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Honesty is very important but I'm a poker player by nature, I know how to lie with a straight face.

If you have come here in the hopes of improving, then I welcome you with open arms. The reason I say that I am not a professional is because through this writing I continue to improve in m abilities, something which cannot be measured by a monetary worth.

Grades don't technically mean squat, it's just we have some people at school and others at University. I myself am a uni student and did five topics last semester instead of the usual four and managed to pass all of them with a bonus three credits.

If you have a knowledge of Sailor Moon, our latest two members are apparantly quite indepth with it, perhaps it's wise to send them a pm. As for myself, having a younger sister and multiple cousins, I have a knowledge of the Winx Club. Perhaps a collab fic is possible?

With the one shot, use your imagination and do something different. There is heaps of originality there but very little that works with one another.

7/20/2011 #91

So thats why i suck at poker, oh well i prefer blackjack anyway.

But it is nice to know that, they have been educated to a certain level. this in no way reflects skill in terms of writing but its still nice to know

Raz do remeber you are coherent enough to PM legibaly when drunk, now that is one hell of a skill.

speaking of which Raz have you heard anything from them at all?.i have a bit of knowledge of winx club, morning cartoons were a bit different when i was in high school.

7/20/2011 #92
Team Dragon Star

Tis Raz at the moment, can;t be bother to log out of TDS.

Blackjack's too much about chance, poker you can win even if you've got nothing decent.

Oh yeah...

As far as I know, Sailor and S'D are working on their combined one shot. I won't keep checking on how they are going, only wait for the final result.

Morning cartoons these days I can safely say are fair crap. I do have the opening 13 odd episodes of digimon, I can get more if needed. My cousin forced me to get a few eps of winx (shudders slightly) so I have a bit of knowedge but nothing past the first season. Yugioh I have some knowledge but nothing note worthy. ...Mew Mew? Heard of it, no idea what it is.

Anyways it's the middle of the night here and I have to be at work just before the sun rises so I'm logging off for the night.

7/20/2011 #93
Kakarot Son

Raz: I understand completely, it's mainly my chapter, you shouldn't be picking up on my current slack. Hopefully, once we get it going, we can merge the first few chapters together or something... Thank you, that way I won't have to stay up for too long, filling out the parings, and stuff. (That's only five minutes anyway, but you need to make your changes too.)

Devil: I see, so then she may be able to help on this project of ours. Either Raz, or myself will tell her about it in the near future.

Lady: Trust me... You 'aint the only one. XD. Well, I did come across a little rudely, to me it sounded as if I was filing a critique, rather then complamenting your strengths. Not signing off... XD

Devil: Okay, so perhaps, you could rack up some Digimon fans for us?

Lady: Yep, Raz is a pro. No doubt about it.

I'd also suggest subscribing to us, but yeah, if you're using an iPhone or something, which doesn't automatically group emails, good luck seeing anything else, at times. Times like these were we've got four members active, result in a lot of posts, and it's only going to increase.

Don't worry about wherever, Devil, Raz, I or anyone left it. It's a one-shot, and meant to be completely separate, though you can make sequels or counters. Mines going to be a B/V, focusing more on Bulma, adopting ideas from Nightmare, the small ones, not the general theme though.

Raz: I can too... sometimes... Let's just say once in a 'blue moon.'

Spot on, I believe you summed up my purposes for starting this up, just there and more.

Yeah, in my opinion, grades aren't going to help you here. We've got people all over the place, Uni, Highschool, Graduated people as well, it'll be hard to compare.

Latest other two members, Sailor and SD, seem to know a lot about Sailor Moon. Whereas I just know the name. I've heard of Winx Club, but I have no idea what it is, so I'll be no help at all there...

I'd agree with that, try to do something out of the norm. There's plenty of One-shots people have lying around, about the same old stuff. I in fact did the most rubish piece of poetry ever, but I'm proud. Because I tried something different, and the end-results were strange, but at the same time I enjoyed it. If there's two things TDS was intended to stand by it was; Fun and Learning.

Damn it's getting so hard to keep up with all the responses. Just as I'm about to hit post another one comes by... Oh well, one last response before I'm gone.

7/20/2011 #94

Woohoo :D Thank you Kaka

I did subscribe also, and had 10 messages in inbox including my own posts x_x Still its good to be updated.

Ill have a little look see which one it was :P

Haha I did see the pirates of the caribbean one, absolutely loved it being a POTC fanatic myself :D

I always start laughing when I lie haha, could never be a good poker player XD

True talk Raza, but you've got to give yourself credit. I have no idea how you started off but you're definitely a good writer so you should keep working at it :)

Wow, congrats on that Raza, heard university is quite hard so to do all those topics and do well is great.

I'll send them a PM right away :)

I have a little brother so Im not surprised we both are aquainted with the winx club :P Ill PM you so I can find out more about what you have in mind.

