary no longer his to have. Life was cruel he conceded, but life with Bulma was peaceful. She was beautiful indeed, he would never tell her that though. He loved the way her blue eyes sparkled like the oceans reflecting sunlight when she spoke to him. The way her hair dropped down her shoulders when she worked in the lab. He loved her lips, her body, her smile, her fire. She was amazing. She made him happy. But did he loveher? All those times she had said those three words to him, he had not known what to do. Does he say it back? Is he becoming weak? Forming attachments to other beings…no he couldn't have that. Attachments involve emotions, and emotions make one weak. Weaknesses can be exploited. And that then leads to death. First thing he was taught as a warrior. No, he couldn't have that happening. The Saiyan prince would not let himself fall victim to this love.


I think I should be added because I like the idea of the collaboration account. By bringing so many minds together it means you can only produce the best as everyone will help everyone out. Strength in numbers :D

About me personally, I am quite an academic type person, have GCSE's ranging from A*'s to A's in a wide range of subjects, this would include English Language and English Literature to grade A each. I have recently finished my Alevels and will be attending medical school in September. :D

I think personally Im quite good with grammar and spelling, so I can help with this. I also think one of my strengths would be description and depth as its something I love to see in any story, so I try to mirror this in my work. I have watched every dragonball, dragonball z and dragonball gt episode alot more than once so am very familiar with the story and its characters. I am myself a beta-reader, but Im only working on spell-checking a little story for a user currently.

To add, I do know Devil & Kaka :) It was actually Devil who introduced me to TDS and got me interested, so thank you :)

If there's anything else you would like to know, Im here :)

7/20/2011 #78

The writing flows beautifully in this piece, even though it is void of any dialogue you have instead concentrated on building up the emotions and character turmoil. the piece is also grammatically sound except one spacing error, but that is something that is easily fixed 7/7

To say that you passed your GCSEs at a high level is proven in the way you write, however in terms of being a beta reader, so is everyone on this account. However, the way you can bring depth and emotion may be helpful for some of the other members when there having a hard time with a fic. 2/3

Availability is another key point, as much as we would like not all of us can be available when we want to be. so for that 2/2

Even though you do know a few of us personally im sorry but it wont score you anymore points.

By my math that makes it 11/14 which i think is something ranging from 72-80%, its been a while since ive had to do math.

7/20/2011 #79

Alright Lady, nice to meet you. You know how our rating system works and what is graded. If you do so then you're better than me.

You have good availability and your grades are incredible. Are these for school or a higher grade of standards, say university?

You're words are very powerful, they paint a colourful portrait. You also mention that you have watched every DB episode imaginable, quite an impressive feat. Are there any other topics you are intrested in or are you solely dedicated to DBZ?

I like your creedo about how your strengths are your description and depth, something that I hope I share. We have plenty of Beta readers and as currently only 5 of the members are able to post so work has to go via us anyway and we give it a one over before we post it.

By my reckoning you easily pass, scoring roughly a 10/12 (I don't really keep track). I'm not sure who else will grade you as several of our members are unavailable at the time due to various circumstances. If nobody else grades within the next 24 hours I will announce you into the team.

7/20/2011 #80
Kakarot Son

Yep, I know that.... I think. I suppose I'll do this, as I'll have to disappear for a while, later on.

I'll give you a 5-6/7 for the writing. I was fully prepared to give you a seven, but a few simple, mistakes which can be easily fixed, let you down. There was some tense confusion, and a few sentences which I believed didn't flow as well as they could have. Things like this, 'The taste of pure power as the Legendary no longer his to have.' Were amazing, whereas the sudden change of tense in the paragraph, 'Is he becoming weak?' wasn't the greatest way to make it 'flowy.' Is flowy even a word? Lol.

For that pieve you got a 6, the main error, or problem I found being the tense change.

