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it will be a lot easier to bounce ideas around if we have a designated area for all of them.

7/24/2011 . Edited by Kakarot Son, 7/14/2012 #1
ultimate saiyan

So wait, do I just put the ideas in here when I'm finished them?

7/24/2011 #2

just list what you have and because its an open forum its a lot quicker than PMing everyone, plus other members can see what everyone else has to say.

7/24/2011 #3
ultimate saiyan

Okay, I'd do that when I've got more, so far I have like one properly planned out, two half planed out and six prompts which I don't know how to plan out :P

7/24/2011 #4

well tommorow we should have the help of Raz, and the others to get along with the old idea train.

7/24/2011 #5
ultimate saiyan

umm well so should I post what I've got so far then, I'm not sure if I'm gonna get any more ideas outta tonight considering I have to go and babysit in like 20 minutes :/

7/24/2011 #6

Well just save what youve got in a word document so youve got a list of all these ideas, then ill see you tommorow then. itll be me on my own holding down the fort tonight.

7/24/2011 #7
Team Dragon Star

hey at least you don't have to deal with me tonight Devil 3:)

(this ultimate, just read zi's chapter, tis good )

7/24/2011 . Edited 7/24/2011 #8

Im interested to see the ideas :D

7/24/2011 #9
ultimate saiyan

With the prompts I've come up with, I didn't really know how to develop them as they kinda depend on the writer in general and how their imagination will handle the what if situations. The prompts can be used for like a short stories or even give more ideas to all of us :P And then there are like a few ideas which I've developed. What I have so far is all that I can do as I'm not going to be in later and will only have my rubbish phone to check emails on before I go away on holiday and sorry that some of the ideas aren't that original and not very developed. So in all I've not come up with much :(

also the original tds members shoulda got an email before gttm got into hospital on 3 ideas which she came up with. Two of the three are able to be used in here (considering the first idea was missing prince) so I'm gonna post them below for the other members to see these ideas and whether or not anyone wants to take any of them up.

One day he was saving the world, the next week he was beaten by his own nemesis. Waking up in a place full of uncertainty, his past appearing foggy as he struggled to remember who he was and yet with each passing second, his memory fades even more. Now he must trust those who saved him.


How does it feel that your best friend has more power then you? Every time you reach to catch up, he pushes you back down once again. What makes it worse is even though his best friend is dead; he still haunts and torments him throughout his son. Why should he be jealous though? He has his own wife and a beautiful daughter yet is it enough? Is it enough for the man living in Son Goku's shadow since they were young?



Prequel to a home once lost, - I think we should do 8 chapters on when Gohan was taken by the saiyans and how he dealed with the first few years with the saiyans. It should focus on like his first purging mission, being stolen and the life with the saiyans to begin with.

I also came up with a Goku story which I've pretty much fully planned out, It's basically set in 1809 to begin with and goes onto like 1823 and it's the only one I've actually wrote a proper summary for but it doesn't have a name. I dont really want to post all of the chapters content here due to the fact that it be giving it away to our readers (if they check this out) so if anyone wants to roughly see the chapter content, pm me and I'd send you basically what I've planned out.

The year is 1809, a small baby boy was found floating in the river cradled in a crib. An elderly man found the child and took him in. Fourteen years later after his grandfather's death, the boy took off in search for the golden orbs which he was told tales on, from them he could discover who he was meant to be and who he must become to succeed.

DBZ prompts

What if Gohan died at the cell games?

What if Gohan continued to fight?

What if Piccolo never helped Goku?

What if Orange star high school took a trip to CC? (this one I realised has been overdone, but from what I've read of them, they develop large amounts of reviews)

What if Gohan was a girl? How would that effect the DBZ world?

What if Videl was a secret agent and her target was to find the delivery boy and kill him?

Code Geass Prompts

What if Lelouch remained a Prince?

What if Lelouch was discovered before he became Zero?

What if Lelouch managed to survive?

What if Britannia failed to capture Japan?

What if Nunnally was the able sibling whilst Lelouch was the disabled sibling?

