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Dragon Ball Z has a huge archive, yet, I cannot seem to find a single Bulma/Zarbon fic.

5/19/2013 #541

There are also no Bardock/Baba stories.

This disappoints me since I think they could be a very plausible pair, even in the canon verse. Why? Because they're both Seers (or sorts) and Baba can not only travel freely from the living realm and Other World, but can also bring souls back from the dead (for a limited time). I could see them happening.

...Yet, no fics.

Ya know, for such a LARGE fandom, we're not a very diverse fandom.

5/30/2013 #542

I have enough trouble finding Bulma/Yamcha stories and they where and official couple before Vegeta came along so I agree with the fandom not being very diverse.

5/31/2013 #543

I think another contributing factor is that Dragon Ball isn't as popular as Dragon Ball Z. Most American fans (can't speak for other countries) came in around the Freeza story arch. They never got to see the other character be useful and actually fulfill roles. THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO LUNCH IS! Then, when they find out there's a whole nother series before Z they might give it a try, but the animation is older, the art isn't as polished, etc. so they put it down and just stick with Z. Its really kinda annoying.

I'd like to see...

* Bra/Ginyu - Princess and the Frog style (not Disney version)

* Bulma/Zarbon - Obvious reasons should be obvious.

* Bardock/Baba - For reasons stated above.

* Trunks/RanFan - This one needs some explaining. First, Ranfan is a character from DB who fights in the Strongest Under the Heavens tournament. Later, its stated that she gets married and settles down to be a house wife. Her husband's name is stated to be Trunks. He is never seen. Now, Trunks (the one we're familiar with) is a time traveler. I'd like to see him get stuck in the past, can't fix the time machine, can't build a new one, can't refuel it, whatever -the reasons not important, bottom line, he's stuck there so far in the past not only have his parents not even met yet, but his mother's still in high school. He doesn't want to interfere with the time steam (again) so he swallows his angst and settles down.

5/31/2013 #544
Kakarot Son

Maybe it's not that we aren't all that diverse (in actuality we probably aren't, but then again the same could be said for other fandoms) and more that the pairings are hard to write. Think of Bra/Ginyu... Bra's mainly a GT character while Ginyu was an enemy for a little while in the Namek saga. After that he faded out... so why pair the two together with each other? Might sound like a great idea in your head and might come out even better on paper but perhaps it's that they've not considered the pairing (given that they're two relatively minor characters in the grand scheme of it all).

That said, when there's something you'd like to see.... never a better way to deal with it than attempting to pen it.

5/31/2013 #545

Hi good evening my name is Blackmambauk, I am posting here because I have read some of your stories, great by the way, done well, characters in character, grammar and spelling done well etc.

I wanted to post this idea that someone recently gave to me (name historyman14) that I really liked, one that I feel would require shall we say, capable hands, a team effort of writers to reach it's potential.

A Code Geass/Fallout Crossover fic:

Now in the past, as development of Sakuradite grew to a halt, the substance called uranium was found, and form it people saw how this substance could be used for various purposes with Sakuradite as well, which led to developments of many different types of weapons. Nuclear weapons being one of them.

Tensions between Britannia, the EU, Japan and the Chinese Federation got to the point, where one side fired the first missile, and from there, a fallout that left the world in the mess that it is in. In the former state of Britannia, lies many factions aiming to restore the country to its former glory.

luckily before the misses went off, Britannia in control of four thought elevators (the ones in their homeland, Antarctica and Africa, final one they took from the EU) evacuated the royal family and the important people, who they considered vital to Britannia as a whole to them, leaving vaults in the homeland as part of an experiment to test social dwarfism, among other ideas as well in each designated vault.

EU has the England and Russia elevators, China the one near Iran, and Japan the final one at Kamine Island).

missiles went off and all three superpowers and japan were destroyed, leaving a ruined world behind. Now it has been years since the last missile went off, now the time has come for the remnants of Britannia (who have taken to being called the enclave, though this one I'm not so sure on, as it would be too obvious to choose) decide to go back home, unaware that in their absence, others has risen to claim what they see as theirs.

Along with new threats arising from the other superpowers as well.

