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Welcome to the assignment page, here we will discuss what one's duty will be to fulfill in order to help with Team Dragon Star. I myself as leader will be assigning tasks on a weekly basis but it is up to the leader to decide when assignments will be given.

I will post next week's tasks on the weekend, does anyone have any questions concerning this weeks tasks?

7/20/2011 . Edited by Kakarot Son, 7/14/2012 #1

Yeah do we have anything else in the pool, other than the one shot hot spot.Are there any ideas floating around for a new fic either.

7/20/2011 #2

Well, both you and ultimate have finished the required tasks. I don't want to have too many stories floating around as they would never get finished. What I want the two of you to do is research, look into recent manga via either manga stream or maga fox and locate some of the ones either I or any of the other members have shown an intrest in. See if any strike your fancy and we can discuss at a future date what co-op stories we can right.

7/20/2011 #3

Well i have been watching a lot of FMA and Death note recently, ill have a look into soul eater as i dont think sailor moon is my kind of thing.

7/20/2011 #4
Kakarot Son

Expect my part tonight... It won't be as good as I hoped, but I reckon it's not half bad.

With the updates for next week, I have but no choice to take a temporary hiatus from Fanficition for approximately five days to a week, as I have mentioned to you previously, with School Camp. So unfortunately, I shall not be able to do anything in the upcoming week, save for possibly on Saturday or Sunday, but since you'll be posting the assignments on the weekend, I doubt there's little to know point.

Anyway... Gotta get busy, got some maths, need to practice guitar, and am running House Cross-Country tomorrow. Unfortunately, School sucks and has me on the ropes.

7/20/2011 #5
Kakarot Son

P.S. Just going to suggest one for you guys, Naruto. More of the anime than the Manga. For part one the anime, for part two (aka Shippuden) the manga.

7/20/2011 #6
ultimate saiyan

I know a bit about sailor moon and gttm made me watch death note so I have a bit of an understanding of that but I haven't completed watching it. Also I remember one that gttm mentioned, have any of you see fate/stay night? I'm going to start watching it but before she umm stopped being able to come on her computer, she was telling me about it and how she found it interesting. Code geass is cool too and I can't rememeber the other thing I watched......... my bad peops :P

7/20/2011 #7
Sailor Saiyan007

Are we suggesting things now? I have a few things I could suggest...

Chibi Vampire, Morganville Vampires, House of Night Series, Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, (I like vampire stories, okay?) Darkest Power trilogy, and if you like cats maybe the Warrior series....

.....I read a ton ^^" Also, me and SD are getting into Black Bird.... its pretty good so far, but I haven't gotten past the first manga so yeah....

7/20/2011 #8

i am now at a serious disadvantage, i know four, maybe five animes at a stretch, oh lord have i got some reading to do.

7/20/2011 #9
Sailor Saiyan007

Well, Black Bird and Chibi Vampire are the only mangas, all the others are really good books. I have way to much free time and I read way to fast. xD

7/20/2011 #10

still im really behind on a lot of things, i need to get knowledable on my manga.

7/20/2011 #11
Sailor Saiyan007

I probably need to do that too.... I read a lot of books but not nearly as many mangas...

7/20/2011 . Edited 7/20/2011 #12

Well if we are suggesting things i have a few manga's and anime's you guy's could look at: Trigun, Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Shuffle, Black Butler, The Sacred Blacksmith, Orange Planet and Galaxy Angel. Those are the one's I know besides, Sailor Moon, Soul Eater, Chibi Vampire and basically the one's that Sailor mentioned. I would also like to suggest Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. And Sailor? You do read way to much, but you still haven't read Trigun, Black Bird or Orange Planet. And you are borrowing all of them at this moment.

7/20/2011 . Edited 7/20/2011 #13

Alright, animes I have access to: Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Shamploo, Fate/Stay Night, Code Geass (Highly recommended), Desert Punk, Ninja Scroll, Koukaku no Regios, Aim for the Top, Air Gear, Aquarion, Baka to Test to Shokanju (a good short comedy series), Black Cat, nearly 300 episodes of Bleach, Blood+, Blue Gender, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Cardcaptor, Daimou, DearS, DBZ (and all the movies + Gt but nobody really cares about that), Death Note, Eden of the East, Elfen Lied, Fairy Tail (every episode currently released), FMA Brotherhood, Gintama, Guin Saga, Gundam 00, Hack Quantum, Hack Sign, Inuyasha (think I have every ep), Kampfer (laugh out loud funny), Kenshin, Licensed by Royalty, Mahou Sensei Negima (and the omake series), Naruto + Shippuden, Needless, Neuro, One Piece (have 500 episodes and counting), Ranma, Read or Die, Seto no Hanayame (funny as hell), Sisters of Wellber, Soul Eater, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The tower of Druaga, Trigun, Wandering Samurai, Wolf and Spice 2 and a handful of both Digimon and Winx.