Crossover -

Death note and soul eater cross over-What if light was a meister and the death note was his weapon? but when he kills innocent people, the DWMA send their young meisters on a training mission and their paths collide. Kid later discovers that the shinigami that follows light around is in fact his lost brother from 900 years ago, a this shinigami wants to get his father back.

I should probs say goodbye to you people, id defiantly be back on on the 7th but it depends if I can get signal where I'm going and how much credit I have :(

7/25/2011 . Edited 7/25/2011 #10

Well with all these ideas were covered for next, for sure. great work ultimate, i should be more useful with code geass soon as ive just finished the first season and im starting the second.

7/25/2011 #11
ultimate saiyan

Thats okay, I tried coming up with something for fate/stay night but I failed :( I love code geass 3 hope your enjoying it at the moment :D and I think a few members are familiar with it, I know me, raz, gttm are and you are on your wayy :D

7/25/2011 #12

The five year old in me is jsut loving vastly exaggerated knightmares blowing stuff up, but the 17 year old is loving the story. even if i do find the art style a bit weird(hyper lankiness just weirds me out). i felt really bad for euphemia.

7/25/2011 #13
ultimate saiyan

To begin with I thought it was weird but meh I dont mind it now. And yeah poor euphy :'(

And I just got another prompt for it

What if Euphemia was given a different order and survived?

7/25/2011 . Edited 7/25/2011 #14

i know i was going to like it because i loved the first episode, and thats kinda been the same all way through my time of watching anime.

or what if lelouch leatn to control his geass better, i think that was the one thing that pissed me off because i liked euphimias character, why couldnt they have cornelia do it(trying to remain spoiler free).

but for me my stand out favourite character is lloyd.

7/25/2011 #15
ultimate saiyan

Exactly :D Yeah or that, Euphy was my favourite character. What episode you up to?

lloyd is a good character, I love his personality :D

7/25/2011 #16

Im on episode one of season 2, ill watch it later as ive got some phone calls today. i was like :O you cant do that, she was the loveable princess, why do you always do that to the loveable characters to evoke a reaction.

lloyd has had me in fits of giggles plenty of times, he reminds me of me.

i still find myself struggling with a few characters names though :P

7/25/2011 #17

Well Devil, you're going to have fun with the second season. I'm an adult male and no matter how many times I watch the last episode I cry like a baby. Only in the japanese version though, the dubbed version can't bring emotion out for shit.

Onto the ideas: Most of the DBZ ones have been overused although I like the idea of Videl wishing to clear the name of her father and kill the Delivery Boy. It could be a case of where she realises that the Great Saiyaman and the Delivery Boy are one in the same she tries to kill them. But when she realises it's Gohan does she have the stomach to kill her own friend?

Also the prequel for a 'Home Once Lost.' That could be a base project to help people like SD and Sailor ease into the DBZ topic as they already have a finish line. Also it could be a series of one shots, each a year apart showing Gohan growing at a specific time rate.

Code Geass: I've seen all of them done before, however there are very few Lelouch is discovered before he becomes Zero which turn out any good. Most of the great ones have it where he is juggling things as a prince and becomes Zero all in the same retrospect. I won't say some of my ideas as I may ruin the story for anyone who wishes to watch it.

DN/SE: I haven't seen either so I cannot judge.

I'm contemplating a One Piece fanfiction, set many years after the main characters death where a new crew takes to the seas. Each member of TDS would play an individual part aboard the ship and be willing to write in their own backstories and the like. Just an idea.

Also a one shot crossing over Naruto and Code Geass, plain and simple, chess tournament between Shikamaru and Lelouch. Could be fun.

Keep up with the ideas, they're most beneficial

7/25/2011 #18

I actually love the dub, it just depends which voice actors you have, i mean its hit and miss with a few, i mean jonny yong bosch is great as lelouch, but who they got for nanally isnt that great. i know they were trying to get the young frail gril voice but i dont know it couldve been done better. i realise the japanese version are better because they really put everything into it. i listened to a comparison of when vegeta blew himself up, chris sabat did a great job, but the japanese guy sounded like he was putting everything into it.

now this may be hard to believe as dbz and one piece used to share the same block on cartoon network when i was a kid, but i have never watched a single episode of one piece. even though it has some of my favourite VAs in it.

