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Name:beast. Reason: Better at my writing and possi ly get some skills from current active writers. Writing: Check hunger for power on my profile and reset. What I can bring: My current readers in the advanceshipping community to read the current tds stories. Sorry I'm not on a laptop. I'm mobile ATM. On my ipad

5/29/2013 #1,291

It'd be better if you take your time and prepare an application instead.

Choose an excerpt of one of your works instead of just pointing out a story for the squad to go and read. And I suggest you think through and work on the other points ShadowMajin pointed out, so you have more than a simple sentence for each.

Check out past applications. It'll help.

5/29/2013 #1,292
Kakarot Son

Agree with what the others said, take a look at some of the successful applications and post one using the template provided.

5/30/2013 #1,293

Indeed. With your application we would like to see what you think are your strengths as an author, so it'd be a wise thing to pick a piece you believe really represents your skills as an author.

5/30/2013 #1,294

K. Just give me a few days then.

5/30/2013 #1,295

Btw would I be able to continue stories that haven't been updated in a while?

5/30/2013 #1,296

After the marshaling squad grades your application and you submit the required one-shot, the next step should be getting to know the other members and join one (or more) of the existing groups. You can join any group given that is not at 'full capacity', so all you have to do is show interest in working on a specific story and you're good to go.

Some stories that are not updated in a long, long time may have to be considered if they're still worth being updated, but if and when you join the TDS you just have to let your preferences be know and we'll work from there.

5/30/2013 #1,297
Neko Trezzy Love

Hello, I'm Gohan's Saiyan Warrior but call me Tara. I was already a member just didn't find team so I plan and hope on finding one so I can stay apart of the team this time. I'm a female and I love to write.

Why I believe I should be added to TDS is that I have a imagination that I can't control sometimes and I sometimes need help with my stories.

What I could do for TDS if I'm added is give people ideas and help write the story. I got this book filled with information on DBZ and that is kinda it but I know other animes and cartoons like Dragon Ball Z,Avatar:The last airbender,Soul Eater,Bleach, are the only ones I know and that is my strengths. My weaknesses are other things like anime fic. I do not beta read because I can't. My grammar isn't the best and neither is my spelling but I try as much as I can..I have three stories."A Change of Plans" takes place during GT but with my OCS Tara Son,Pan's twin and Chase Briefs who they meet on planet Imeka who later becomes part of the Briefs. "Legacy: Legend of the Lya and Lyu" is just an AU about Trunks and Pan being targeted by Freiza and them being trained by an Angel of Fighting. "Dealing with Death" is part AU and part regular because it starts off with with AU and ends up going back into the story. I hope you like my piece of writing :

"Why are you being so damn stubborn!" Goten yelled at Bulla.

Her sapphire eyes were filled with anger and hate as she glared at him. Bulla put her hands on her hips.

"I'm not stubborn, you ignorant jackass!" she screamed back in anger."Maybe dumbness runs in the family."

Goten growled."You're the one to talk. You heard the saying, like father like daughter."

Bulla gave him her father's glare and made it even more intense. "Why don't you go drop dead somewhere! I hate you and never want to see you again!"

Goten's eyes went bright teal and his fist clenched together tight. "I could care less, if you hated me! I can't even stand the sight of you right now! It's over, Bulla! I'm done! Go find someone who can handle your spoiled, bratty, annoying ass, cause I can't take it anymore!" With each word Goten yelled, made Bulla feel worse than ever. When he said it was over, she had hot tears burning in her eyes.

She was breathless and didn't know what else to say for once. She had met her match. Bulla touched his shoulder but he shoved her off. Goten put his down. "Goten.." Bulla whispered sadly.

"It's over, Bulla. Good-bye." Goten told her. His voice more calm but he shot off afterwards. Bulla collapsed to ground and stared it for a second before crying her eyes out. He hugged herself close rocked back and forth shaking. Dark clouds were starting to gather in the sky. A thunder shocked Bulla. She gasped when she saw a flash of lighting. Bulla stood up quickly before flying off. As she flew, Bulla still let tears dipped down her face.

Then it began to pour down raining. Bulla picked up the pace but a strike of lightning went right in front of her shocking her half to death. Bulla was so scared she fell right out of the sky and landed in the forest. She landed on the hard, wet ground that was softened slightly by grass. Another loud thunder made her jump up and run into part of broken log. She was able to sit down in it. Bulla pull her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her and cried even more into her knees as the thunder echoed and lightning flashed bright. She was shaking in fear and hurt. Her hurt came from her argument with Goten, the fear was the horrible storm. It was windy and cold and the log was wet and damp inside.

Bulla's long aqua hair which reacher her waist was wet along with the rest of her outfit. As Bulla thought about it, she couldn't remember why they were arguing. Then it hit her as the memory came back. They were talking about Trunks and Pan's relationship and how to deal with it. Bulla was upset because Pan didn't tell her about it and Goten was trying to calm her down. She had got made at him and yelled first which pushed them to break-up. Bulla knew she was wrong but couldn't admit it. She didn't have the heart. It wasn't in her heart.

Well I think I've gotten better with my writing since the last time I applied here. I apologize if IT comes out together

6/1/2013 . Edited by Kakarot Son, 6/3/2013 #1,298
Kakarot Son

Gohan's Saiyan Warrior: Feel free to edit your post and add any paragraphs that may or may not be missing.

Beastmode: It depends on the stories. Quite a few of the ones which haven't been 'updated in a while' will have special exceptions allowing you to contribute to them even if you're not in a group, but boboleta's explanation applies to the most of them.

6/1/2013 . Edited 6/1/2013 #1,299
Neko Trezzy Love
I can't. something's wrong with my computer that won't let me have paragraphs in forums
6/2/2013 . Edited 6/2/2013 #1,300
Kakarot Son

Tried sorting out the spacing, however I didn't do anything other than press enter a few times in what I thought were the appropriate places.

6/3/2013 #1,301
Kakarot Son

It's my duty to unfortunately inform you that you have been failed. The general consensus being: Flow was non-existent, seemed rather unrealistic plus it seemed lazy and as if it's not been proof-read. There was nothing that we could find in reasons either, mainly because it seemed like you skipped through them.

Feel free to re-apply once again when you feel you have improved an appropriate amount, with a minimum waiting period of at least a month between this and your next application should you choose to reapply.

6/4/2013 #1,302
Vic The Super Saiyan

I am Vic The Super Saiyan, or if you don't want to type the whole thing down you can just call me Vic. My email is . I can start by writing humorous one shots for Team Dragon Star. Here is a preview of something that just popped in my head,

A day in the Life of Young Prince Vegeta.

