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Ok everyone i have come up with a fun little idea that is in no way mandatory.

Ok so every two weeks, one of the members of TDS will be selected randomly to pick a film for anyone willing to participate to watch, be this using netflix, a form of video streaming or dvd if you own it.

I have chosen this weeks kickstarter which will be an old classic, Forrest gump, participate in watching it and give your opinion here next week, i will say again this is in no way mandatory, hell im surprised no one has told me to go fuck myself yet but im procrastinating.

So whoever does participate i hope you enjoy the film, and give me your thoughts on it.

Peace out.

8/21/2011 #1
Sailor Saiyan007

Do you know a website I can watch it on? Its not on watch instantly for Netflix.

8/21/2011 #2

www.novamov.(dot)/video/49da9ea67b18e i dont know if this is malignant or not, if you have any sort of antivirus make sure its turned on.

God damn it netflix you were my answer to everything.

8/21/2011 #3
Dr. Blue22

Let me watch this . com

No spaces, and thats a good one, it has links to Novamov so...yea.

8/21/2011 #4

I cheated used Tv links to get mine, well my AVG is back up and running and found nothing wrong with the site.

8/21/2011 #5
Kakarot Son

This could have potential... Though I doubt I'll get much time to watch movies, I can suggest a few good ones.

8/21/2011 #6

Kaka i might not be able to get in for my deadline, i have this interview on thursday and im already a shaky pile of nerves who cant get their head straight, sorry about that, I will be able to work on HOL after thursday when im not shitting myself.

8/22/2011 #7
Kakarot Son

Well then... I have no choice but to force you to resign from TD- wait what? Oh wrong script. :P

Yeah that's fine, can you try and organize Heroes though? HOL's deadline is next Sunday, not Thursday. Heroes however was Thursday, I'm not going to ask you to do anything however. I'll give you till Monday to get heroes organised and under wraps, and let's just say you'll have a while for HOL.

Don't worry man, if you don't get it there a plenty of other Kiwi's in the sky... Oh right, they're extinct. But yeah, I'm quite sure you'll be just right. Focus on prepping yourself for it. Out of curiousity what are you applying for?

8/22/2011 #8

We have scripts, and i thought there was no organisational skills.

Yep i can try and get it organised with Raz, i will send him a PM about how to map out the fic instead of using the planning section, i can get to work on HOL after thursday, when my nerves aint shot and ive stopped shaking like a shitting dog.

Ive been through interview techniques, but they were practice ones where i was calm because there wasnt any repurcussions. Bus mechanics apprentice, i have already got through two screening processes of the applicants, this is the interview stage im at now, then its onto a medical for the old drop and cough, then finally after all that its onto 2 years training, and then a £20,000 a year job. understandably i would love the job, probs why im so fucking nervous.

8/22/2011 #9
Kakarot Son

Shhh... I write them, and hand them out secretly to members to post under their name. It would be disastrous if I didn't the whole fanfiction world as we know it, would collapse.

Sounds great to me. Yep, make sure you do get ready for it.

Ah yeah I suppose the practice ones will forever leave people unprepared as it isn't really realistic enough. Bus mechanics apprentice? Can't say I've heard of it in my life time, but I'd assume you assist the guy who looks after the mechanics of a bus? 20, 000 pounds... According to the money conversion thingy on my desktop that's around $31,568.531 Aus. exactly currently. That sounds good for something to start yourself of with. Quite a lot of money especially if you're living by yourself. Last thing you'll wanna do is have kids though, then you'll around $150, 000 to live comfortably. 95,031.346 pounds apparently.

Man you'll get it. Chill and go with a laid back attitude, if you don't get it, you'd only hurt yourself having fretted so much over it. If you show that pressure can get to you, it doesn't look the greatest.

8/22/2011 #10

And after all the things we have been through and i dont get one, thats it you and me are through mister

Well i go to college for two years to learn academically the ins and outs of everything, then when we do things practically we are shown first then we have to do it on our own. Its kind of like being in school, they have one of the older mechanics teaching the students. Well its pretty damn good for when a 20 year old(how old ill be when i qualify) most people i know will either be at uni, jobless, or working. but still its a nice start to life. well i still live at home sweet home, so i shall be fine.

Yeah well its quite a journey to get there so i will have to calm myself down or i will probably end up in a fender bender.

8/22/2011 #11
Kakarot Son

Aww come on Devil... I'll even take the couch tonight!