I shall try :D Ill try and stick with the same sort of length & style as the others but Ill make it something original.

Whilst Drunk? Now that is a skill XD

Same here, Ive seen the majority of cartoon shows from growing up and then having a little brother just made me watch even more :D

7/20/2011 #95

Project? how many times you cant experiment on live things it just aint right.

Oh Kaka giving me an excuse to go through 128 episodes of digimon, i love suggestions, but seriosully i wouldnt have the first clue where to start in writing a piece of fiction for it.

ok i get the blue moon hint but not what your on about, Kaka!!

7/20/2011 #96
Kakarot Son

Neither could I... Which is why I posted using it earlier... But then, it said only forum moderators/creators could edit posts, so I couldn't adjust Lady's mark.

Well, I don't know jack shit about either... Well I suppose I know the basics of Poker, but anything which requires luck and tactical thinking, I'm quite good at... If only I could display my awesome Monopoly skills to the world haha. XD

I suppose so, but in reality I don't care if you're uneducated. What I care of is, that you can write decent English, grades which can be decieved and all, don't help that much, and your attitude. After that comes different shows/fandoms.

Nor will, I be able to.

Yugioh, I think when I was little I liked the ending theme song or something, and collected cards for a while. (My Blue Eyes, White Dragon or whatever, owned all.) The MewMew Tokyo thing, or whatever it's called has been mentioned to me in a few PM's but I have no idea what it is about. Digimon, I watched like two episodes, but the theme song pissed me off so much... I don't know why, but I can't bare to listen to that stuff.

Okay cya, Raz. I'm blessed with the joyful experience of waking up at 6.00 for a 8:30 start, and I thought that was hard... Get the sleep you need, and I'll do my maths...

7/20/2011 #97

Will agree it is getting hard to keep up, but this will be my last one for a while as I need to get going on this one shot :P PM if you need anything ^^

You will Kaka but for now you need to go and do all that work of yours :)

Bye Raza

Eww...ff is now reposting my old posts x_x

7/20/2011 #98

I just find Mewmew power funny and entertaining to watch :P May not be for everyone though XD

Im also a neopets addict :P As you can tell my childhood never left me lol. Dont particularly like the neopets fics on here though :/

7/20/2011 #99

Heres abig one for you from a while back, did you ever watch monster rancher or helix. now those are some old ass cartoons

7/20/2011 #100
Kakarot Son

Devil: Something about a project? I'm sorry did I miss something. Dammit Fanfiction!

Okay, if you're sure. I should've asked you this long ago, but what fic sections can you write for? Don't worry about Digimon, if you don't think it'll be worth it, there's no point in doing it.

I meant I could lie with a straight face, once in a blue moon. I often end up, either chuckling, breaking out into a Goku sized grin or smirking.

I'm off for the night. Devil, I'll put you in charge for anything which may or may not happen, till one of us returns... If you can, could you perhaps create a General chat section, so the martialling zone isn't poppulated with all this stuff, about me doing Math? Any longer?

Anyway, Lady (or LL), I'd love to respond to your thing... But I'm about to drop dead, and I've got to squeeze in as much work as possible before my battery dies.

7/20/2011 #101

I've never heard of either of them Devil :P They any good? These pictures Im seeing on google look rather creepy XD

Not a problem at all Kaka ^^ We still have our signing off debate to continue later :P

7/20/2011 #102

well you said you might be doing a project with raz that im suspecting is naruto related.

erm i can write for Death note,FMA brotherhood, high school of the dead(possibly) K-ON(possibly)

whoops sorry i became a bit of a blonde ditz then(dont call me bunny). i do that anyway it puts people off.

Ok el capitan i shall hop to it, maybe we could help with this math i mean how hard an it be.

well shes busy getting to work on the oneshot anyway, get to bed child.

7/20/2011 #103

i shall tell you more in the sparkly new general chat section.

7/20/2011 #104
Kakarot Son

Well... I'm more then half way through it, and I'm getting bored... Algerbra is so easy, yet annoying at the same time... That and the facts, that it's 11, and I can't have anyworking out as I'm doing it using a CD instead of a Textbook, = one very pissed off Kaka... Has it been built yet? Suppose I better check.

Ahh yes, the Naruto project with Raz. Well, we just realesed it, and we mucked up the titles. Within the fic it was called No Place Like Home, whereas, for the Actual title, we had Home Sweet Home... I doubt you'll know what I'm talking about, but anyway. Basically Naruto decides to not leave Konoha, to go on the 3 year long training trip with Jiraiya, and things take a spin on from there. Any member of TDS, partial or not, is welcome to join... Don't ask me how you can be apart of TDS and not a partial member (course you could be higher).

