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I love loring's job idea. I would totally claim that.

You could try doing it as a collections of one-shots, with each chapter being a different character.

9/14/2012 #511
Kakarot Son

Funnily enough that was like our first story... ah the days of the One-shot Hot-spot...

9/14/2012 #512

Check this one out.

Planet Vegeta was never destroyed. Frieza never met the saiyans, and therefore did not introduce them to the planet trade. The tuffles technology survived the war with the saiyans. Prince Vegeta is needed for a special mission on a distant planet working undercover with a low-class (Goku/Kakarot) who has infiltrated a previously unknown crime ring (could be mafia style, communist, ect.) The two of them must work together despite their obvious personality differences to find out what these strange beings (who are from a multitude of different races) are planning.

Humour/Adventure something like that. Just no romance, angst or hurt/comfort.

Rated k or T or whatever.

GokuxVegeta (again, not romance).

Vegeta's something like 20ish and Goku's about in his high teens.

Kick it around if you want.

10/16/2012 . Edited 10/16/2012 #513

So they have a working relationship but are completely different from each other....... Sounds like vince vega andnjulius from pulp fiction

10/16/2012 #514

Ha ha ha.

I don't know who those people are. :)

10/16/2012 #515

What are they teaching in schools nowadays......

10/16/2012 #516
Majin Son Goku

Absolutely nothing.

10/16/2012 #517
Kakarot Son

jackshit apparently. look at this guy, for example.

Promising, Loring. Although I'd make it that Goku was sent on the mission a little bit prior, and Vegeta was rushed onto the scene as the only available emergency relief after the mission blows up (as in becomes really big) or something along the lines of that.

10/17/2012 #518
Majin Son Goku

Tell me, what is wrong with me? (List them, not dodge the question).

10/17/2012 #519

Hi. I'm new to the forum and not quite sure on the etiquette of suggesting ideas. So, I apologize if I posting out of turn, but I'd like to suggest a few story ideas if anyone is interesting in picking them up.

* Bra/Ginyu - (Humor/Romance)

I already did a search for this one in both the DBZ and the DBGT archives and couldn't find any for it.

Based off the anime rather than the manga. The last time we see Captain Ginyu, he has declared himself king of the pond at Capsule Corp. He is then, never seen again through out the entire series. I suggest a sort of "Princess and the Frog" story between Bra and Ginyu. Bra would be the only member of the family that is likely to be nice to the Ginyu-frog since Bulma might still hold some animosity towards him for stealing her body, Vegeta would never forgive him for working for Freeza, Trunks is just a jerk (an adorable jerk, but c'mon), so Bra would be the only one without any cruel intentions towards him. That would be the basis for Ginyu's feelings towards Bra.

No, currently, he can't use his body-switching technique because he cannot speak. He is a frog. So, Bra (being the daughter of a genius that she is), makes a device that allows the Ginyu-frog to speak. Now, there's some ambiguity as to what Ginyu would do once he finds himself no longer trapped in a frog body and once again able to steal the bodies of whomever he chooses, but I imagine the situation would be hilarious.

2/15/2013 #520
Sailor Saiyan007

....I like the idea. The thought of Bra being with Ginyu kinda disturbs me though...

2/16/2013 #521
Lord of the Saiyans

Does this place still have much traffic? Because I have a few ideas but I am not sure if it is worth writing them down.

2/21/2013 #522
Kakarot Son

Yeah people look at this, just that people don't post here so much. Shoot away, better than nothing after all.

2/21/2013 #523
Majin Son Goku

Yeah, people look around here. I lurk here all the time. As Kaka said, some people don't post much here but are certainly around to read stuff.

2/21/2013 #524

Alright, I don't come here too often but this seems like one of those moments where I should do things by the books (seriously I have about 4 chapters for TDS sitting on my hard drive for new stories and whatnot but since I can't be buggered writing out plots and stuff...meh)

Idea One: This one isn't new but I thought a little reminder would be good. With the proposed system coming into play soon, I would like a group led by Shadow to make an abridged version of my own story 'Obsession.' I want you guys to tear the absolute shit out of it. Why do I want Shadow to his comedy work and you'll understand.

Idea Two: This one came to me a couple of days ago and I'm still working on some of the fundamentals and I know there would only be a handful of people able to write for it. The idea is for a crossover between 'Fairy Tail' and 'Avatar: The Last Airbender.' After the Edolas Arc in Fairy Tail, as the mages are being sent back through the dimensional shift they return out the other end but the three Dragon Slayers aren't with them. Natsu wakes up from unconsciousness in the middle of Ba Sing Se and it doesn't take long for him to get into a fight with the Dai Li. Outnumbered and exhausted from his battle in Edolas, he is overcome and taken to the prison where Long Feng is later held prisoner, locked away and sealed until Long Feng declares that the time is right for him to face the Fire Nation if the time ever comes. A couple weeks pass before Azula takes control of the Dai Li and while inspecting the officers she's sees the door with thick chains spread across it and questions a random agent who is in there. The agent gives Natsu the title of, 'The Most Dangerous Fire Bender' due to the way he had fought in the middle of the street before he had been captured. Azula demands that Natsu is freed because she believes that he would be a powerful ally, only to be proven completely wrong as he attacks and when Azula attacks him with a blast of fire, she is both astounded and afraid that he devours it before going on a rampage before escaping, the last words he says are that he needs to find his friends.