Disclaimer: I do not nor will I ever own Dragon Ball Z.

Somwhere in the far reaches of space, on a planet called Vegeta, a young Prince Vegeta and his bodyguard Nappa were arguing about what breakfast was. No were having eggs and bacon, yelled Nappa. No I want pankakes, shouts young Vegeta as he blasts Nappa in the butt. Nappa screamed, OOOOWWW, That hurt! And we cant have pankakes we don't have any mix, Nappa said. I don't care I want pankakes you lazy buffoon, Vegeta shouted. NO! We are having eggs and bacon and that is Final, shreiked Nappa. Pankakes! Eggs and bacon! Pankakes! Pankakes! No Nappa we will have eggs and bacon. Alright you are the Prince, after all, Nappa said.

At he breakfast table King Vegeta was going over his son's schedule. Alright son, At 9:30 you will practice the Galick Gun for four hours, then at 1:30 we Will have Lunch. Then after lunch we will attend a meeting with Frieza to discuss our treaty. At 4:50 you will play with your little brother Tarble until 7:30 when we will have dinner and after dinner you need to study our history so you can become an acceptable ruler one day. Yes Father, said young Prince Vegeta.

After breakfast Vegeta was on his thirtieth Galick gun attempt and all that came out was a tiny purple flash, Nappa you idiot You threw off my concentration! What!? Nappa shouted, I didn't even show up until you yelled at me! Oh shut up fool! AAAARGHH! Yes, your highness. Nappa said. Oh and Nappa, called Vegeta, I am aware of how you tricked me this morning and I can assure you that you shall pay. Sure Prince, Nappa sighed, whatever you say.

7/8/2013 #1,303

Hello Vic,

It's my duty to unfortunately inform you that you have not passed the selection process. The general consensus was as follows:

  • "Quotation marks must be used to indicate when someone is speaking," said Kanotari. For example the argument between Nappa and Vegeta would have been much easier to follow if a) it was clearly marked as dialogue and b) the speaker was labeled. Additionally, when the speaker changes, there should be a new paragraph.
  • Pancake, not Pankake. One is a tasty breakfast food, while the other is a marijuana-related term. Very big difference.
  • The Marshaling Squad did not find the selection funny. Use of the word 'butt' does not make something humorous.
  • You did not list any reasons for wanting to join, and nothing you could bring to the team aside from "writing humorous one shots."

We here at Team Dragon Star appreciate your application. It takes a lot of guts to open your work up to critical analysis and grading, and we applaud that effort. I encourage you to take some time, hone your skills, maybe find a beta reader, and reapply to our team.

Best of luck,


7/8/2013 #1,304
Infamous Storm

Name: Storm

Age: Eighteen

Why I want to join: it's very hard to find a group of genuinely thoughtful, honest, and intelligent people, When I stumbled on this forum my face was literally like this:


But besides that, I want to be part of a culture that is active and in turn want to help others, and this place doesn't look like it's dying out anytime soon.

What I bring to the table: well not to toot my own horn, but people tell me I have a pretty rad sense of humor (though you won't see it in the excerpt I show you.) Also, I think, in terms of plot development, dialogue, and action scenes, I'm fairly grounded. In addition, I genuinely want to help aspiring writers and would love to Beta anyone's work.

Now for the meat of the application.

Writing (this is a Naruto fic)

(keep in mind this is ten chapters into my story, so if the characters seem a little OOC, there's a reason for it, even if it hasn't fully been explained yet.)

"Sooooo..." Kurama drawled. "What you doing, buddy?"

"I'm walking..." Naruto muttered in annoyance. Indeed, he and his raven-haired teammate were walking through the vast foliage of the forest.

"Che, smartass. I mean, what are you thinking about?"

"Well, it's just weird, I guess. The air of the island itself is causing my chakra to..." The blonde looked at his hand; wisps of wind were circling his finger. "...react."

"Huh, looks like that ability the archaeologist talked about."

"No, he said that we channel the power of the earth like a beacon. This seems different... like my own chakra is raging." He could feel the rush of the air brush against his skin in greater and greater heaves.

"What are you saying?"

"My body, it feels like its going to burst."

The wisps of wind started to accelerate at higher rates, becoming gusts as his clothes began to flap. The leaves began to swirl around him, churning around him like a tornado.

Sasuke had stopped his walk to stare at the orange-clad boy. "Naruto? What's going on?"

The blonde's frame was shaking, pain racking his body as he fell on his knees. He shut his eyes as chakra winds roared around him in torrents, blasting back everything in a storm of panic.

Trees groaned, dust flew, and Sasuke landed on his butt as he watched in wonder. "The hell?" the Uchiha whispered in trepidation.

The blonde's finger dug into the earth as he tried to gain his bearings, waves of hot, piercing pain stabbing at him like knives. All he could hear was the intense pace of the winds beating against his eardrums.

He was unaware that when his eyes opened they were red. All he saw was the massive waves of dust surrounding him.

He didn't even notice that his chakra was a visible burning red, searing the ground in an intense heat. All he felt was the raging gales crescendo around him.

Yugito's eyes widened as she felt chakra, unrestrained and massive, blaze to the west.

"The hell?" The Jonin could've sworn she heard the cat inside her whimper.

Kurama sat up in his cage, his eyes narrowing as he saw the entire dull, black room glow with a rich, primal blaze of crimson chakra.

"This chakra..." It was strong, vast, and full of life like his own. It raised an insurmountable number of questions. However, the fox didn't have time to ponder because the mindscape began to rumble as miniscule but growing tremors began to boom beneath its feet.

"What have you done this time, brat?"

The blonde's breath quickened as his heart rose. He couldn't move, his entire body felt like it was in a blender as the winds tore at him, leaving nothing unscathed from their rage.

"Naruto," the massive being boomed in his head. "I need you to listen quick. I don't know what's going on, but you need get rid of this chakra."

The Genin didn't reply, his entire body screaming in agony as the massive, red chakra oozed out of his skin.

"Dammit you idiot! You're going to explode! Expel it!"

Even throughout the pain, the boy could move his mouth. "Expel it..." He strained. "No..." The blonde looked up, sucking in a deep breath as he reigned his mind in, focusing his chakra in his lungs.

His red eyes burned with an ethereal power. "I'll unleash it."

He opened his maw and yelled.

Sasuke had a long time ago gotten a safe distance away behind a tree, so the massive hurricane didn't harm him as he heard a roar, scream, yell all roared to one. It was a sound that pierced his ears with several different frequencies.