LL: Yes we shall, continue it... Your mind control doesn't effect me any morree! XD *Runs away.*

7/20/2011 #105

then ill leave you to it as i know nothing of naruto at all, just that he looks like a cat and wears an ornage jumpsuit.

Hey lady thats not cool, Kaka is my mind slave.

7/20/2011 #106
Kakarot Son

Well he looks more like a fox... But close enough. Like Goku, strangely enough. You know what? He has similar hair to Goku when he's in Super Saiyan, and eyes too... Looks like Kishimoto, copied Toriyama, quite a bit, in means of the protagonist. If you knew the rival/friendly antagonist, you'd be surprised at the fammilliarities.

That sounds... weird. Besides, I'm still waiting for that cookie you owe me... Until then, I'm immune to your hypnotism. XD

7/20/2011 #107

Hey :o You still owe me a brownie XD I never got it :P

And whats this about free cookies? You know I'm a sucker for chocolate ^^

Eeek sorry Devil haha, get him to sign off for me?

7/20/2011 #108
ultimate saiyan

Just thought I'd say heyy to lady, I got lost and confused reading how many posts you lot have done in such a short time, and umm yeah welcome to TDS LADY :D (you woulda got 11/12 from me and I might be nice and check out your story :D)

7/20/2011 #109
Sailor Saiyan007

Really? When I went to bed at 4:30 this morning none of this was here. Do you know how confused I am??? :\

Just wanted to say, that I had forgotten about winx club, both me and SD are fanatics of that too. She also likes naruto, and my brother said FMA was even better then DBZ (something I find hard to believe) so I'm thinking about checking that out.

7/20/2011 #110

we work real quick around here, maybe a lot as in the space of 3 days another member has been added

i enjoy them both DBZ and FMA a lot, its hard to say which is better they both have there perks and quirks, there equally enjoyable. only thing FMA does better is, it really does hit you emotionally a lot throught the course fo the series.

P.S. make sure you watch FMA brotherhood, its the one closest to the manga and the better version.

7/20/2011 #111
Sailor Saiyan007

Well, I'll watch whatever Netflix has. xD haha.

7/20/2011 #112

dammit seems as i dont have netflix ill have to make do with animefreak.

7/20/2011 #113

I see a Soul Eater fan *Salivates and slurps* This is great

7/21/2011 #114

damn it im the lone full metal panic guy, ill go sit in my corner.

7/21/2011 #115
Sailor Saiyan007

Devil: What's full metal panic??

Zi: hahaha

7/21/2011 #116

The series follows Sousuke Sagara, a member of a covert anti-terrorist private military organization known as Mithril, tasked with protecting Kaname Chidori, a spirited Japanese high school girl. He moves to Japan to study at Chidori's school, Jindai High School, with assistance from his comrades Kurz Weber and Melissa Mao. Having never experienced social interactions, Sousuke is found as a military maniac by his schoolmates as he interprets everyday situations from a combat perspective. He comes to relate with Chidori who realizes that Sousuke is protecting her, but he does not reveal the reasons due to orders as well as the fact he does not know why Chidori is being targeted by different organizations. As the series continues, it is revealed that Chidori is one of the few "Whispered", a special breed of people who possesses information on advanced technology called "Black Technology."

the wikipedia overview of the plot, it also involves a lot of mechs called arm slaves.

7/21/2011 #117

I know FMA, never heard of Full Metal Panic though...My list of Anime/Manga is as: DB/Z/GT, OP (Up to date on Manga), FMA (Finished Manga), Soul Eater (Finished Anime, Up to Date on Manga), Inuyasha (Knowledgable, but forgetful), Yu Yu Hakusho (Finished Anime)

And there's some others that are just...blah and I can't remember shit...but w/e, I'll probably only be of help in any DBZ or Soul Eater. I've only read a couple of OP Fics that I've actually enjoyed

7/21/2011 #118

Im very familiar with FMA brotherhood, which is said to follow the manga to the letter.

7/21/2011 #119

Hi guys, I´m gue22, or just gue

PM´s work just fine for me, but my email is mapsygue ( minus the spaces ofcourse)

Here is a little piece from a story I started to write when I first joined FF


Pitty-pat, pitty-pat…

She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, the tiny bundle strapped to her back bouncing up and down as she jumped over logs and boulders.

Pitty-pat…She stilled her heart against the painful screams and pleas for help she could still hear in the far distance. The minions were wreaking havoc, and there was nothing she could do. Pitty-pat…Pitty-pat…So she picked up her pace, and continued to run.

Mother, father, she shuddered as she tried to block out the recent memory of their mangled bodies dropping to the ground in one simultaneous thud. She blinked back the tears - she had to focus, she had to get off the planet and save this child, it was too late for her family, too late for her village, too late for her entire race.

