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Hi guys

For various reasons, it looks like some stories seem to be losing interest on our profile. Some of the members just dont feel up to continuing certain projects, and some projects have lost interest from the readers. This is an opportunity for us, as TDS'asses, to vote on the stories we STILL wish to continue, lest the powers that be delete them, while there is still interest to write them.

So please cast your vote (In or Out) for the following stories:

Heroes of the Ghetto : the creators of the story have lost the desire to continue. what do you say?

Lost in Madness: Again, a loss of passion from the creators. Its up to you to decide? do you feel you can continue it? Vote it IN or OUT

Tortured Soul: Story seems uncontinuable, the reigns have been passed down four times, and still, we havent been able to get an update.

All In Time: Story was originally meant to be a one-shot, but certain members wanted to see it continue, yet others feel it should not. Cast your vote. Should the story continue as a multichaptered fic (In), or should it remain as a one-shot?(Out)

So those are the stories that are up so far. Please dont be shy, just give your honest opinion, no one is going to judge you if you vote a story out. We would like to keep viable projects on the profile page. Rather we come up with new material that the members are passionate about, than grumpily working on stories that dont interest us anymore.

So please Vote, In or Out.

10/20/2011 #1
Son Goshen

Heroes of the Ghetto: OUT! Don't know Code Geass.

Lost in Madness: OUT! Don't have any idea about it either.

Tortured Soul: IN! It's one of the only TDS stories I've ever read.

All In Time: OUT! It's really good, but I think it would be better if it was just left there. Extending it might be too much. There won't be much of an interesting plot unless a random big villain pops out.

10/20/2011 #2
Kakarot Son

HOTG- Either rewritten or hiatus. In, I don't want it deleted.

Lost In Madness- Out. Sadly we don't have many Soul Eater fans. Perhaps, I'll join them one day and we can start it again?

Tortured Soul- In. Let G and I handle it if Jin can't. I tell you, we can do it. Or at least I hope

All In Time- Out. I just can't picture continuing that, with the one-shot-ishy style it was written in. We'd need to change the first chapter up.

10/20/2011 . Edited 10/20/2011 #3

Alright, despite having been the one to create Heroes, I believe it has run it's course. Out.

Lost in Madness, I had the reigns past down to me but it just didn't get off and running. Out.

While Tortured Soul has been passed down, it's still updatable. In (with a big needs new chapter soon)

All in Time, leave it as a One Shot.

10/20/2011 #4

I'll take Lost In Madness back onto my own profile again...sadly it never got past the intro :/

10/20/2011 #5

*smacks herself* i guess i should have voted.

Heroes: In, I watched code gease just for this story *sniff* so i feel like something has to come out of it

Lost in Madness: OUT

Tortured: IN (if other members can continue it, dont really feel like writing it on my own)

All In Time: IN (would really like to see if continue, oh well)

10/20/2011 #6

what about the other storis papa Zi?

10/20/2011 #7
Sailor Saiyan007

Lost in Madness: In, I likes where this story was going and want to see it continue.

Heros: In, I watched Code Geass just for this and really want to work on it.

Tortured: In I guess. I don't think I've read this one...

All in Time: Would probably be best left as a one shot; Out.

10/20/2011 #8

out out and out...unless you gxcc fan girls want to find the extra time to continue that one shot

10/20/2011 #9
Kaito Lune

HotG: If the everybody lost interest, I guess it's a good one to go out.

Lost in Madness: I don't know Soul Eater so I couldn't continue it. ^^;

Tortured Soul: I say it can go or stay. It's interesting to say the least but I'm not entirely sure where it's going.

All In Time: If it's supposed to be an oneshot, it should stay an oneshot.

10/20/2011 #10
Joy's Canvas

Heroes: Out, but that is only because I'm not similar with the anime...nothing against the writing :D

Lost: Out

Tortured: Out, to be brutual honest...and I know I might gett lashing for it...I'm not a big fan of VidelXGohan fics...And there are ALOT on this profile!

All in time: In, Simply because I LOVE ChiChixGoku....=) Has nothing to do with the writing.

10/20/2011 #11
Dr. Blue22

Hero's I cant really say, But if I must: Out, mainly because I am unfamiliar.

Lost: Out I wasnt much of a fan of Cross overs.

Tortured: In, it shows promise, it just needs an update, soon, because I think this could be a great story down the road.

All in Time: In, If it can be continued I guess we kinda need something other than Gh/V... Haha Nah :D But yea IN.