He couldn't put it into words as it reverberated his head, but it was like a man, woman, and a tiger were all screaming at the same time. It created a shockwave that rocked everything in the vicinity, blasting debris, rocks, trees and all other bits of earth away in boom of chaos.

It kept on going, causing his entire body to vibrate for what seemed like hours, when it was only seconds. But then it stopped, the torrents of wind and blazing chakra vanishing along with the noise.

Gulping, the young Uchiha peered from behind the tree.

He saw his teammate, chest heaving up and down, body bloodied and bruised as he stood on his knees. But that wasn't what drew Sasuke's attention, nor was it the ten-foot crater and the decimation of charred foliage that surrounded his comrade.

What drew his attention was the red, celestial aura that enshrouded the pariah's body. It was humanoid in shape, hugging the blonde's form like a thick, second skin. But for he could fully observe it, the blonde looked up at him, blazing red eyes staring back with a strained, beaten smirk.

"You scared?"

He collapsed, the shroud of crimson chakra evaporating.

Sasuke didn't even speak as he just stared dumbly at the sprawled out form of his teammate.

He blinked, rubbing his eyes as he licked his lips one more time. Turning his head he surveyed the destruction around him. Then he pinched himself, a tinge of pain causing him to wince. He wasn't dreaming.

"The hell just happened?" the Uchiha yelled.


The tree behind him fell, missing him by a few feet.

To be continued...

7/11/2013 #1,305
Infamous Storm

Back, sorry, but so you guys would get a sense of my humor (at least a certain aspect of it), I also added in this Omake from my story, A Different Legend.

The Twenty Reasons why you shouldn't be a Ninja by The Utterly Fabulous Jiraiya

Parents, you should think twice before sending your kids out to the academy to be a Shinobi. Because honestly, we're freaking prostitutes! In fact! Here's why!

1. You work very odd hours.

2. You are paid a lot of money to keep your client happy.

3. You are paid well but your pimp gets most of the money.

4. You spend a majority of your time in a location of your client's choosing.

5. Creating fantasies for your clients is rewarded.

6. It's difficult to have a family.

7. You have no job satisfaction.

8. Your client always wants to know how much you charge and what they get for the money.

9. Your pimp encourages a 'hobby' and you become addicted to drinking to ease the pain of it all.

10. When you leave to go see a client, you look great, but return looking like hell.

11. You are rated on your "performance" in an excruciating ordeal.

12. Even if you get paid the big bucks, it's the client who walks away smiling.

13. The client always thinks your "cut" of your billing rate is higher than it actually is, and in turn, expects miracles from you.

14. Your pimp seems to often abuse you, forgetting that without you, he would not have a business.

15. You do all the real work, but the pimp has a higher status and more money, and really just has to "coordinate" the work for you. Sometimes, you wonder if you could just make more money pimping out yourself.

16. You get so brainwashed into the lifestyle, that you don't realize that life can be better, until it is too late.

17. Personal time, or a work/life balance, is meaningless to your pimp, all he cares about is satisfying the clients, despite how many times he tells you he loves you.

18. After a few years, you find that all your non-prostitute friends are no longer your friends, because you lost touch and your schedule and lifestyle was difficult to manage. Now you find that you associate primarily with other prostitutes.

19. The turnover rate is ridiculously high. Everyone thinks they can do it for a few years, no problem, but after just a few clients railing you, many break under the pressure, or quit for a better life.

20. Many toys that are used for the job that are either cheap and disposable, or horrendously expensive, are all very likely to get lost in each and every job, which would then likely need to be replaced at full price for the next job.

And that my dear parents, is why you should think two, three, four and five times before sending your child to the academy.


-Published by the Ninja Times

7/11/2013 #1,306
Kakarot Son

It's my duty to inform you that you have passed! Congratulations! The general consensus was that the writing was good (mind you, not perfect) but we liked it. What you could bring to the team was different to what most other applicants say, in a good way. And many of us came under the impression that you were a pretty nice guy... also flattery never fails xD That said, one of the monthly leaders will PM you shortly with your orientation package. Once again, congratulations.

7/12/2013 #1,307
Infamous Storm

Thank you! :D I hope I don't disappoint!

7/12/2013 #1,308

Name: LordHelen, any nicknames are welcome!

Age: Private

Writing: (I didn't have any Dragon Ball stories, so I made a one shot real quick. I'll probably add to it a bit and post it later!)

"Hey! You can't just abandon me here! I AM A DELICATE DESERT FLOWER!" Bulma screamed as Krillin and Gohan disappeared, completely ignoring her. Fuming, she stormed back to her cave and sat on the ground, muttering aggressively.

She had just yelled at Krillin and Gohan, but the truth was she was scared bad aliens would come back. And she felt…useless. It just wasn't about her anymore, despite her best efforts to change that. Her part was over already, but Krillin and Gohan were out there trying to save a planet from mass destruction and bring their friend back.

It wasn't that she had no skills, they just weren't useful anymore. If she was useful, she'd be out there saving Namek, she could be looking for the Dragon Balls, and she'd still have Yamcha.

She told herself Yamcha was a cheating bastard who didn't deserve her, and she was glad he broke up with her for that whore. But really, she wasn't sure. If she was at all appealing, at all useful to him, why would he run to that woman and leave her to pick up her broken heart? She felt something wet on her cheek and raised her hand, surprised to find tears streaming down her face.

"Damn it, you're stronger than this. Bulma," she said to herself, but she was tired of being stronger. She was tired of standing all alone while everyone she cared about left her. She was tired of being outside the family pictures instead of making one of her own.

She was tired of being outside the spotlight, but pressed right up against it. To be so close to the lime light, to everything she ever wanted, but not have the power to take it.

Because that was it. She had no power. When she was young and in school she was the most popular girl there because her daddy was rich and famous. In her father's lab, she was the smartest eleven year old. When she met Goku, he needed her to find the Dragon Balls. Suddenly, it wasn't about her skills. It was about power, and she didn't even rank on that chart.

She couldn't save her friends. She couldn't fight alongside Yamcha, Tien, Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, or even Gohan. Gohan, the little baby boy, ranked higher than her! She was like milk. She had lived past her usefulness and they had just about thrown her away. It was thanks to her they were here on Namek, and where was she now?

Sitting on a dirty cave floor, crying and thinking about how useless she was. She didn't feel like a desert flower at the moment. She felt like a woman who just got out of a relationship, a woman who wants to live in front of the TV watching depressing movies and eating gallons of ice cream. She was done standing on her own. She would curl up and cry alone, because she was out of strength.