Death note is worth the watch, but soul eater i started watching it and it started to annoy me as soon as they brought in more of the cast, i eventually gave up about 6 episodes in because it was giving me a headache.

7/25/2011 #19

I would like to post my ideas for that SE/DBZ crossover I started...but this is not a secure Forum...people not in TDS can see what's posted, therefore the mystery of it all could be ruined if I did if anyone does want to know what goes inside this mind...just send me a pm

7/25/2011 #20

Just looking at these new ideas has me excited :) Can't wait to see a few in action :D

7/25/2011 #21
Sailor Saiyan007

Devil: Who gave you a headache?? I can't believe you don't really like it, I was immediately sucked in and just finished it today...

7/25/2011 #22

i wanted to brutally murder black star, and death the kid really did annoy me so much it hurt.

7/26/2011 #23
Sailor Saiyan007

Haha, I was kinda expecting Black Star, and I can see how Kid would annoy you...

7/26/2011 #24

change the voice actor and the ego of black star and i might like him, death the kid is OCD and neurotic we get it, stop rubbing it in our faces god damn. but the characters of Death scythe/spirit, tsubuki,maka,stein and soul are quite enjoyable.

7/26/2011 #25
i told u to watch the japanese version
7/26/2011 #26

I did watch the japanese version,It really didnt help the cause any further for me really. oh well i will have to admit defeat with soul eater.

7/26/2011 . Edited 7/26/2011 #27
i told u to watch the japanese version
7/26/2011 #28
Kakarot Son

Ultimate-(Gttm's ideas, and everything)- Yep, I think I remember helping out slightly with the summaries.

If there was one to promote, I'd say, the Krillin one... The plots, were amazing... I'm not too sure, if those are the summaries I had in the PM's, so I'll check. They seem slightly different.

My own idea... I had a plot bunny, which just snapped into my head, and I had to get it down.

One of the Dragonball characters, most likely Gohan, wakes up one morning to find himself in young Goten's (or someone else's body), then later discovers that it changes to the last person he touched, at a random time... Basically he morphs into another body, while they retain their normal body. For example, he could touch Vegeta through a fist in a sparring match, and be transformed in to him... The strange thing which happens to him is, and strange ability which forces him to change into the body of the last touched person, at a Random time... While he morphs back to his own, at times.

Any ideas on that?

Yep, Gohan's death at the Cell games- Only a Child

What if Gohan continued to fight, it one I want to do with everyone, once we get a couple more fans, so people know it's not going to be one of those shitty super-powered Gohan fics.

What if Piccolo never helped Gohan? Well I reckon we could go with this and make it a different fic... A darker one, where the Son family has been disgraced by Kami and have trouble getting by... Ultimately getting roped into the Frieza system, when Bulma tries to help out.

The Capsule Corp trip... I've been hoping, could be attempted on either the 8th of November 2011, or the 8th of May 2012, them both being either 6 or 12 month TDS anniversaries.

Gohan being a girl... Sure why not? I'd like to help out after, I got lost with A Surprise Wish, and Raz pretty much dropped, Gohan's Feminine Side, while Zi still hasn't updated A Fight For Trust in a while...

Oooh... The Videl being employed as a Secret Agent thing would be awesome... Perhaps we could have her being orphaned at a young age, by her suicidal mother, and ending up working for the mayor, in exchange for a place and all. That way when, the Mayor could know the truth, and could decide to send Videl to finish him off, thinking he's nothing special. That OR it could be incorporated in Missing (Prince).

Okay, so it seems like you're away right now... Damn. One of us leaves just after/before the last comes back... As always XD

7/29/2011 #29
Kakarot Son

Raz('s ideas): Yeah, sounds like something that would make a decent cliff hanger? One of the things most of us are pretty good at, eh?

Yes, I quite like that idea... In fact, that's definitely not a bad idea... We could get them to do a prequel for Missing if they're still not too comfortable with DBZ, or something. Sounds good.

One Piece thing: I quite like that idea... Once I look into the plot of One Piece, I may just help you with that...

SHIT... I haven't watched anything or read anything. I suppose it's because I was at camp, but I'm so far behind you guys...

7/29/2011 #30
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