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Sailor Saiyan007

That's why I don't want to publish anything else until I'm done writing it.... I like changing things up too much. I've been working on a T/P fic for a bit but now I'm stuck.... Need to get back onto that....

5/14/2013 #8,161
Son Goshen

I typically write up a few chapters, then publish it because I'm too impatient to wait till I finish the story. xD

5/14/2013 #8,162

I sometimes am tempted to do that but would end up with a few hundred incomplete stories on my profile XD some days I am tempted to post every story I've ever written with no inspiration to ever complete.

5/15/2013 #8,163
Sailor Saiyan007

Eeesh. O.o I don't think I could ever start that many stories. xD

If you did that, you would be the most evil person in the world. e.e

5/16/2013 #8,164

Ok so where in the hell do I pitch an idea and other such stuffufufufuf

5/18/2013 #8,165
Kakarot Son

Ideas, memory problems again old man? You were the one who made the topic :P

5/18/2013 #8,166

Let me rephrase that, where do I pitch something that already has 2 chapters ready to go and potentially be another group.

5/19/2013 #8,167
Kakarot Son

Ideas... or find something, it'll be somewhere

5/19/2013 #8,168

Welp beat you too it

5/19/2013 #8,169

My yonger brother and sister like to remind me I am evil sometimes. It's just tempting to post the stories that I've started and never finished, and most likely never will finish since I've put effort into them and have a lot that I have written over the last seven years. I've got one that I'm almost completed only going to be 5 or 6 chapters, working on the last couple of chapters at the moment and currently trying to work out if I will post it when its done or hold it till I'm finished posting the current story I'm posting.

5/20/2013 #8,170

How's everyone been? Works been busy for the past couple of weeks, looking forward to a nice quiet weekend of playing Guild Wars and maybe a little bit of writing.

5/31/2013 #8,171
Sailor Saiyan007

Busy... My English teacher decided to unleash project after project on us the past two weeks... Thankfully, I'm out next week... I can't take much more of school.

5/31/2013 #8,172
Son Goshen

Finally summer..... I still feel tired... this isn't normal.

6/1/2013 #8,173

That sounds icky sailor saiyan hope that the rest of school goes fast for you and I hope that you get plenty of rest and don't reel to tired for long Son Goshen.

I had a nice weekend spent a lot of time playing Guild Wars 2 and got some work done on several of my stories and published my first non Dragon Ball Z one shot, though it's not the first one I've started. Have more then a dozen more stories for other fandoms that I've started and still working on. I hate how long it takes me to finish a story no matter how short it is.

6/2/2013 #8,174
Sailor Saiyan007

I got to skip my Geomtry Final I got to skip my Geomtry Final I got to skip my Geomtry Final


6/5/2013 #8,175
Son Goshen

Anyone watch Fast and Furious? :D

6/7/2013 #8,176

I've seen the first two Fast and Furious movies but never really got into them.

6/7/2013 #8,177
Kakarot Son

Remember I used to freaking love this one Fast and Furious movie as a kid, but that's about it

6/7/2013 #8,178
Son Goshen

I tried to figure out what was going on and failed when watching the fourth one.. are the movies connected? XD

6/7/2013 #8,179

I don't think that all the movies are connected, just some of them. But I could be wrong, since I haven't really watched them properly.

6/8/2013 #8,180

I am now officially on holidays :D I have a week off work but will not have much of a chance for writing, game playing or catching up on my anime backlog since I am visiting relatives in Sydney for that week :D really looking forward to seeing my cousins again, it's been years since I last saw them.

6/14/2013 #8,181
Majin Son Goku

Jesus, this is ridiculous. I have been so damn busy recently that I even forgot that Fanfiction existed. 2 cricket matches a week and three days of training on top of normal school stuff is tiring. To the point that I actually couldn't move half my limbs for an hour after I woke up.

6/22/2013 #8,182
Sailor Saiyan007

.... ._.

6/22/2013 #8,183

Here I am! Hi, world!

6/25/2013 #8,184
Kakarot Son


6/25/2013 #8,185


Vegeta's gloves (and Trunks' too, I suppose) are white. White is near impossible to keep clean. They take battle damage, we can clearly see that they get torn and frayed over the course of fights. But to spite that, they still always manage to stay perfectly clean. There's never any dirt or blood on them. Ever. What's up with that?

7/3/2013 #8,186
Sailor Saiyan007

Hardcore bleach

7/3/2013 #8,187

hey everyone!

7/11/2013 #8,188
Kakarot Son

How's it going?

7/11/2013 #8,189

Pretty decent, saw the eagles in concert tn which was amazinggg, how about you?

7/11/2013 #8,190
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