(By the way, I made up a reason why Yamcha and Bulma broke up for the purposes of this story. This might not be why it happened...yeah, might.)

Why I should be part of group: I am willing to give advice and critique and to recieve it. I don't know how to beta read, but I'm willing to try anything, especially something that involves reading! I guess I'm best writing about pain people feel, or rather making it up if it's never really shown. Like Bulma. I have been told that when I do dialogue it looks natural and easy, and I'm really good at showing not telling, though those same people have said I slip into telling in action scenes. Trying to work on that. ;)

Why I want to be a part of this group: I've recently been looking at forums and this is the most sophisticated one I've seen yet. It explains everything very clearly so far, and seems to be rather social. Also, I've been reading Discovered by Team Dragon Star and it would be really cool to work with people who right that good-especially since they could help me achieve that level of writing. And finally, my brother has read a few of your stories and he can't stop talking about Team Dragon Star. He says you make a few of his favorites stories, and I trust him completely because all he does is read fanfiction. And now I've looked at this forum and Discovered, it blows my mind that everything my brother says is true.

Bonus: I don't know if this counts as bonus stuff, but I know I'm not perfect. In fact, I don't want to be perfect. I want to suck so I can learn how to be perfect, or at least try. This forum seems like a really good way to interact with other writers in a way that could help me get that much closer, and I'm certainly willing to help anyone who's willing to listen to little not-perfect me.

(BTW, I'm posting a reference or link to you guys if I'm accepted or not, just as soon as I learn how to make a link. Any advice there would help me out. :D)

7/20/2013 . Edited 7/20/2013 #1,309

Hey, Helen! (that's my nickname suggestion :D) I'm Bobo (or Jo, if you prefer). We're gonna go through your application and get back to you ASAP but in the meantime, here's some help with the link thing.

If you want to post a link on your profile you just have to copy it from your browser's address bar and paste it on your profile page editor. If the link is from (which is the case with the TDS forum) there's nothing else to it. However, if the link is from an 'outside' page, it won't appear (altogether or partially) when you post/save your profile page. In that case, I usually do the (dot) exchange. xD

Example: This is the TDS forum link.

It will appear in full since it's a page. If it wasn't you could paste it like so:

www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net /forum/Team-Dragon-Star/91044/

Just tell readers to switch the (dots) and remove the spaces and you should be good to go. I hope it helps!!

7/20/2013 #1,310

Thank you, Bobo. I will try that right now. Hope to hear from you guys soon! Hopefully with good news...;D

7/20/2013 . Edited 7/20/2013 #1,311

Hi Helen! I'm Kano.

We appreciated your attention to detail, and clean grammar. On the other hand, some of us felt that the selection came off as a little cliche and bland, and there was debate about the way you characterized Bulma. With that being said, you said you wrote this on short notice and those of us that read your other works felt they were better. We would like to see what you do with dialogue and feel that you have a lot of potential. Overall, it's a pass. Welcome to the team!

7/22/2013 #1,312

Thanks! I'll try to take that into consideration and see if I do better to impress!

7/22/2013 #1,313

Here is my application to join the group. Thanks, boboleta, for the invite! Oh, and thanks for reading my stuff. I'd like to go by my pen, NinjaWhisper, but you can also call me by my real name, Heather, if you like.


Excerpt from Twice Upon a Time chapter 25. Context- Vegeta's future mind went back in time to his past body thanks to a wish on the dragon balls from his great-grandson.

The television was on and Bulma bounced a fussy baby Trunks in her arms. Images of chaos were on the screen, explosions and shouts heard as military planes attempted to use missiles on Super Improved Cell. The bombs bounced off his skin like they were paper airplanes. The camera shook as the red and yellow monster stepped out, unharmed, from the fading smoke. The news switched to an announcer who told citizens to stay indoors and stock up on food and supplies.

Bulma placed a hand over her mouth. "How horrible," she said.

Coming up behind her on the sofa, Vegeta said, "Foolish humans to think their measly technology could destroy such a being."

She turned, her eyes lit-up. "And what were we supposed to do, Vegeta, sit back and wait as he slaughtered civilians?"

He went over and grabbed the remote, switching it off. He was surprised she'd let their son watch such devastation. Not that he cared, but she was always going on about not exposing him to this or that. She sat back and glared at him.

Vegeta swept his hand aside. "Oh, don't worry, woman, the tenderhearted Kakarot won't let this slide. He'll bring them back with those magic balls."

The words were meant to soothe her, and they did at first, but then her features hardened. He frowned back, unsure what upset her.

"You knew. You knew they were going to get killed, and you didn't do anything to stop it."

Annoyed, he pinched the bridge of his nose. How could she turn this on blaming him?

"I have more important things to worry about than saving a bunch of Earthlings that will be brought back. Haven't you seen how hard I've been working to become strong enough to save this mudball of a planet? A handful is insignificant over the entire population."

Bulma gave him a long look and then sighed. He knew she was going to let it drop. Still, he knew he had disappointed her. She seemed to think that he was some sort of saint now, and if that was the case she was going to be let down a lot. True, he'd changed, he would openly declare his affection for his family, and keep them safe, but that didn't mean he had warm fuzzy feelings for the weak inhabitants. He had no desire to harm anyone on purpose, but he wasn't going to go out of his way to become a savior to strangers like that appalling Saiyaman.

They had a staring contest for a moment, in which they silently communicated. Vegeta thought she understood. She always seemed to get him like no one else, even if the results weren't to her standards.

"Where is Trunks, the other Trunks?" he asked.

She blinked. "I don't know. I haven't seen him since breakfast. He is just as aloof as you used to be these past few days."

"And, why wouldn't the boy be? He's going to leave soon. It isn't surprising that he is scarce in order to loosen attachment."

Sadness filled her eyes but she didn't cry, although Vegeta thought she would have if alone. She glanced down at the purple-haired baby in her arms, now asleep.

"I'm going to miss him," she said softly.

The sentiments were too much. Vegeta scowled. "Stupid, woman, you have your son right there. Stop with the moping."

"Don't act like he's just a clone. I know you care about him too. I've seen you go off together to train. That has to mean something. You're going to miss him , whether he is the same person as this baby. You won't be able to train with him for years, and even then it won't be the same. Not for many years, maybe not ever."