The main cast would include Lelouch, Suzaku, C.C, Lone Wanderer, The Courier and another fallout character to balance it out. Code Geass mixed with Fallout 3 and NV setting and characters. Would include most of the dlc from both games. Along with one of Fallout 3's most popular mod if possible (Mothership zeta crew that is).

There is a crossover fic already for these two series, but this one would be different. This would benefit from a team I feel, like Illusive emperor has, a few writers working out how to make it work.

I know you have a load of fic's going at the moment, so the likehood of you being able to do this would be low at this time. Did think of maybe putting it in the Marshall page, but I have moved fro writing to beta reading due to work life, lost of interesting in writing. I just don't have the time, skill, patience or confidence to write anymore.

Plus this would need to be fleshed out more, but I hope I may have gathered a bit of your interest, as I feel you guys have the writers to pull I off. Plus it would be somewhat of a challenge as well for you to make it work, test your limits etc.

Thank you for your time today.


2/18/2014 #546

I need ideas for my Goku fanfic... It's a sequel to my weird Vegeta in Wonderland one.

I just need ideas on where Goku will head off to next and what twists could go into the story.

9/17/2014 #547
I have a story idea, I'm not a member here, but I haven't seen any stories like this on the fanfiction site, and I figured it'd be a good read. I myself do not have the time or energy to starting writing a fanfiction, so I was hoping someone else could take the idea, and I figured this was the best place for it. So the idea goes like this: A few monthes after the cell games, Gohan is still getting over the loss of his father, and upon hearing about the things Hercule is saying, he is enraged. Chichi convinces Gohan not kill him though, saying she'll handle it. So Chichi goes to Hercule city to teach the man a lesson, after beating the man around for a while, she feels he's had enough, and he is outright begging her to let him keep his fame. At this point, Chichi runs into Videl, who demands Chichi train her. after spending a little time with the young girl, she decides that Videl would be a perfect wife for gohan, and she'd make a perfect daughter in law, and that she might be just what Gohan needs to get out of his depression. So Chichi goes to Mr. Satan with a proposition: "My son is going to marry your daughter, and you'll keep your fame in return." After a few moments, Hercule agrees, and with Gohan and Videl still not knowing about it, Chichi and Hercule arrange for their marriage (I realize they're like 12 at the time, but... just don't question it >.<) and so the story follows the two of them learning to accept the situation they're in, and over time, coming to love each other. I do not have a name for it, I figure whoever decides to type it out can name it. I myself would like to read it, so if whoever does take up the story could pm me, that'd be great. Thanks! . -The Loyal Mutation
11/26/2014 #548

Hello. I'm new to TDS, but I do have a story idea. I don't know if I am allowed to do so because I haven't worked on the story for the group I am a part of yet, but I suppose I'll give my idea.

Fandom: Hellsing

Prompt: A minor character proves to be a double agent for one of the greatest enemies of the Hellsing organization, but when things take a turn for the worse after the agent is destroyed, Alucard must step in to settle the fields.

Notes: I think the minor character should be an OC, or someone who has been seen only once in the series. I'm basing this on the first season of the anime,as well.

9/27/2015 #549
Leo the zodiac
I don't really understand... Do we post our ideas here or..... And do we have to be a member in order to post ideas?
5/18/2016 #550
Kakarot Son

If you've got an idea that you want to share, you're welcome to do it here. This was more of a grounds for members to keep their ideas and receive expressions of interest but it's rarely used as such now. There's a separate thread for challenges where you can go if you have an idea that you want to challenge other people to develop and write.

You're also welcome to message the Team Dragon Star account if you'd like a more private way to share your ideas with some of us. It's really up to whatever you prefer.

5/19/2016 #551
Noah Jones

hey so I wanna know what you guys think about a fanfic I started a week ago. it's similar to canon except it has a new character, who is even more cocky than vegito but is very intelligent and powerful. the new guy (his name is Noah) only fights last so others can have a chance. so, any pointers on what to do?

10/24/2016 #552

Is this where i can request people to write fan fiction stories.

I have stories ranging from DBZ all the way to DBZ X justice League and DBZ X naruto that need to be written

4/5 #553
Sailor Saiyan007

You can put an idea out there and if someone wants to pick it up im sure theyll let you know. This was originally intended to bounce around ideas for TDS stories but Im sure no one will mind you throwing one out.

5/18 #554
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