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The hiatuses marked here are long term (please don't put short term ones here), meaning that the member will be gone for several months at a time. Mod means that people can ban others (after alerting the others), posts can be edited and new topics can be made on either their own account or the Team Dragon Star one. The position is only available to current members.

Though there is quite a lengthy list of members who were with us at one time or another and have since moved on (you may have been pointed to these forums by one of their profiles), we have not included them on this list simply because it would become far too cluttered.

If there are any changes in pen-names please notify a mod, so that we can change it.

9/12/2011 . Edited by Team Dragon Star, 8/10/2017 #1

Someone needs to update the poll on the TDS site to accomadate the new entries

9/12/2011 #2

Hey i dont have the password, oh Zi duty calls

9/12/2011 #3
At work atm
9/12/2011 #4
Dr. Blue22

I've been upgraded. Like the orbit commercials!

9/12/2011 #5
Kakarot Son

I'm going to have to be a bit harsh here; but I think only full members/originals should be on it. Not to be unfair to the partials of course, but it soon will be extremely hard to add any partials? Any suggestions on what to do, or perhaps the poll should just be scrapped all together? I mean when I made it, I honestly did not see us growing this much, god knows how much further our army will extend.

I don't have much time. As I've got a fuck load of work to do, teachers decided to dump it all on us two weeks before the holidays when they've had all term to do so. And I don't think out Math teacher will pull any punches either.

9/13/2011 #6

I wrote this up so i could see a list of everyone so i could not miss anyone when giving out assignments to people, main reason i made it.

9/13/2011 #7
Kakarot Son

Okay so we'll leave the Poll as it is, and only add the full members from now on.

9/13/2011 #8

i know my vote doesnt count. but i think thats really unfair kaka

9/13/2011 #9

I actually have to agree with Gue here, the poll states who is your fav member of TDS, not full member. I could go change it on my own but however that would only create conflict in our group, this has to be something done with a majority vote

9/13/2011 #10
Why do we have that poll btw? Delete it. Not asking
9/13/2011 #11

The poll was originally Kaka's idea, why it was created I have no knowledge

9/13/2011 #12

Changing the poll to an actual question.

"What type of story would you like to see most from us?"

And of course I'll list the genres down the line

9/13/2011 #13
Kakarot Son

Gue- I know... I don't want to reject so many members of TDS like that, but I don't want to kid myself and say we wont grow at all. It's only going to be harder and harder to add more members. btw your vote does count, everyone's vote counts.

Raz- Yeah I guess we'd have to.

Zi- that sounds brilliant, why not delete the damn thing and just make a different one? I'll see if you've done it yet; if not I'll change it. I think it's quite agreeable that having a poll such as that would only lead to bad things... My hindsight sucks balls.

9/13/2011 #14
Team Dragon Star

Anybody want to update this to include all of the newer members?

11/7/2011 #15

All right, of the people on this list, about 8 or 9 i see daily 4 or 5 every few days. And theres some i havent ever seen around here. So if those people could make themselves known to the world it would help a fuckton.

11/25/2011 #16
Kakarot Son

If you're marked as inactive, you're in a bit of trouble. If you've done something for us in the past, your position is pretty secure... for now.

I intend to chase up the loose ends. The only one that I don't believe I need to chase up is Meiyo. While she's never officially written anything for us, let's say that a good reason's been given for her absence.

12/12/2011 . Edited 12/12/2011 #17

Kaka: I'm not sure what Meyo's reasons are for being inactive, but in the name of consistency, i believe that you withdrew autowarrior's membership when he said he was going to be in the hospital for a while and hence unable to contribute for the first few weeks of his membership. So maybe we should withdraw membership to all the people who have not contributed anything so far despite having have been members for ages. if at some point, they feel like their up to contributing, then they are welcome to re-apply like autowarrior did.

i know it may seem like im being a bitch for saying this (maybe i am) but i just looked at the list of members and its like whoa! there are soooooo many of us. and yet...we get absolutely nothing done. come on, I would rather we are a small team of like...5 members who actually feel like contributing once in a while, than a massive group of 29 ppl who dont get anything done at all.