Vegeta turned so his back faced her. His hands fisted. He didn't want to face her statements. They had double meaning to him. The words brought up the fact that Future Trunks was slightly different than the other him, given that he had other experiences. Also, he came to realize that the baby Trunks wouldn't be the exact son he left behind in the future. In a sense, that Trunks never existed, except in his memories. He wasn't going to let himself ponder over whether Bulma was the same, or go into Bra.

Why You Believe You Should Be a Part of the Group:

I am pretty good at crafting in-depth plots. I also think I can express words in such a way to elicit an emotional response from readers. In other words, I know how to make them care and keep them interested. Characters mean a lot to me, especially my favorites, and I love to delve into their heads and try to figure them out. Complicated characters (Vegeta, Spike, and Zuko to name a few) are really fun to write because they develop and have powerful histories. If someone in the group needs assistance battling writers block, presenting something for full impact, or understanding a character, I think I could help.

I've never been a beta reader but I've critiqued plenty of work. I majored in English during my undergrad and had to look over and edit plenty of papers and stories. I'm also pretty good at organizing ideas, having to figure out how to get from point A to point B and make it all flow together. I've taken classes in creative writing, advanced creative writing, and professional writing. Also, I've had lots of literature courses to analyze story and style. I've been a part of a writing group, where we gave each other feedback for pieces. Just this week, I received some praise and suggestions for improvement on my original fantasy novel. Currently, I joined a writing site called Scribophile, where they require members to critique people's stories in order to post your own. I am interested in being a beta reader, but don't want to get too overbooked because I'm a grad student, and also need some time to write my orginal work too.

My reason for joining this group is to improve my writing, discuss ideas with others, and help others in any way I can. I consider myself a decent writer, but I can get lazy, especially when I spit out fanfiction. When I write original work I take time for detail and edit it, but when I write fanfic I can hack it out. Fanfic stems from pre-made characters and worlds, and an author can fall into that lazy trap, knowing that the reader already knows the fandom. If I am a part of this group, I know that I will slow down and attempt my best.

Bonus (optional):

I'm not a great speller but I can point out grammar mistakes. I'm experienced in what makes a gripping storyline, and how to plan it out. I know how to create believable and likable characters, or really explore fandom ones. Also, I genuinely care about everyone and try to get along (studying counseling, if that tells you about my personality).

Thanks for reading through this long application!

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Hi, Ninja. Can I call you Ninja? xD

We've scored your application and general consensus was: the dialogue was enjoyable and we feel like you did a good job on getting in Vegeta's head. The flow was generally good but a little awkward at times, as were some of the sentences you chose. We really liked your literary background, too.

All and all, it was a solid pass. Congratulations and welcome to the team! :D

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Hi Everyone! I'm Aquestra (Pen-name), or Aqua, or Q... anything really! I've got my account in June so I am fairly new and trying to learn all of the ropes still, so please bare with me. Alrighty then *says in an Ace Venture voice*... Here is my application - let me know if I'm missing anything or you require anything supplementary :). My email is something I'd rather send in a PM, if that's okay. Anyways, onto the good stuff!

Age: 20

Location: Canada, eh? Either in Ontario or Quebec depending on the time of year.

Writing: Here is a portion of Chapter 17 from The Saiyan Ascension, I hope you Enjoy! *Please note Majin Vegeta and Vegeta are NOT one and the same in my fic, but two trapped in the same body. Currently Majin Vegeta holds power and control... long story :P


He yelled as he crouched down in rage, fists balling as he tucked his elbows into his sides. His face shook as he stared at the ground below, trying to control his quickly spiking power. Goku's blood had been boiling the entire battle with Trunks, he had wanted to save the boy, but couldn't bring himself to kill his friend. Finally right as he was about to jump in, his son had beat him too it. Now he could feel his son's dwindling ki, not that it was anywhere near as low as Trunks'. Goten would be okay, but Trunks was slowly dying. The boys had been defeated, and viciously so at that. Majin Vegeta – the monster – had not even shown mercy on them because of their youth. Now it was clear to him, the wicked man was no friend of his. The man below was on a rampage of destruction.

And he was about to erupt on his own rampage, one of righteousness.

The Majin man turned to face upwards in response Goku's mighty war call. He had stopped his slow stalk to Trunks. Goku almost grinned, hoping he could save the boy. He quickly un-tenses and toss the spare senzu bean he had hidden within his sash to his best friend who stood in distraught sadness beside him. Through his heightened peripherals, as he did not disengage eye contact with Majin Vegeta, he saw her bright blue eyes widen in appreciation and understanding.

He just hoped he could spare her enough time to get the magical legume to Trunks.

He re-focused all his energy in his battle stance, knowing he would have to lead the battle away from Bulma and Trunks, both who were so weak, any wrong move would easily end both their lives.

"Ah, is it your turn Kakarot?" Majin Vegeta chuckled from below, fully turning to face up the dune to the pure-blooded saiyan. "You better not be as disappointing as those two."

"I don't know where you are in there Vegeta," Goku yelled down, pleading, hoping to call out his friend, to avoid having to kill him and the monster. "But if you don't come out soon, I'll be forced to destroy you."

"I'll be forced to destroy you" Majin Vegeta mocked back in a girlish voice and pranced around a little. If their was any doubt that that could have been his friend down there, it was now completely erased. Goku knew Vegeta would have NEVER done that. The monster below then hardened his intense gaze, which was even more intimidating than his lost friend's. He stood stalk still and Goku could feel the evil and hate radiating off his body. "As if you could Kakarot."

"Goku, go!" He heard Bulma shyly whisper from his side, he prayed Majin Vegeta's hearing wasn't that good. He could hear the impatience in her voice, she needed to get to her son. "Go or I'm going whether you move or not."

Unfortunately, his hearing was that good.

"By all means woman, come forward." He said and tauntingly bowed as if making way for a princess. Then Goku watched him straighten up and smirk viciously. "I know you must have that magical bean, but trust me it'll be of no use no matter how many you have.

"You'll just subject your son to all that pain all over again." The smirk on the evil prince's face widened into a haunting smile. And then with a simple shrug he continued, "You should just let him die really."

That was it for Goku. The last straw. He had heard enough, seen enough, he was not going to let this monster kill Trunks. He was not going to let him kill anyone.

Goku blast off into the air, the sand beneath his feet melting into glass under his giant power. As he rose to a safe distance from Bulma he began to collect his ki in his core. His eyes followed Majin Vegeta as the man floated upwards agonizingly slowly, his arms lazily crossed over his armour. Their eyes stayed locked in a hateful battle as the evil prince floated upwards, and as he prepared to ascend.

