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Kakarot Son

Whoops. forgot to mention what's been going on here.

Well the current cycle is about one week underway and shall end on Sunday the 28th 23:59 GMT, after which the next cycle will commence a mere minute afterwards.

10/20/2012 #961
Majin Son Goku

I see. Kaka, can you make the edits to 'Dual Identity' before then or do you not have time?

10/21/2012 #962
Kakarot Son

I thought you wanted to put that up on your account?

Well, I'll see if I can fit it in somewhere.

10/21/2012 #963
Majin Son Goku

Why in the seven freaking hells would I ask you to be joint story head if I wanted to put it up on my account? And why would I not have uploaded it already and not done a couple more chapters? Think dammit, I'm waiting on you to edit ..


10/26/2012 #964
Kakarot Son

Fair enough.

As the current cycle draws to a close the next cycle will start in approximately 24 hours (Monday 00:00 GMT). Make sure to claim whatever you can, and get in contact with others before this time in order to claim fics.

10/27/2012 #965
Majin Son Goku

Its cool, we always have our derp moments. NoW EDIT! If you have time that is.

10/28/2012 #966
Kakarot Son

Anyways, Kanotari and I are leading for December (again), so chuck any questions you've got here. As far as the current cycle goes, it'll end Sunday the 9th 23:59 GMT, the next one starting almost immediately afterwards. Currently we don't have any doing anything for it, so if you can do something, please claim.

11/30/2012 #967

Jin and I, bring you the proposed groups for this upcoming cycle beginning 14TH JANUARY at 00:00 GMT.Claiming as always takes place on the forums in the Claiming topic, here is the link: You have two weeks to submit your work to the TDS inbox via DocX.


1.Edgar, Kano & Raiyne

2.Edgar, Jin & Loring

3.Jin & Freebie




7.Alex & Maxi

Please use the time you have (a little under 24 hours) before the claiming time to discuss amongst yourselves what story you would like to claim.

The options are: Create A New Story **, Continue A One Shot, Home Once Lost, Missing Prince, Z Identity, Missing Prince, Never A Saviour, Tortured Soul, Other Side To Gohan, Discovered, Night of Fun, Shimmering Grotto, Annoying!, City Friends, Divided We Fall, School Days, Witch.

And finally, if you are currently writing something for this 'free for all' week we just had (7th-13th January) please be sure to submit your piece ON TIME because if someone else chooses to claim the story you're writing for, there is nothing we can/will do about that without valid cause.

Now that's all out of the way! It's first come first serve when it comes to claiming and so we wish you all the best of luck!

1/13/2013 . Edited 1/13/2013 #968
Kakarot Son

Remember to try and get your chapters in guys.

And for anyone that's active but not yet in a group, get in one... immediately. Next month won't be so nice if you're not, and on the topic of next month...

Do we have any volunteers to lead?

3/28/2013 #969
Majin Son Goku

Since I plan to stick around for a while, and have Easter Break, I might as well break myself in. I shall volunteer to lead, just on the principle that I want to learn how to and get a little higher on the hierarchy, so to speak.

3/28/2013 #970
Kakarot Son

Excellent, anyone else willing to stick there hand up? Highly suggest that you give it a shot if you haven't already

3/29/2013 #971
Kakarot Son

For those who aren't on Facebook, leaders for May are Razamataz22 and myself. We look forward to a having prosperous month with all of you, and if there are any issues/concerns or queries don't hesitate to contact us.

Also a reminder that all active members must be apart of a group. If you don't fulfil the minimum requirement of a chapter a month you'll be dismissed whether you're apart of a group or not. Don't hesitate to ask fellow members if you'd like to work with them in a group and feel free to form your own with a friend. That said, happy writing.

4/30/2013 #972
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