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Son Goshen

there's a handy custom settings thing when you do stuff so you can hide what you post and whatnot from people that you don't want to see your stuff.

8/22/2013 #8,281
Majin Son Goku

Then there is a brother that is what some people would call a hacker .... NO!

8/22/2013 #8,282
Sailor Saiyan007

Could someone make a Google Doc for the Pokemon story? It'd be really helpful for when I'm at school, since they've blocked fb.

9/5/2013 #8,283
Sailor Saiyan007

Omg. This one girl in my class said that Bohemian Rhapsody was sung by ACDC... . She's gettin some shit now.

9/6/2013 . Edited 9/6/2013 #8,284

At least she didn't say Justin Beiber....

9/6/2013 #8,285
Kakarot Son

Blocked facebook eh? We're at odds between the two since Raz can't get on google docs either but I'll see if I can come up with something, will PM you the link.

9/8/2013 #8,286

Random (and forgive me if I've brought this up before), but why did Goku never bother to teach anyone else the Ginki Dama (Spirit Bomb), Kaio-ken, or Instant Transmission?

Especially since towards the end of Z and even more clearly in GT he wanted others to step up and take his place as the protector(s) of Earth. Mainly Gohan in Z and then Vegeta in GT. He continuously says he wants Gohan to be able to stand on his own without his fathers help and that he wants others to be able to protect the Earth. Yet, while he says that, he doesn't bother to even OFFER anyone the chance to learn the 3 most useful techniques that WOULD make it possible for them to protect the Earth without Goku's help.

You could call it Goku's characteristic thoughtlessness. But when it comes to fighting, Goku's not really all that thoughtless. Sometimes it seems to me that he sets them up for failure so that he's always be the hero.

9/22/2013 #8,287

I wouldn't say he wanted others to step up to take his place. It was just so someone would step up when he wasn't around anymore. It's not one of those things that could be done in a couple of years (training and seasoning a warrior) so he started at it while he's still on his peak and good to go.

Why didn't he taught the techniques to the others? Well we could only speculate but I wouldn't go for the thoughtlessness, nor for the setting them up for failure. Gohan would be the only one with the pureness of heart to attempt a genki and he never had his father's drive to fight, I'd imagine getting married and starting his own family would only increase the feeling. As for Vegeta , I'd think that he would never want to learn a thing from kakarot, deeming it a jab too powerful on his pride. The others? Would they even have sufficient power or ability to be able to attempt them? The kaioken being a technique form the gods (in a way) maybe was only possible to accomplish by the best of the best, again with the pureness of heart that most of the z-warriors lack. And the instant transmission... given that Goku spent 3 whole years on Yardrat trying to learn it while they fixed his ship may have something to do with it. Why do it anyway? Would the others want to learn it? Gohan didn't want to fight. Piccolo and Vegeta had their pride. Yamcha had given up on helping the guys (with fighting) because they were way over his head. Krillin kinda did the same when Marron was born. Tien? Maybe but he's all secluded-hermit-fighter-dude so maybe it went against his way of doing things. I won't even consider the chibis, since they didn't seem that much into fighting as well in GT, as they grew up. Maybe Pan had been the best bet but they didn't have the time, I guess...

Thus is just my take on things, if course. Not that I haven't asked that question myself before.

9/23/2013 #8,288

You are completely forgetting about Uub.

Uub has the pure heart necessary for the Genki Dama and Goku did have plenty of time to train him the Kaio-ken and Instant Transmission. Remember: at the end of Z Goku took Uub and flew away to train him and his family and friends did not see either of them again until the start of GT -five years later! (Ten years later if you choose to follow the Funamation dub.) That's plenty of time to teach and learn all three techniques. So, why didn't he?

9/23/2013 #8,289
Sailor Saiyan007

Sorry, but I'm going to but into this conversation and express my extreme hatered for essays.


I don't like writing these stupid things Mr. Mac, and you're too strict. T.T I didn't deserve that grade you jerk!

Kay, mini rant over.

9/23/2013 #8,290

I didn't completely forget about Uub... :/

You talked about "others" to step up. You talked about Vegeta and Gohan. I meant Uub when I talked about "training and seasoning a warrior". And yes, I know what happened at the end of Z.

Also, we didn't really have that many examples of Uub as a fighter (at least not as much as the others) so we may simply not have seen him use any of the techniques. Goku might have taught them to him.

Again, just speculating...

9/23/2013 #8,291
crest of hope

rip autowarrior in the 3 years after his death

9/27/2013 #8,292
Sailor Saiyan007

:( Has it really already been that long?

9/27/2013 #8,293
crest of hope

he did die in 2011 today

9/27/2013 #8,294
crest of hope

I will finally tell you what he died from it was cow pox

9/27/2013 #8,295
Kakarot Son

The hell happened to this place, all these circles and crap

11/17/2013 #8,296
Do you have something against circles, huh? Did the circles bully you when you were a kid? Did some scumbag circle break your heart? Did they? DID THEY???
11/17/2013 #8,297
Son Goshen

.... circles...? crop circles...? what type of circles are we talking about here

11/17/2013 #8,298
Kakarot Son

The circles... they used to be squares... this place isn't the same

11/17/2013 #8,299
We were scared you weren't coming back so we started losing our corners. It's a legitimate medical condition.
11/17/2013 #8,300
Son Goshen

oh. that. oh... the aliens came and gave everything a trim so it's all round.

11/17/2013 #8,301
Kakarot Son

Ya take your tinfoil hat off for one second, and this shit happens.

11/17/2013 #8,302
Majin Son Goku

Hi. The dead person has returned.

11/24/2013 #8,303
Kakarot Son

And I was just beginning to enjoy life

11/25/2013 #8,304
Majin Son Goku

The one thing I was hoping had changed did not change.

11/25/2013 #8,305
Kakarot Son

So's everyone forgotten about this place already? :P

12/16/2013 #8,306

I think we should just spice things up a bit in here. Some bean bags, maybe a pool table... Oh, and a big ass TV!!

12/16/2013 #8,307
Kakarot Son

Does this place look like it can afford a pool table to you? ... we can figure something out for that TV though

12/16/2013 #8,308

Air hockey? What did we do with all the money from the dru- ...... from all the cookies we sold??? Honest, clean cookies with no drugs whatsoever.

12/16/2013 #8,309
Kakarot Son

Hmmm I don't know about that, I tried to morph with the carpet for a solid half an hour after I ate one

12/16/2013 #8,310
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