Goku quickly collected enough ki to begin his transformation. He began to push his power outwards and blue bolts began to electrify the air around him. He felt the energy push through his skin, push through his gi to form a beautiful, dancing golden aura around him. An aura that was mixed with powerful bolts of blue. He could feel his body put on bulk and knew his hair and eyes had turned.

Not only to super-saiyan, but to super-saiyan two.

He floated calmly staring down the menacing beast before him, listening to the sweet crackle of the electricity that his aura gave off. This was power. He would not ascend to super-saiyan three if he didn't have too, he would cause too much destruction in that form and did not want to harm his son nor the two Briefs in the area. Goku used his inhumane vision to see off into the distance, check to make sure the saiyan army held it's ranks. There was going to be a light show, and the blasts would need to be stopped. Hopefully the saiyans could handle the blasts if they worked together to stop them, but that was the least of Goku's concerns at the moment. What he really had to worry about now was that Majin Vegeta was powering up.

Goku watched the evil prince close his eyes, his arms were still folded on his chest. His legs lazily dangled downwards. Other than the man's dishevelled armour, Goku would have descried Majin Vegeta as looking almost angelic as he collected his evil ki. Goku almost thought to pounce, attack him right then. But he immediately pushed that thought aside, that would be not only unfair, but unwise. Clearly Majin Vegeta wanted that, to draw him out with his calm demeanour. Goku knew he was not the brightest bulb of the bunch, but the one thing he knew better than almost anyone was how to fight.

He observed silently as the shadow of the saiyan prince began to flare his ki. First and aura of gold and blue erupted around him, followed by his muscles gaining a substantial amount of mass. Finally his spiky hair bursted into golden locks, and Goku could have sworn the M on his forehead had darkened. Goku stared at the floating, stoic, super-saiyan two villain. He stayed still for several moments just hovering there. It was eerily calm. Goku was confused as to what was happening. He quickly looked down to check on Bulma's progress. She was sprinting down the sand dune, sinking in the places that were weakly supports, but she was making progress.

The instant Goku looked back, Majin Vegeta snapped open his eyes. The teal was the last thing Goku saw before his rival was upon him.

A fist bounded hard right into his gut, causing him to double over midair in excruciating pain. Goku, in a moment of brilliance though, feigned the injury to be worse than it was, causing Majin Vegeta to linger a little longer to taste his victory. That's when Goku brought his pointed elbow down on his unsuspecting opponent with the force of a thousand nuclear bombs.

Majin Vegeta fell several feet before regaining his composure, but as quickly as he fell he was quicker to jump back onto the attack. Goku defended blow after blow, not being able to get a single shot in on the monster. He was stuck in the midst of blocking a fury of punches and kicks and didn't know how to get out. Majin Vegeta was much stronger than a super saiyan two, probably from the power he had harnessed from Vegeta's hate over the years. Goku was stuck just barely avoiding the beating of his life by the skin of his teeth. He needed to break free of the furious brawl.

Majin Vegeta presented him the solution. Suddenly he had punched Goku so hard their close encounter was finally separated by several feet of crisp air between them. The impact had most definitely cracked several of his ribs, and he thought a lung maybe punctured, but overall he was thankful to be free of the monster's close proximity.

"Vegeta this isn't you - " Goku had barely finished his sentence before an array of powerful ki blasts were upon him. Blast after blast collided with his already tired body. His gi was quickly being torn and he could feel the ki shield over his skin failing. He reflected as many blasts away from himself as he could, hoping the saiyans and Bulma would be safe from their fury. The attack raged on and he could feel his skin melting off his body on the heated impact of the energy. Goku was becoming exhausted, and he was losing more and more blood.

He had to do something.

Goku focused the little energy he had left, just taking the onslaught of ki head on. He began to feel the tingling in his core that always preceded the transformation he was about to attempt. He bent over to force his energy to pool densely within him.

"AHHHHHHHHH" Goku screamed out, unsure of whether it was because he was focusing his strength or because of the pain from the golden blasts. Unfortunately though, it seemed Majin Vegeta must had begun to catch onto his plan.

"GALICK," He heard the monster roar as he began to prepare his retaliation. Goku could barely see the man through the continued army of ki that was flying at him. Majin Vegeta had clearly mastered how to continue an attack while powering up for another. Goku pushed all his energy deep within, harnessing whatever strength he could muster. They he felt it, he was ready to transform. "GUN!"

The purple wave came raging at him. It quickly covered the short distance between the two most powerful beings in the universe. But Goku was ready for the death-dealing attack just in the knick of time. Right before the blast made it's devastating impact on him, Goku erupted in a golden aura of splendid electricity. He could feel his mane tumble down his back, and the lines on his face harden. Power surged from every pore of his body, and the attack was voided.

The Galick Gun hit him straight on, and barely singed his exposed skin. As the last of the blast dissipated, Goku stared directly at the scowling villain. Majin Vegeta was no fool, Goku concluded, it almost seemed as if he had anticipated his move. Super-saiyan three Goku kept his eyes locked on the monster above.

"I'm giving you one last chance." Goku boomed in a godly voice, his long hair and tattered gi tossed gently in the calm breeze creating a stunningly peaceful visual. "Denounce your evil ways, give us back Vegeta."

"Ha! You idiot, evil ways? Really?" Majin Vegeta mocked tossing his head back in feigned laughter. "You don't get it do you?"

Goku floated there with the same stoic expression on his newly hardened face. Then finally he gave into the beast in front of him and raise an eyebrow questioningly.

"I can't give up my evil ways you buffoon." Majin Vegeta darkly chuckled. "I AM evil."

"Then you leave me no choice." Goku said solemnly right before launching himself at the shorter saiyan. He would make this quick and painless, for his friends sake.

Majin Vegeta was helpless when he was attacked by the more powerful warrior. Almost too helpless it had seemed to Goku. The angered saiyan was barely putting up a fight anymore. Could Vegeta have been fighting back from the inside? Goku shook his long head of hair as he relinquished the thought and delivered a downward punch to his weaker opponent. The punch sent Majin Vegeta barrelling towards the earth.

Goku heard a loud, soft thud as the saiyan hit the ground. He took the moment of peace to check on Bulma, who seemed to be okay even with the cross fire she had been in the middle of. She was less than a hundred meters to Trunks, but also uncomfortably close to Majin Vegeta. He flickered his attention to his own son, who seemed to still be unconscious, but his ki was now steadying. The powerful Goku then brought his thoughts back to the battle as he lowered himself down to the ground where Majin Vegeta lay.

The monster was barely able to hold himself on all fours, crawling through the sand towards him.

