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Kakarot Son

Blue Moon: IN. Actually think a group might be being formed for it or something but oh well.

Price to Play: OUT. It was fun but we'd be lying if we said it's not over...

Shimmering Grotto: OUT. Don't reckon anyone'll pick this up.

Jobs: IN. Looks like it's a bunch of one-shots except it's only got one one-shot, meaning that it can stand alone if we change up the summary.

5/11/2013 #31
Blue Moon: IN. I don't agree this should be up. Devils, Lady, Kano, and several others are in the midst of planning this to continue it. It's just a tough time of year. PtP: OUT Shimmering: OUT Jobs: Unless you change the summary and make it a one shot, OUT
5/11/2013 #32

Can't speak for the non-DBZ ones but went to read the others: Jobs: I agree, one-shot or 'out'; Blue Moon: I can clearly see potential in the story so 'in'.

5/11/2013 #33

Blue Moon : Out. I find the whole fic uninteresting and nothing new. and in order for the story to become interesting enough there is always the obstacle formed by the first two chapters. But, would these be re-written (mainly in terms of flow and grammar/spelling) I'd like to see what could be done with it.

Price To Play: Never read it, not my fandom. But as of late I've been reading TDS's opinion on self-insert characters and it's a little directly against this fic in whole .. Out

Shimmering Grotto: I'd say In. for this one. From the looks of it it has been somewhat popular at some point in time and it helps keep up a bit of diversity in the TDS fandoms. I'd also enjoy trying my hand at FT as soon as I'm caught up with the anime.

Jobs: Out. No reasonable explanation here, but I say get rid of it.

5/12/2013 . Edited 5/12/2013 #34

Blue Moon: OUT

Price To Play: OUT

Shimmering Grotto: OUT

Jobs: OUT

5/31/2013 #35
Kakarot Son

So final answers:

Blue Moon: IN

Price to Play: OUT

Shimmering Grotto: OUT

Jobs: OUT (unless someone wants to change the summary)

6/3/2013 #36

Keeping in accordance with the title, even if it doesn't fit all that well with this story as a single one-shot:

"Jobs... everyone has one. Father, husband, Prince of all saiyans... soccer coach??"

6/22/2013 #37

Ok, guys. New Vote:

Annoying! - last update May 2012

Harp of Struggle - last and only update June 2012 (if it's supposed to already be completed, is has to be marked as such)

Pose off - last update July 2012

Reflected Love - last update April 2012

Trials of the Digidestined - last update September 2011

(Note: this will be reposted on facebook. Vote either here or there)

7/28/2013 . Edited 7/28/2013 #38
Kakarot Son

Annoying: Out

Harp of Struggle: out

Pose Off: Out

Reflected Love: out

Trials of the Digidestined: Out I guess, although we could probably just turn it into a single one-shot

7/28/2013 #39

"Annoying" - IN (since I can see some potential and it has lots of reviews/favorites/follows...)

"Pose off" - OUT (can see a shred of potential in the idea but the first chapter would have to be redone, imo)

The others are not really my fandom so I'm abstaining. Although "Trials of the Digidestined" should be voted OUT if it's not turned into a single one-shot. September 2011?? That's just too long...

7/28/2013 #40

Annoying: Out

Harp of Struggle: Out

Pose Off: Out

Trials; Out

7/28/2013 #41

Out for all but Annoying.

7/29/2013 #42
Team Dragon Star

New vote:

City Friends - link - last update December 2012

The Paths We Choose - link - last and only update August 2013

School Days - link - last update January 2013

Shattered Existence - link - last and only update May 2013

(Note: this will be reposted on Facebook. Vote either here or there.)

4/2/2014 #43

City Friends: Out

The Paths We Choose: In

School Days: Out

Shattered Existence: Out

4/2/2014 #44
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