Ahh alright, sounds like life. Screwing you over at every second you get. Yeah definitely, will be an awesome job for you, specially if you enjoy it. Home is awesome... Never move out unless you're going to Uni.

A fender what?

8/22/2011 #12

The couch!, ooh your asking for a lot buster, your on the air bed buddy.

Yeah, its waht growing up feels like, i get charged £50 a month to stay at my parents, its basically rent money, and i get my clothes washed, somewhere to sleep, and fed for all of that.

A crash, it can happen if your nervous, you dont pay much attention to the road.

8/22/2011 #13
Kakarot Son

Noooo! Not the air bed...

Wait you get charged to stay at your parents? I'm sure they'd let me crash whenever I wanted for free. But I suppose they also need the money to support themselves, are they retired or something? That's around $80 a month but will hold nothing to your soon to be $2000 a month.

Hey don't crash now, we still need you. Plus I need to get back on the couch, from my air bed. And you say you're the only one authorized to make those decisions.

8/22/2011 #14

Yes the airbed.

Yeah i willingly pay rent because its cheaper then getting my own place, nah they both still work, my dad is 50 next year and my mum is well into her 40s so they have a while yet.

I am not going to crash, i love my little car too much. Yep i an the only one allowed to authorise that kind of thing muhahaha

8/22/2011 #15

Hey, Kaka,Devil? Two things. 1 Forest Gump is an awesome movie!! and 2. Don't you think you should move this convo over to General Chat?

8/22/2011 #16

1. finally someone below 14 who knows what Forrest gump is, 2.Its on level pegging with general chat as it isnt concerning fics, Kaka isn't the only one who has loopholes.

8/22/2011 #17

I am not below 14, i am 14.

You sound like a lawyer.

8/22/2011 #18

Ok all the young people, there happy wait Gue wont be i reminded her off her age (Keep on digging that hole Devil)

When i was growing up you had to be as quick with your mouth as you was with your fists, arguing my way out has got me out of a few binds over the years.

8/22/2011 #19

Ohhhhhh your in trouuuuuubbbbbllllllllllllleeeee!!!!!

Arguing. The best way to win. ;)

8/22/2011 #20

Fuck it take these things like a man..... PLEASE DONT HURT ME, I WAS JUST FOOLING HONEST,I WONT DO IT AGAIN

And the times it didn't work, well they were "interesting"

8/22/2011 #21

Alright, alright. Because I actually care bout your well being (I don't know why........), I won't tell Gue. ;)

Very interesting?

8/22/2011 #22

Because if im gone then Grandpa Raz is left all alone without his chequers buddy, you and your kids these days with your iphones and ipads and ipoodles, its confusing the poor old fella.

it was the "second time in a week, putting my nose back in place" interesting.

8/22/2011 #23

Ipoodles?? and I think it's spelled 'checkers'.

Hehe that sounds very interestin'. :D

8/22/2011 #24

Apple is taking over the world like skynet, everything will be an I product soon and then steve jobs will rule over us as over....*slap* fuck sake i leave dave in charge for a second and he is already spewing conspiracy bullshit, its a forum i do well to remember to capitalise.

Well it was a case of threaten my friend i break yours and those 3 assholes stood behind you, faces. And it was all self defence because he threw the first punch, one got lucky and rabbit punched me in the fucking nose.

TeamDragonStar do not advocate violence in any shape or form.

8/22/2011 #25

Yeah and he was like "Oh yeah I totally dig chicks like you." And I was like-*Smacks self in head* No!! Bad Angelica!! I told you not to take over when I'm typing!!!!


Are you sure about that?

8/22/2011 #26

See its infectious, mulitple personalities running rampant, but alas, it is time for them to sleep for they havent seen a bed time before 3 in the morning for some weeks.

Just covering my own ass, kind fo like the jackass disclaimer.

8/22/2011 #27

Yeah I'm so not hot on goin to bed early. I went to bed at 10:30 and didn't get to sleep till almost 2. But the first day of high school was so freakin fun!!! I love my World Geography, and Home Ec. teachers. ^^

Of course you are. ^^

8/22/2011 #28
Sailor Saiyan007

Where in the world did Angelica come from?!!

8/22/2011 #29
Dr. Blue22

SD wait till you start taking AP classes, and I am warning you now, dont screw yourself over during your freshman and Sophomore years! Im telling you its going to screw you up your Senior year! I have like a 3.65 gpa and I could have atleast a 3.9+ if I tried those two years. so seriously get all A's No B's and C's!! It'll be worth it!

8/22/2011 #30
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