10/20/2011 #12

Give me a couple minutes to read the stories and I'll let you know Gue!

10/20/2011 #13
Kakarot Son

Okay.... People want us to write something other than the usual G/V. So I propose some Bulma/Vegeta stories and some Goku/Chichi ones.

We need a dedicated story planning thread, so I'll make that.

10/20/2011 #14

I'll go read them and get back with you that is if your still taking people ether way I'll go read them just let me know =)

10/20/2011 #15

Heroes: I really want to keep it going. There's so much we can do with this. In.

Tortured: I haven't read it so I don't know. Out.

Lost: I'm willing to write if I have help, and time. In.

All in Time: After reading, I think it could easily be continued, with the right plot line and writers. In.

10/20/2011 . Edited 10/20/2011 #16

Heroes: Out

Lost in Madness: Out

Tortured Soul: In

All in Time: In

10/20/2011 #17

*Going on the TDS account to delete Lost In Madness, everything else I'll wait for EVERYONE to vote on

10/20/2011 #18

Heroes: Out, sadly I do not think there is any potential there

Lost in madness: Out

Tortured: IN, there is definitely a lot we can do with this one

All In Time: Also IN, since I would like to see it continue

10/20/2011 #19

Heroes: Out

Madness: Out

Tortured: IN I can see things happening in this one...

All in Time: Out

I would do more but at the moment I'm writing two fics of my own and I can only handle three at one time sadly....So I picked my favortie and the one I thought I'd be good to help in...=)

10/20/2011 #20

Heroes: I'm on the fence, its a great concept but if were going to get any coverage it needs to be in a more recognised fandom. Yes this is catering to what others want instead of what we want.But if we didnt listen to readers then were dead in the water and might as well call it quits now.

Madness: Out

Tortured: I havent read it , but it has the potential really.

All in time: It has the potential to be something, it would need to be rewritten, but it breaks the monotony of the G/V line we are so adamantly following. A bit of variety never killed anyone, and its a good outlet for our CC/G writers.

Never a saviour: I am adding this one myself, but out. I couldnt stand to write the thing, i dont see how anyone else should have to put up with my poor attempt at G/V

10/21/2011 #21
Dr. Blue22

You dont give yourself enough credit Devil, besides I actually helped with this one xD

10/21/2011 #22

If anything i get given too much, i do exactly the same as 90% as the rest of the site, so it aint like you couldnt find someone better to do it.

10/21/2011 #23
Kakarot Son

I think you're sprouting bullshit again Devil. You're a brilliant writer, you do what 2% of the site do. You put effort and personality in to your work. All are original. Remember what I told you. Everything's a learning experience. It took me a year to become not-so-crap. Gue became famous in feburary or something, after being on here for 1.5 years. Now shes' been on for 2 whole years.

Anyway going off topic.

I suggest we keep them up. At least NAS, and Ghettos. Not continue them, just don't delete them.

10/21/2011 #24

I'm gonna go ahead and close the polls now.

14 members voted, which means our count wll be based on 14

Heroes - 3/14 verdict - OUT

Lost - 1/14 verdict - OUT

Tortured - 12/14 verdict - IN

ALL In Time - 7/14 - IN

I do not know how often we will vote on stories, but for now, it looks like we have two stories that need to be removed from the profile . Kaka please do the honours, the asses have spoken.

10/22/2011 #25

I already deleted Lost In Madness the other day...*facepalm*

10/22/2011 #26
Kakarot Son

Gue must we delete Heroes? Why nSot keep it up?

If you're sure just let me know and I'll pull the plug on it. Shame it never got going. We had almost all of TDS at the time in it.

10/22/2011 . Edited 10/22/2011 #27
Team Dragon Star

I'm going to make a suggestion and say Setting Sail.

While the idea is good, looking at the statistics, the most recent chapter has only had 6 hits after being updated nearly a week ago. There just isn't enough interest for stories which are purely OCs.

10/29/2011 #28
Kakarot Son

True. We need to establish a foot hold in the OP archive before we go into an OC crew. While every review has been super positive, we can't do much about where we're at.

10/29/2011 #29

Alright peoples, I reckon it's time we cleared out our locker once more. Give me your thoughts on these stories and whether or not they should stay or we should chuck them:

Blue Moon: last updated June 2012

Price to Play: last updated November 2012

Shimmering Grotto: last updated August 2012

Jobs: last updated January 2013

If you believe any other stories belong on this list speak up

5/11/2013 #30
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