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Kakarot Son


3/15/2012 #61

You don't wanna know...

3/16/2012 #62
Kakarot Son

I got something about dirt

3/16/2012 #63

... Did you use google translate?

3/16/2012 #64
Kakarot Son

Yup. that's probably half wrong, right?

3/16/2012 #65

Yeah... I think they don't want to translate curse words

3/16/2012 #66
Borderlined Innocence

Someone misspelled my name :/

I have a statement, it is as follows:

I am homeschooled, I consider this an english lesson. :\ (lemme think what I wanna,) My mother is distancing herself so I will be gone for periods up to a week with matters concerning her. I have "Extra Curricular" activities that will have me unavailable for a few hours. During the summer I have a "job" that will require attention. (I volunteer at a zoo.) I will not be here sometime around the end of April or early May, I'm going on a trip :P. Anything else I will voice later...

I'm done ranting! o.O 2AM and I'm NOT tired XP oh well

3/16/2012 #67
Kakarot Son

only two am?... pfft pushover

3/17/2012 #68
Borderlined Innocence

I made it to 3:30 but then I got in trouble XD so I had to crash or I would've burned :1

3/17/2012 #69

One time I was awake for 28 hours straight, fell asleep in math while taking a quiz and got a (B-) Cause I was half done. One time I ate a taco. . . . . that's it, that's all I wanted to say. XD XD XD I totally forgot to take my pills today. YES OMG! hehehe

U mad bruh? :)

3/17/2012 #70
Majin Son Goku

Nikko, you got beat. My record was over 50 hours I believe. Going to school in Bangladesh in that state was not fun ... I can still feel the steel ruler.

4/8/2012 #71

the only reason that I cannot go longer is because , 1) Im a dreamer 2)If I had stayed up longer I would've passed out, and for me, that is not fun.

4/8/2012 #72
Kakarot Son

Real pushovers you lot. you don't keep records of how long you've stayed awake for, if you barely go to sleep

4/8/2012 #73

Well, I would dare say it is Raz who has stayed up for the longest time. That guy is seriously an insomniac

4/9/2012 #74
Kakarot Son

Raz cheats. he has Uni classes at 12, and has work to occupy himself. That's unfair!

4/9/2012 #75

That me be, but he is still probably the one who gets the least sleep in this group. I bet Sierra is the one who gets the most.

4/9/2012 #76
Kakarot Son

cheating is against the rules *runs to emo corner*

4/9/2012 #77
Majin Son Goku

-Joins Kaka in the emo corner-

I don't usually get much sleep either. 5-6 hours is a regularity ... for over a 72 hour period.

4/9/2012 #78

Holy moly, we have many former members now.

4/10/2012 #79
Kakarot Son

All within good reason.

I reckon we need some sorta farewell speech... damn I've been watching too much FT.

4/10/2012 #80

Lolo xD We are a guild who do magic with our imagination xD

4/10/2012 #81

Dont encourage him

4/10/2012 #82
Kakarot Son

then everybody needs to choose a FT character to represent them...

the only one I can think of for sure is Raz being Makarov. He and Alcohol get into plenty of situations

4/11/2012 #83
Son Goshen


4/11/2012 #84

Natsu !!!!!!!!!! :3.

What's going on ?! -_-

4/11/2012 #85

I call JUVIA!!!!

erm...for whatever purpose this is supposed to serve

4/11/2012 #86
Kakarot Son


4/11/2012 #87
Majin Son Goku


Seriously, what is going on?

4/11/2012 #88

I think we are being weird now... as usual. I guess I call Cana then xD

4/11/2012 #89

Well seems as we are so alike, Gildarts.

4/11/2012 #90
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