2/22/2013 #525
Majin Son Goku

It sounds like an interesting idea that I would be interested in writing, but I know shit all about Avatar.

2/22/2013 #526
Kakarot Son

A very interesting premise there Raz, one that I'd love to see written... perhaps even write myself... Along with Natsu being a crazy firebender, Gajeel could be a metal bender (not sure on the exact specifics of this one... but there's a connection to metal from iron, right? Through Earth if nothing else) who'd steal Toph's thunder as she'd soon discover the art herself. That said... with Wendy, Aang may find that he's no longer the last 'airbender.'

Could see it developing it in many ways for sure.

2/22/2013 #527

I have a lot more already planned/plotted for this idea, but just trying to see if anyone else is interested. Otherwise I'll just write it myself and perhaps post it to my own account.

In an alternate future timeline, Bulma is killed when Trunks is seven years old and thus never builds a time machine. Trunks and Gohan both survive and defeat the androids. Cell never appears. Years later, an alien mercenary-military descends upon Earth with the intent to take it. Gohan and Trunks are the only thing that stand in their way. The story would include a lot of fights with a healthy dose of sci-fi/high tech involved. If you want to write fight scenes, this is the fic for you. Additionally, I have carved out space for some minor Gohan/Videl as she appears as well.

Edit:: Also, I love that Bra/Ginyu fic idea. Would be hysterical.

2/24/2013 . Edited 2/24/2013 #528
Kakarot Son

Think I'll stick with Sailor on the Ginyu thing...

Has potential... I like it.

2/24/2013 #529
Lord of the Saiyans

I have far more ideas than I could ever really write but I'll stick to a few right now. I have three at the moment I am going to be talking about. The first one is as Dragon Ball Z thing, possibly a rewrite of the series where Krillian takes a much more important rule. I haven't ot much planned out just yet, but here is what I do have:

Early on, Krillian realizes that he will never be as powerful as Goku. He's human and Goku is a Saiyan even if he trains all his life, he'll never catch up. Naturally, that leaves him a bit depressed but that all changes when he visits Master Roshi to talk things through. Roshi reminds him that power isn't everything -- skill and tactics can make a battle just as easily. Krillian is inspired by this and decides that if he can't be the strongest, he can still be the smartest. Of course, that's easier said than done and most of the fic would involve Krillian traveling and relearning his fightin style, putting more focus on speed and tricks like the Disctructo Disc and less on power. The D-Disc is one of the most powerful moves in the entire series! Imagine what would happen if Krillian was fast enough to actually land them, or even use multiples higher than two.

Eventually, Krillian would return in time for the trip to Namek and that's where things would really change. With Krillian being underestemated by Frieza's men due to his low power level, he would be able to put the pressure on against them and draw Frieza out earlier than in the original time-line. This of course, ends with him being beaten up since even his improved style can be overpowered and Frieza is...well, Frieza. Luckily, Vegeta manages to get him to safety and the two decide to work together in order to bring down Frieza.

This would lead Gohan, Krillian and Vegeta on an epic quest to both survive and bring down Frieza once and for all as their relationship develops. Vegeta and Krillian would even form a sort of friendship -- mostly due to the fact that as a Saiyan, Vegeta respects not only power, but the unwillingness to admit defeat. Krillian's strugle even when nature is so set against him would be a very interesting thing for Vegeta. Apart from the struggle against Frieza, a lot of the fic would focus on Krillian and Vegeta slowly turning from enemies to friends.

What do you think? I'll post my other ideas in a bit, assuming this one is well recieved.

2/26/2013 #530
Majin Son Goku

krillin and Vegeta as friends. Mind is blown ... sort of.

2/26/2013 #531
Lord of the Saiyans

Well, it would take a lot of character development on both sides but if Vegeta could see Krillian as a legit rival and not just some weakling to be tossed around I could see it happening.

2/26/2013 #532

I didn't find any specific topic for contests' prizes, and I think there should. I know I'm not a member anymore, but I'm still doing prizes, and I've just finished Majin Son Goku's but I don't know how I should give it to him.

2/26/2013 #533
Majin Son Goku

I replied to your PM.

2/26/2013 #534

@ Vegeta and Krillin being friends: I actually really like that idea. It reminds me of a throw-away-line in another fic. Something about, "ever since [Krillin] fell for 18, he's been all about making friends with ex-psychoes." I think I'd really like to read a fic about Krillin and Vegeta becoming friends. And the author wouldn't have to make Krillin particularly strong to do it. After all, Vegeta respects Bulma and she's helpless as all fuck. But she's not afraid of him, or afraid to stand up to him -even back when he was a villain. A friendship with Krillin could follow a similar evolution (minus the sexual tension, of course).