Look, this is a group that was formed for ff writers to get together and collaborate, and even though, we have become a nice little social club i.e. somewhere to hang out when ppl are feeling bored, what about the actuall collaboration aspect? Personally thats why i signed up in the first place. I read HOL when it was still just Raz and Devils doing it. I was very impressed, and then I saw that there was an opportunity to work with Raz (drooled over his name since I was a crazed fan of his work) and promptly signed up for the team. Months later, I feel like, that hasnt really happened yet, or at least not in the way I had envisioned.

So lets cut out all the bull and make some hard decisions and hopefully get some actual writing done in 2012.

1/7/2012 #18

I think raz just lost his job as ball breaker.

1/7/2012 #19

Gue, you raise good points and you may have taken over as what Devil calls, "The Ball Breaker." It's stuff like that which cements credential for leadership. As for not having worked alongside you (I never knew you were such a fan) perhaps we can do something about that later on.

1/7/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #20
Kakarot Son

He was in the hospital... I'm not sure if I officially withdrew to be honest. But I know that he died. I haven't had the heart to take his name of the list. Isn't he on the deceased/former member section anyway? I think it's only fair that we honour him after his death. His last request to his brother was to finish his stories... so he obviously liked FF.

We're handling that. Those who haven't handed in One-Shots are getting dealt with. I'm afraid that I can't show any favoritism with Meiyo, even though I knew her for a while Goshen won't like it, but she's in the 'bad zone.'

Oh and Raz like half of TDS signed up to work with you, I'm sure.

1/9/2012 #21

Yeah, fangirls can be handy at times cant they razzle dazzles. Where the hells my cheerleading squad?

1/9/2012 #22

you miss my point about auto, I have no qualms at all with his name remaining amongst the list of TDS members. My point was, that since he was withdrawn when he expressed his inability to contribute (and yes, you did withdraw him, hence why he had to re-applyl) you should have done the same to the other members. i.e meiyo (again, dont know what her reasons are, but auto's reason was leukemia, so...) I just think that we need to have some kind of consistency going on here, that is not based on friendship or how well we know you from the amount of shit you can spew in general chat (or the latest craze - FB)

Glad to hear that you guys are handling it. I look forward to seeing some results. with me on what?

1/9/2012 #23
Kakarot Son
Well if anything they shouldn't make the former members list. As far as I'm concerned only Auto should be populating it. Yes Devil even after the months end, you won't make the list. What I believe's best is to suspend there membership under the pretense that they must re-pass the application test. Well they heard that you were leaving, was pretty hard to hold a few of em back.
1/9/2012 #24

As i just mentioned in PM, if i do come back judge me as a new face. i dont want to come back to my old post, i have to earn it back the same way i did originally. Through hard work.

1/9/2012 #25
Kakarot Son

Sure. I'm still not putting you on former members though.

Question: Do you want your position as a mod revoked? I'd rather keep you as one though. Don't see any real reason to take it away, and don't feed me no crap about starting fresh.

1/11/2012 #26

Although it's sad that Devil wants to leave and come back in his own time because he's a lot of fun to be around :(, but whatever you and the O5 decide to do regarding his position in TDS, the mod situation and all that. I think like Gue said you would need to be consistent, no matter who it is friendship should not factor into the decisions you all make, otherwise it complicates future resignations etc.

1/11/2012 #27

Kaka, I would have to say, that at the end of the month when he goes, you have to remove him as a mod and then the password has to be changed. If its going to be a tradition to list past members, then sure, go ahead and list him there, unless he has any object that is.

1/11/2012 #28

Kaka strip me off everything, if i ever come back i must come back the same way i started. With nothing.

1/12/2012 #29
Kakarot Son

Alright then. Raz and I'll have a new password arranged by the end of the month. You'll be put on the former members list, and you will no longer be a moderator.

You'll be treated as a new member should you ever come back, and will have to re-earn everything.

You've got till the end of the month to change your mind, or else it'll be official.

1/12/2012 #30
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