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Kakarot Son

The 22 family

Raz(22) & Kaito (0)= blue (22) gue(22) the odd twins: Saiya-jin(0) and Razor(0)

The next Line of 22's

Blue(22) & Sierra (of the citrus) = Kay, Kami/Rin and Kaleb.

The Dutch Family:

Kaleb & Stellae= None yet.

The Somewhat Sane Family:

Syd & Razor= None yet.

The Complicated Family:

Grandpa Devils & Grandma Lady (divorced) = Zi and Gito

The Rabbit Family:

The Parents: Zi and Gue

The Bastard Son: Kaka

The Twins: Ultimate & Maxi/Gttm

The rebelious teens: Kit (missing child) and SD

The Crazy Baby: Sailor

The Adopted Children: Shen (from Rie) and Minney

The Kangaroo Branch of the family

Kaka & Ino= none yet.

The Monkey Family To Be

Gttm/Maxi & Shadow= Fanta and Alex

The Nonsensical Family:

Fanta= Syd (adopted)

The Deranged Branch of the Family

Loring & SD= married

The Satan Branch of the Family

Devils & Vira = Rie

Rie Unkown= Goshen (living with Gue and Zi)

The good son: Mikey H

The bad son: Orange/Soda & Joy = Sierra

The citrus daughter: Sierra

The Family Who Shall Not Be Named:

Mikey H & Lilly-Sama (divorced)= Ino (adopted)

The Pervy aka 69 Family:

Let's Random and Ijustwokeup (siblings)

LetsRandom & Taz (one night only) = NikkoJin27

The Family of Little 69's to Be:

SaiyajinLove (of the 22 family) & Let's Random= None Yet.

The Reunited Family:

Luna (mother)= Isa and Dark (siblings)

The Baseball Family:

Kano & Dark (remarried) = Raiyne and Em/Kaitie

The Spark Family:

Dark & Spell (divorced)

The Family of Secret Agents

Silvia & Alpha= None yet.

The Hentai Couple

Rin & Aku

The Hobo(s)

The dog screwing hobo from the steets: Lance

The former hobo: Loring (now a Car Salesman)

The Pets:

Blair (cat): Karmen/LilPumpkin

The thing from Uranus

The orphan: Majin Son Goku (Kaka's disowned biological son who has an unknown alien mum)

People with Unknown Origins


Let's Random


Marriages Which Failed Quickly

Kaka & Taz (divorced)

Mikey & Wonder From Down Under (who was actually a transvestite)... Mikey's reaction...


9/30/2011 . Edited 2/9/2013 #1

I'm not that bloody old!

10/2/2011 #2
Kakarot Son

Well... You're pretty much the same as Devil. And he's admitted to being a grandpa. So he's the weak link in the chain!

10/2/2011 #3

Me.....a rebellious teen..... I'm a good girl really ;)

10/2/2011 #4

Raz put your hearing aid back in and play checkers, King me!

10/2/2011 #5
Son Goshen

Poor Kit, Kaka, you missed her out on the list!

10/9/2011 #6

Aww I'm a nice grandma, love that! :)

10/19/2011 #7

Lol I'm even lower than an adopted kid, that's just me ^^

10/19/2011 #8

Right. Family Tree Updated.

Sadly grandpa devils divorced nice grandma Lady, and got hitched to a younger woman: Vira

Vira and her rowdy kids :Mikey and Soda, are now part of the happy TDS family tree. YAY!

10/20/2011 #9

I'm heartbroken! -cries-


10/20/2011 #10

I dont know what to say grams, it was all so SHOCKING!

But hey, at least you got hitched at some point right? Zi hasnt married me *sniffs* even after ALL the children *wails*

10/20/2011 #11
Kakarot Son

Bahahaha... I laughed my ass of at the last bit.

Don't worry mama. I'm sure he'll propose after the next chapter of Demon Calls.

10/20/2011 #12

I HAVE A MOMMY!!!!!!! ^_^

10/20/2011 #13

technically kaka, devils is his step-father, which makes mikey zi's step-brother, which makes him your step-uncle? gosh, relations are so confusing.

which makes mikey my soon to be step-brother in law? gosh! how exhausting

10/20/2011 #14

Uuuhm.... Can you even say Step-brother-in-law !? ^^

10/20/2011 #15

YAY I'm on the tree...though I fell sorry for Lady....but YAY anyway!!!! Ha I'm a grandma =)

10/20/2011 #16

Vira... did you have .... things ... with an elderly man!? O_o And DEVILS! EEEEW! :O

10/20/2011 #17
Kakarot Son

Well we established that Raz is Roshi and Devil is Jiraiya a long long time ago. Aka the biggest perverts in the history of anime. So it's no surprise.

10/20/2011 #18

Hey! Mikey! Dont talk about your new step-papa that way :D

10/20/2011 #19

Srryyyyyyyy :( ^^

10/20/2011 #20
Kaito Lune

Oh, lord, Devils? Half your age? XD

10/20/2011 #21

hahahh hahah hahah hahah hahah

come on kaito, you know age aint nothing but a number! hah haha hahah haha

10/20/2011 #22
Dr. Blue22


Atleast im still childless :D

10/20/2011 #23

Not for long Mr Blue....not for long :P

Thanks Vira for your sympathy but bit ironic when it's coming from the husband stealer herself!!!!! :o

10/20/2011 #24

Mikey: I'm not sure how to answer that...hmm i guess

Lady: I didn't mean too =(

10/20/2011 #25

Srry :(

10/20/2011 #26

?? for what ?? o.O

10/20/2011 #27

Nothing :P

10/20/2011 #28

K ^^

10/20/2011 #29
Kaito Lune

Yes, but Gue, most countries look down on such things...well, at least it isn't an 80 year old going after a 20 year old. XD

10/20/2011 #30
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