"Kaka -" He chocked out, blood spattering onto the sand below him, creating a sticky brown-red trail as Majin Vegeta crawled at Goku. He hated seeing his friend like this, defeated. Vegeta was so strong, and to see him carry himself in such a way, even if it wasn't really him, was unsettling.

"I'm so sorry Vegeta." Goku whispered under his breath as he bent his knees and brought his wrists together on his right side. He spread out his fingers and gathered his ki in his palms. The sad, crawling form of Vegeta was almost upon him.

"KA-ME-HA," He reluctantly began, tears filling his eyes for his friend. "ME-huh?"

Vegeta was on his knees just in front of him, finally having lifted his head. Goku had stopped because of his eyes. They weren't the viscous, murderous eyes of Majin Vegeta. They were the softer, but still incredibly harsh eyes of his friend. Even the monster's face had softened slightly. Vegeta was also no longer crawling, but kneeling with perfect posture and pride. The way his face had changed so suddenly, and the newfound poised posture only lead Goku to one conclusion...

The man before him was Vegeta. He had no doubt.

Then the saiyan opened his mouth to speak, his eyes filled with regret and sorrow, pleading even. Goku dropped his arms and listened intently, hoping for nothing more than his friend's safe return.

"Don't fall for it." Were the four words Vegeta, the real Vegeta, croaked out sadly. The four words that Goku initially didn't understand. But they were the four words that sealed his fate.

Before he could process what it had meant everything was already underway.

Vegeta was gone even faster than he came, his softer onyx eyes glistening over with the hard black eyes of his Majin captor. The vicious monster left no time for Goku to react as he leapt up from below. With a primate-like manoeuvre the master-manipulator wrapped his arms around Goku's neck and used his upward momentum to swing himself onto Goku's back. Goku could feel Majin Vegeta's muscular arms coil tightly around his unprotected neck, and in a panic brought his hands to grasp the dense forearms that held his airway captive.

Then he felt the pressure. But it was not downwards on his throat as he had anticipated, no, it was upwards. Majin Vegeta was pulling his neck upwards, stretching it to a breaking point.

Goku felt a muscle in the evil man's left forearm twitch before the monster quickly jerked his out-stretched neck to the side.

First he heard a deafening pop and immediately transformed back to his normal state.

Then he felt a shot of insurmountable pain shoot through his entire body.

Finally there was absolutely nothing at all.

He could see, he confirmed as he moved his eyes. He could hear, he decided as he heard the maniacal laughter of his assailant. He couldn't feel, he deduced as the rest of his body felt detached. He couldn't move, he established as soon as he tried to break free of Majin Vegeta's grip. He couldn't speak, he knew the moment he tried to yell.

Goku had confirmed he had lost all motor control when Majin Vegeta cruelly snapped his neck, leaving him completely at the monsters disposal. He was helpless. His friend's were helpless. He had failed.

The next thing Goku saw was a swirling world of sky, sand and Majin Vegeta. He assumed the monster had let him go, he knew he was correct when the sand and sky were tilted sideways in his line of sight. He could see and hear the white boots of the monster stepping towards him. This was it, the end of the line. After all his training, in a moment of weakness he had failed. Even Vegeta had tried to warn him of the blasted trickery, he had no one to blame but himself. Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten, Bulma, Trunks and everyone would be dead! All because of him, him and his stupid second chances.

If Goku could have cried, he would have.

Sand kicked into his eyes and he felt it scratch the sensitive orbs. At least he had feeling in his head, although he knew he'd soon be dead. Two white-gloved hands descended into his line of sight, he could feel their rough grasp on the side of his head, digging roughly into his scalp. The hands turned his head so he was now face to face with the devil himself.

"Now Kakarot," The demonic-prince spat down on him. Every line on his face, every hair on his head and every glint in his eye was pure evil. Goku wanted to scream out, to save his family and friends, to save earth. But he was silent, his nervous system having been completely severed. Majin Vegeta's face was but mere inches from his own, the black M haunting Goku's every thought. Majin Vegeta smirked disgustingly as he continued. "Now, you can watch..."

The harsh hands released Goku's head, throwing it to flip in the other direction, his opposite cheek laying flat on the sand.

Directly in his line of sight were Bulma and Trunks huddled hopelessly together.

A white boot then stepped over his head, followed by another. The wicked monster was stalking towards his friends. Majin Vegeta was going in for the kill. The beast paused and with a gory glare glanced back over his shoulder at Earth's fallen hero. His horse, insane voice hissed out across the desolate desert,

"...Watch as everything you love burns."

Why I believe I Can be Part of The Group: I think I am a great candidate to be a part of the Team Dragon Star writing crew because, first and foremost, I am reliable. If I say I am going to update by a certain day – I do. If I promise to complete a beta within a certain amount of time – I will. I am good to my word. Secondly, although I am not the judge, according to my readers I write quality fight scenes. I know this is a hard talent to find among writers who have a hard time maintaining the audiences interest... or their own. Lastly I am super friendly and approachable and really keen on working with others. I have my FFN email on my phone and respond to most PMs instantaneously. Just a quick note on Beta-ing, I am actually beta-ing my first fic at the moment and am returning it to the author tomorrow morning... so we'll see if I can do it or not. For anyone interested the fic is Revenge: An Earthling's Retribution by Nova.81. Kakarot Son and Boboleta were also some of my first reviewers on Fan Fiction and the help they gave me on my first chapter of The Saiyan Ascension has really impacted my future writing therefore I've got nothing but thanks for the two of them and would be honoured to write with you all. Anyways moving on, I really want to be apart of this amazing group and participate in collaborations with a all of you dedicated, kick-ass writers.

*Just an update on the Beta thing, the author really enjoyed my work and you can see the final product when she updates. It'll be Chapter 10 of Revenge: An Earthling's Retribution :D

Bonus Points: I know many other anime fandoms quite well including: Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon and among my personal favourites Death Note and Cowboy Bebop. And that's just the anime. I'm also pretty fluent in french - so if anyone's writing a french fic and wants reviews or feedback, I'm your girl! (y)

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Shoot. Sorry that was so long, I just added the entire section. Don't feel like you have to read it all, I just didn't want to cut it off. You can probably get an idea of my writing after a few paragraphs.

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Kakarot Son

We're currently processing your application and should have it done soon, looking forward to reading through it.