After all, off all the supporting characters, Krillin was the last one to be demoted to "glorified cheerleader" status. Whenever the Earth was in danger or a new challenge appeared, he always rose to the occasion (as best as he could). Even in the Buu story arch, after he was given up fighting and retired, he still sacrificed himself to try and give 18 and the others at the Look Out a chance to run. Yeah, that attempt failed, but not from a lack of trying. Of all the ordinary human fighters, I'd say he's the most deserving of respect, or at the very least, acknowledgment.

So... yeah! Someone, write a Vegeta-Krillin friendship fic!

2/26/2013 #535
Kakarot Son

Isa-just do it on the Valentines thread thing.

... that actually doesn't sound like a half bad idea. Like it quite a lot, in fact.

2/27/2013 #536
Lord of the Saiyans

Well yeah, my idea was that Vegeta didn't respect his strength so much as his willingness to take a stand even if he knows he is massively out-classed. Its happened loads of times in canon and in this case the only difference would be Krillian is skilled enough not to go down so easily when he gets cornered or what have you. A few days of watchingg each other's backs tends to turn enemies into allies.

3/2/2013 #537
Lord of the Saiyans

Another idea that I have just had. Bardock isn't the only member of his team to survive; several of them manage to pull through to the final stand. The end result is that even though Bardock still dies fighting Frieza, several other saiyans manage to get away. Particularly Bardoc's best friend. Having seen their world destroyed, they discover that prince Vegeta is still alive but trapped in the service of Frieza. They decide to wait and become stronger, however that is all thrown out of control when they discover a surviving Saiyan on a far off planet. A saiyan called Kakerot, the son of their dead leader Bardock.

They go to earth to find him and the story kicks off from there. They decide to make the planet their HQ since it is small, out of the way and no one cares about it overmuch. As they spend time on earth, they begin to soften much like Vegeta himself with several of them coming to consider the planet their second home. However, at the same time they still train to become stronger. Hoping one day to be able to defeat Frieza.

Then, Vegeta and Nappa are sent to earth to find that a whole squad of Saiyans has survived there. Vegeta orders them to follow him but Goku refuses. Even rasied with Saiyans, he is still the same Goku we know. He refuses to be part of the destruction of earth. The team is torn -- do they follow the prince of their race or the son of their dead leader?

3/2/2013 #538
Lord of the Saiyans

Another idea, though somewhat leery of posting it since it could ether be very good or horrible bad depending on execution. Its a Naruto fanfic for once -- well a Naruto crossover with Yugioh of all things. Not the card game, but the world that it is supposed to represent. In the dub, it was called the Shadow Realm. A place where monsters dwell and creatures like those of your darkest nightmare are common. A place where ancient gods slumber and now begin to wake.

It started small, an experiment of some kind tore open a rift between the worlds -- that's easily doable since in canon, the Shadow Realm is a place that connected to everywhere and nowhere (All mystica and such) and it isn't too hard to call upon if you know what you're doing (Or get really lucky/unlucky depending on just what part of it you reach. Its not all as nice as I mentioned above. Some parts of it, they reach back.)

Anyway the rift widens when monsters start to appear in the world of Naruto. weak ones at first that are easily taken care of, but as the rift grows stronger and stronger creatures are slipping throuh. It is decided quickly; the rift cannot be closed on this side alone -- a team has to be sent to close it on the other side. Its dangerous, almost certainly there will be no coming backl but if the timing is perfect they'll have just long enough to come back before it collapses into itself.

The ninja select an elite team to perform the mission, but once they step through things change. Now in the Shadow Realm, they find that all the creatures that got through before? They were just the weaklings. The real monsters are waiting on the other side.

The team has to fight through dragons, zombies, even spirits which can rival the Tailed Beasts themselves as they struggle to reach the centre of the rift's power and close it. All the while in the darkness, ancient gods are awakening.

The forbidden one stirs.

So yeah. That's my idea. I left the Naruto parts intentionally vauge and if anyone wants to work with me on this I could use someone with more knowlade about that setting. I'm much better at the yugioh portion. Like I said, its a weird idea but it would be so awesome if it worked out properly. Otherwise, it would be horribel. its really one of those things where there would be no middle ground, I suspect.

Actually, in describing this idea I only want to write it more now. If no one else is interested, I may do it with my own account though I'm gonna leave this out here a while first.

3/14/2013 . Edited 3/14/2013 #539

I've got an idea, and it so happens there's already 2 chapters of it ready and raring so here we go.


after the battle of London and near destruction of the hellsing organisation and iscariot, Alucard has disappeared off of the face of the earth. The story picks up 15 years after this, the world has been quiet the past years and hellsing has slowly faded from its previous splendour and usefulness, to nothing more hundred personal.

However old wounds never fade and old foes,myths,legends and things that go bump in the night are starting to make themselves known to the world again. But without Alucard, who can control this unfolding pandemic

5/19/2013 #540
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