I agree with that, strength in numbers! :D Yes, I'd agree with that as well, you're quite good. And that's being modest after reading your story, you almost write like a pro. That's very handy, but do you have any other knowledge of fandoms? Like other topics you could also write for, because if you do, I'd adjust your score for this part, which is a 1.5/3. The one thing, everyone who's applied so far, save for paritally Devil, hasn't gotten, is the fact that this whole project was intended to be learning experience. A way to better yourself, and write with some of the pro's in the DBZ section (Such as Raz, Zi and Gttm). Don't worry though, it'd be unjust to mark anyone down for that, I personally am looking for people to write in other subjects. Possibly collaborating with Raz, in his large variety of archives, myself in my smaller one, or with anyone else. 1.5/3

Don't take this as an attack on you or something silly like that :D, but I'm saying this for future appliers. Grades don't mean anything down here in TDS, at least to me. Sure it helps to know, that you excel at English and all, but does that mean you'll be able to write well on Fanfiction? I do however know for a fact that you are a brilliant author, on Fanfiction at least, and I think because of your attitude, and myself knowing you, that for this section you deserve a 2/2.

Total: 11/12. Over 88%! Great job, you are now fully backed by Kakarot Son, with TDS admission.

Thank you for participating, and I personally think I was a bit rude while submitting my response. Please remember though, that I wasn't talking to you when I went on those rants, I was talking to everyone who's signing up for TDS. You receive quite a high score, around 90% and as such, I express my opinion, to let Lady become a member of TDS. If there's anyone who deserves it, she's one of the few.

P.S. (To Lady) I'm not signing off and I never will... Hopefully.

7/20/2011 . Edited 7/20/2011 #81

Well we've had 3 responses out of a possible 4 and they are all outstanding. As such I welcome you to the team, although as such I must warn you that Kakarot is a bit of a liar. I am by no means a pro and do not pretend to be.

A simple test seems to be in order. I take it you are familiar with our hotspot Lady, as such we would like to see a contribution. Like all the others, I give you one week to write a 1500-2000 word one shot to be posted.

I wish you luck

7/20/2011 #82

Raz, she has watched naruto before so shes a step ahead of me. Im trying to get into bleach but its just a bit overwhelming really.

7/20/2011 #83
Kakarot Son

Yep, welcome to the team Lady! Hey... I'm not lying, you're good enough to be one, anyway.

Yeah, I'd agree with that.

On a side note, Raz, I'm about to post the No Place Like Home story, and I'd like you to have a look at it, in the Doc Upload section, I must warn you that it is on the short side, as I've been really busy. If by any means you feel the need to extend the length even slightly, please do so.

7/20/2011 #84

I understand Kakarot, I shall give it a look over but this is your beginning, not mine. I will post it before the end of the night, don't you worry.

7/20/2011 #85

Thank you all for your honesty. I prefer honesty over friendliness :P Very nice to meet you too Raz.

I think my biggest issue is fluidity and sentence structure so I do hope to work on that as I grow more as a writer :) I completely agree with you Kaka. The way it sounds in my mind and how it comes out on paper are two different things hehe

I'm kinda getting the idea that grades mean squat on here haha XD Im not sure how its graded in other parts of the world, but those were at age 16. The step before sixth form A levels, so I guess thats high school?

I did indeed sit down and watch every single episode from the beginning :D Thank you ^^ Averaged about 10-15 episodes a day.

Well I have I suppose a bit more than basic knowledge of other shows such as Bakugan, Digimon, Yugioh, Winx Club, Sailor Moon, Mew mew power. Just things that I happened to see over the years and kept up with the shows. Would I be able to write for them though? I don't know. Id have to solidify my knowledge of the shows characters more, before I even think to attempt it, could try though :) What areas were you thinking of taking the fics to?

I don't think you were rude at all Kaka :D

Haha still on the signing off debate are we? I will get you to one day ^^

7/20/2011 #86

I could help on Digimon as long as it aint any farther then the first 2 seasons(seriouslly everything after that makes your brain dribble out through your nose)

7/20/2011 #87

Darn you fanfiction. I didn't see the last replies :P

Yay for being a part of TDS :D Thank you all ^^

I briefly read one chapter of one of your Gohan fics a few days ago when I was deciding to apply, you are a pro. Don't even doubt it :)

I am indeed familiar with the hotspot, although it will be a tad tricky especially where Devil left it last time but I'll have a go :)

7/20/2011 #88
Team Dragon Star

I take that back, you've now been upgraded, to 3/3 for what you can do for TDS. Total score is, 11/12, which gives you more than 88%!

7/20/2011 #89

Lady im going to give you a suggestion that will flood your inbox, but keep you up to date, subscibe to the forum.

which one it think nearly every story bar one is classed as gohan and videl, even the hotspot

dont worry we went from,pirates to nightmares to ye olde englishe. just add whatever story grabs your imigination(within reason)

7/20/2011 #90
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