10/17/2013 #1,318
We have gone through your application. Consensus was that there were some grammar mishaps and things to improve on, but it was an enjoyable excerpt overall, and you've passed. Congratulations! :D You'll be receiving your introductory package shortly.
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Daughter Of Vegeta

Hello! I'm Ashley! I announced about two months ago that I was going to apply sometime, so here I am XD. I have been a fan of your group for quite sometime, and finally decided to man-up and apply.

Some things you should know before you read my writing, are that:

I change POV's quite a bit.

I'm a little bit obsessive over G/CC stories!

And most of my stories are with Kakarrott and Chi-Chi in an AU, though, I plan to write a story along the lines of the series in the near future.

That's all! I hope you enjoy the rest of my application!

(In this section of writing, the point of views are Goku's and Chi-Chi's.)



I stood, and my cloak swayed in the wind. The snow was coming down slowly, making the city look like a fairy tale, dreamy with all the glittering lights.

I shut my eyes; I felt another's eyes drilling holes into my back. A shudder travelled the length of my spine, while a small cruel smile slipped upon my face. It's been awhile since I killed a vampire, but I should be able to manage with ease.

I took a blade from one of the eight sheaths upon my chest, held it with my finger tips, pivoted on my heel and threw the blade loosely. The vampire who was there didn't show themself, but I heard twigs snapping, coming towards me, getting louder and louder. I put my hand over another sheath, and removed another blade...


I watched as the blade hit the tree I leaned against about an inch from where I stood. My eyes widened; this was no average human...

A smirk was plastered my face; this was going to be fun.

I began running towards the human at a great speed.


He was a blur coming towards me. There was no question about it; this was The One.

I sprinted towards him, threw my second blade at him, I heard it connect with his skin.


I hissed in annoyance, and my canines began to surface in a battle for the first time in over three hundred years. I grabbed the blade from my right shoulder, and threw it towards the ground. I continued to run towards the human who irked me I wouldn't stand their foolish little game.


I was still sprinting towards him. I knew by then, none of my blades would stop him, but I wasn't going to back down.

In seconds, we collided.


We rolled on the ground, fighting for dominance, but, of course, I eventually won.

I hovered over the cloaked human, running was pointless, so I didn't worry about them attempting escape. I bared my canines, showing my true nature. I examined the human's body, up and down, and soon became puzzled; the body was small, almost petite, and the human had small hands... My eyes widened with realization- the human wasn't a male, as I predicted, it was a female.

"Reveal yourself," I demanded.

The female shook her head.

"Do it!" I shouted.

She spat in my face, and I closed my eyes then, fastidiously wiping the spittle away, and reopened them.

"Reveal yourself," I said once again, but in a dangerously calm tone; "Or, I'll do it myself."

The female's hands went to the hood of her cloak...


I threw a punch at his face, but he caught my fist in his palm.

He lowered his head close to the rim of my hood and gave me a teasing smirk.

"Last chance. Reveal yourself, or I'll do it for you."

I chuckled lightly, "Go for it," I whispered challengingly.

His hand holding my fist released its grip and then began to go to my hood. I quickly grabbed his wounded right shoulder, putting as much pressure as I could on it. He growled, and I managed to flip him onto his back.


She straddled my waist, and I smirked at her, putting my hands behind my head and crossing one knee over the other.

"Go ahead sweetheart. Continue with what you were going to do. Don't let me ruin your plans."

"This is all a game to you isn't it?" she demanded. "A game you believe you'll always win by killing others or putting fear into them?"

"Life's a game: it's played how you want to play it. Whether you cheat, or not, is up to the person. But, whether you win… Well, that depends how well you play the game. See, consider gambling: It all depends on how well you court good ole' Lady Luck."

She chuckled and shook her head; "And, what is it you that you wish to win?"

"Normally, most bastards would say immortality, or to be the most powerful ruler or being...which is no problem for me at this point." I chuckled. "But I'd rather everything to be, as humans say, normal."

"Normal?" she asked with confusion.

"Yes, normal: just as normal as the humans who walk down streets everyday, just as normal as our little chat," I replied, realizing that I was having a conversation with a human being, without killing them.

"Hm... So, The One, the most powerful being has yet to kill me, and you're releasing information to a complete stranger. Interesting..."

A low rumble emitted from my chest. "If you believe you're leaving here alive, you're sorely mistaken." Her breathing hitched. "The One... Who came up with that name? It's interesting; though, I'd describe myself differently."

"I'll leave here alive, I promise you. As for the name... I'm not sure. It just spread through the nation. Now, all slayers are aware of who you are, and what you're capable of."

I barked out a laugh, "I'm capable of many things..." I took my right hand from under my head, and stretched it towards her hood. She grabbed my wrist with her left hand. I tugged my wrist back towards me, making her fall upon my chest and face to face with me. I quickly removed my wrist from her grip and lifted her hood.

Ebony hair cascaded from beneath the hood, creating a curtain around the sides of my head. Her frantic, obsidian eyes locked with mine, but she quickly looked away. I scanned her face; she had rosy pink, plump lips, high cheek bones, beautiful eyes, a pale complexion, and she wasn't blonde, to my delight.

I clicked my tongue, bringing her attention back to me. "You're the female that captain spoke of..." I murmured.

Her narrowed eyes shot back to mine. "You killed him!" she spat.

"That I did, and I enjoyed every moment of it. If you are what he thought could stop me, then he was sorely mistaken."

She smirked at me, leaned towards my ear, and nibbled on the lobe teasingly, before whispering: "Good thing I've been holding back."


"You're the female that captain spoke of..." I murmured.

Her narrowed eyes shot back to mine. "You killed him!" she spat.

"That I did, and I enjoyed every moment of it. If you are what he thought could stop me, then he was sorely mistaken."

She smirked at me, leaned towards my ear, and nibbled on the lobe teasingly, before whispering: "Good thing I've been holding back."


Why You Believe You Should Be a Part of the Group:

I believe my strengths are that I'm very energetic, and I have a very creative mind when it comes to creating story plots. I am also particularly good at adding detail to my stories, a quick learner, and personable.

I have weaknesses in writing on how to get to the next point in my stories, albeit, it's partially because of my young age, and I'm still learning writing skills in school. My beta-reader is amazing, and helps me greatly with my mistakes, critiquing me where it is needed. I know I have weaknesses, but I am applying for this group to hopefully surpass those weaknesses to become a better writer!

I have three stories posted on my account on good ole' FanFiction :)


I'd like to think that I have quality content in most of my chapters, and that I don't put excess information or write with a lot of "fluff" in my stories. I'm pretty blunt. For the most part, I believe that my stories move along nicely with few exceptions.

Thanks for your time!

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