The ancient writings had come to pass, the creature of Mauru had awoken, its minions once more breathing foul life and together, they had slain every one of her people, ensuring that there would be no one left to cast the spell to invoke the seal for its tomb. She was the last one left, she had to make it, not for her own sake, but for the sake of the child she carried on her back. The magic was strong in the childs family, she was still an infant now, but when she grew up, she would be destined to be the next Sangoma. The scrolls had predicted her birth simultaneously with the creatures reawakening. Once she grows up and begins to harness the ancient craft of her ancestors she would be the only one left in the conglomerate capable of putting the beast back in its tomb. But until then, it was up to her, up to her alone to keep her safe. Pitty-pat, pitty-pat…she injected more vigour into her pace.

Through the sound of crunching dried leaves and twigs beneath her feet, she could hear them clearly, the minions were gaining on her. Her scent was very strong, she had oozing cuts underneath her feet, the blood trail was a dead give away, she was undoutedly easy to follow. She winced as another stick stabbed into her wound and tore into her flesh. She kept running.Mother, father, she quelled back the bile that was slowly rising as the memory once again attempted to break her concentration.Focus, focus, she scolded herself, wincing slightly as she bent her neck too late, as a tree branch grazed her delicate skin. She was getting closer to her destination now, and that was all that mattered, so she pushed more energy into her sprint.

Finally, she sighed in relief, taking a pause to wipe her brow under the shade of the velvety leaves, I can see the tower just a small ways away, there is still a chance, she smiled, leaning foward to pant, as she stopped running. Tiredly, she spread out her senses and counted, one, two, three…ok, three I can handle, she deduced.

She crouched into a fighting stance, and out of the corner of her eye she could see the first one jumping high into the air, it´s eyes wild like a blazing forest fire, it´s fangs sharp, glistening in drool like a crisp ice chip, melting and breaking, ready to take a chunk out of her. She twisted her wrist into a circular motion to manipulate her ki and fired. The minion was dead before it dropped to the ground. She jumped and flipped her body mid-air and both her feat connected with the second one, the impact pummelling it to the ground. She landed a few feet away and elbowed the third one in the gut. It staggered back a few steps while she twirled both wrists and fired simultaneously at the two remaining and wounded minions, disintergrating them into nothing in the same breath that she resumed her running. The slight drop in adrenaline made it painfully obvious that her feet were in bad shape. She could feel every stab of pain as she continued to run. She contemplated flying the rest of the way, it would certainly be faster than this, but quickly changed her mind, I´ll just use up too much energy, or get spotted across the sky, she dismissed the idea. No, she wouldn't make herself an easy target. She would just have to bear the pain, and run.


Why do I want to join this collaboration account, many reasons actually:

1. I love the idea of having different minds from all walks of life coming together like this. The blending of all the different styles and ideas has such potential that I just want to be a part of it.

2. English not being my mother tongue or my first language, I think I could benefit a great deal from those who have the know how of how the language works and why it works the way it works. I am looking to learn, improve and step out of my little comfort zone, in order to be more fluent in the language. I find that I aim for a certain tone in my stories, but...judging by some feedback, I almost always miss it. I started off my GxV obsession, not from the show itself, but from reading Raz´s stuff in my earlier days, and the excitement at the prospect of working with him is just...huge

3. I was working on a small publication in Zambia, doing weakly write ups for a food column (combining my two loves :-) ) and since I´ve just arrived in Spain for the summer, I would still like to be a part of that team in some small way. Unfortunately that limits me to having to resort to hearsay about what I can still contribute, so my logic is if I can work on a fully fledged story in this manner, I should be able to throw a bunch of people´s random mumblings together and put together a decent piece.

What do I hope to bring to TDS:

1. Time for one thing. Eighty percent of the year I have tons of it to spare on things that I enjoy, and FF just happens to be high up on my list, so Í´ll be able to dedicate a lot of time to this as well as willing to do any administrative tasks that might need doing, posting, editing, beta stuff...etc

2. Research - I always like to learn about new things, so if it´s technical detail that you want, for instance if you have a scene coming up in a story and you need someone to research the nitty-gritty about the technical details, i.e the workings of certain economic sectors, politics, medical technicalities, legal, you name it, I would be happy to delve into the abyss for you and bring you the goodies. This also extends to reading up on mangas or re-watching episodes and such, in order to get certain facts or characterizations etc.

3. So far, I have only written for Dbz, but I have started watching Bleach (damn there is tons of it) and I hope to venture into that fandom in the near future. I am also interested in Smallville, Blood+ and possibly many others as time goes by.

Some personal information about myself, well...let´s see. I´m female, from Lesotho (small, very small country completely land-locked by South Africa) though I dont live there anymore, I dont really live anywhere per say, but I will be calling Spain home for the next three months. I enjoy an array of activities but as I am here on this site, it goes without saying that I love to read and write, preferably with something scrumptious by my side :-)

Please give me a chance to be a part of this!

7/21/2011 #120
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