Before you ask I have not watched everything here, can you imagine how freaking long that would take.

I like S'D's idea of possible books and or movies we could do as they are easier to get access to.

7/21/2011 #14

Out of this long list i know DBZ(obviouslly) FMA brotherhood, Death note,Digimon(first 2 seasons) and absolutely nothing else, i was thinking of wathcing Naruto, but i need to set aside a lot of time to wacth them all.

7/21/2011 #15
Kakarot Son

When I get back, on the 29th, I'll have to watch some of that stuff too.. I have no idea what half the stuff, being talked about is. I do however, prefer Anime's to Manga's as it's quicker to load, and you don't have to click next page each time...

I suppose, I'll take a look into Code Greass, as quite a few of you guys seem into it...

I'd agree with Kampfer, that's just funny... Really funny.

Inyusha, is that good? To anyone who's read Naruto, is it similar or something?

And what about Bleach?

Harry potter, I know quite well, as I've read all the books and seen each movie.

Finally, not to sound like a little kid, but what about Pokemon? I grew up watching that shit, and it's definitely something, I wouldn't mind writing for.

I'll be gone for while, as I try to get some work done.

7/21/2011 #16
Kakarot Son

Well, I haven't watched anything near all of Naruto... I'd reccomend to watch the first couple of episodes, then go onto Naruto Wikia, and watch whatever episode sounds good, while reading about the general plot of the whole show... I'm a lot of things, but not mad, there's no way, I'd be able to watch every episode of Naruto, without a ridiculous amount of free time on my hands.

7/21/2011 #17

with stuff like naruto,bleach,inuyasha they run for 300+ episodes(bleach is still going) and almost half of it is filler, they need to have a slimmed down version.

7/21/2011 #18

manga equals no filler, but doesn't necessarily mean the anime is worse off. while most filler is crap it does give other insight into specific characters and the like. try watching 500+ episodes of one piece, you'll understand

7/21/2011 #19

Oh god, im going to be killed by anime, its pretty much turning into a full time job really.

7/21/2011 #20

manga is a lot easier to get your hands on and easier to keep track of where you are. also instead of watching 20 minutes of footage you get the same thing but which can be read at your own pace.

7/21/2011 #21

I know that, ive got my FMA mangas on my bookshelf that i need to read still and ive just ordered the death note mangas. ah well something other than a paolini book for a change.

7/21/2011 #22
Kakarot Son

Raz: That's true no filler, but at the sacrifice of colour for the most part, and animation. Which is why it's best to figure out the major plot, and get the episodes which are important, if you read the manga though, most chapters equal a couple of episodes... Though it does also depend on the Authors.

Yes that's true about Manga as well, it really depends on the art work...

Devil: Yep... Don't bother watching too much... Just get the general plot down, and there are fics out there that can explain it a hell of a lot better than, some Mangas, and even animes'. You don't think I actually read all of Shippuden? I just used fics to get by, and watched a couple episodes here and there.

7/21/2011 #23
Sailor Saiyan007

SD: I just want you to remember that witout me, you wouldn't have read half of the books you have... Keep that in mind.... :)

Raz: O.o Holy sh*t! That's a ton! I haven't even heard of half of them! .....

Kaka: I love Pokemon! I've played most of the games and have seen most of the episodes, up until the most recent ones... they turned to crap.


7/21/2011 #24

I never really watched pokemon, i played the games a ton though, i was more of a digimon kid while i was gorwing up. this later turned to the early beyblade and yugioh. maybe even cardcaptors, but its been an age since ive watched it.

7/21/2011 #25
Sailor Saiyan007

I like Yu-Gi-Oh too, but I don;t remember as much of it. I also watched a bit of Digimon, but not nearly enough to really get it.

7/21/2011 #26

Strangely enough i remember voice actors a lot easier than i do the names and plots of animes. I would sprint home to watch it( i was 4), but since then i got the first 2 seasons on my laptop.

7/21/2011 #27

So, I figure I basically haven't done shit but I have had something done for a while a couple of months I think, just one chapter so far...some may have seen's for Soul Eater fans more than I'm not sure of who'd be interested in something like this...but I think I should submit my fair share to the group right? Long story short it's a crossover...any takers?

7/21/2011 #28

Well by the swing of things the plan is to expand out to more than just DBZ, like Sailor and SD and now with your help could do something for soul eater, or sailor moon. Depends what are you crossing over with?

7/21/2011 #29
Sailor Saiyan007

??? I'm interested. Details? :)

7/21/2011 #30
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