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Son Goshen


11/10/2012 #151

Just incase it wasn't clear, I will be off hiatus from 1st Jan to lead.

12/31/2012 #152
Kakarot Son

'Okay...I'm just going to say it. *sighs* With the chance of getting to participate in this cycle, I am getting complicated situations that are preventing me from being able to contact other members. My service/wifi has shut down at least three times for a long periods of time, and even trying to get to use a family members phone won't help since the internet hasn't been working on the device either. I really want to help and participate, but I am even lucky to have service right now. I think I'm gonna have to drop out of this cycle, because I really don't want to be in a situation where I can't communicate with any other members for quite some time. (Days...weeks...I don't know how long it'll take for service/wifi to come back/for it to be unavailable). I'm very sorry guys, but I'm also going back on hiatus a bit early than expected. I honestly don't know when the next time the wifi/service will be unavailable and I won't be able to talk to anyone or work on a claiming. So to be on the safe side, I need to drop out if you guys will let me, and I will have no choice but to go back onto hiatus. I'm seriously sorry guys, but things have been complicated these two weeks. I hope you guys understand. /:'

Message from Syd posted on the TDS Facebook Page. Her spot within the cycle that took place on the 24th of December has been dealt with.

1/1/2013 #153

Alright guys,

I'm going back on hiatus. The reason is the same as previously. Mother-fucking-school-and-homework. And the annual school musical which I am such a fool for participating in xD Possible loop holes? I have no idea. Apparently I am also very active in my holidays.

When I'll be off: July. Yeah, sorry guys, school and finals end in the end of June and afterwards I'll be out drowning all my knowledge in alcohol so I'll forget it.

How to contact me? through facebook or PM.

1/9/2013 #154

Back from Hiatus

2/11/2013 #155
Hey everyone wasn't really sure where to post this but I am officially off hiatus! Finally have the net in my house. So so so sorry it took so long its been money issues.
2/14/2013 #156

Vira LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *big bear hug* I've missed you!!!!!!!!! e_e We should start chatting in general forum XD

2/14/2013 #157
*tear rolls* aww Jin I missed you too! :-D so excited to be back!! _
2/14/2013 #158

I know I really shouldn't be posting here, cause I literally JUST got accepted, but as many people know, the mid-semester exams are coming up this Friday. I have to study like crazy. Can I have until...say, next Wednesday to post my oneshot? Here's the formal application:

Duration: Just until next Wednesday

Reason: Mid-semester exams

Possible Loop Holes: I may get an easy pass, and I could start sooner...

Once again, I apologize for asking for a quick break so soon, but I hope it's understandable.

2/19/2013 #159
Kakarot Son

Post by Raz on Facebook:

'Alright, come next week my sister starts Uni, and as a result she's got to take the laptop and internet from me. That being said...I'll only really be able to do anything off of FB on my phone and trust me, that ain't much. I'm looking at alternatives while I try to save some money to get a laptop but before that holiday comes I'm not going to be around for a bad'

2/26/2013 #160
Kakarot Son

Probably should just go and approve all of the above posts. Also for clarification's sake, Jin, Gue and Tapion's Flute on hiatus.

3/5/2013 . Edited 3/28/2013 #161
Kakarot Son

Will be gone for the bigger part of the rest of the week

4/23/2013 #162

Hi, guys...I'm kind of on hiatus, because school's been a real bum recently. As the end of the year gets closer, the schoolwork is only piling up X( we're preparing for the AP World History test, and I have to take the Trigonometry and Physics Regents--both which are rather difficult subjects. I really won't have much time to be writing, but I'll still try to help out somehow, if I can. I mean, when summer comes, I will DEFINITELY be able to get back into writing, but right now, my mind is virtually blank because of all the tests and shit that I have to study for in school X(

I'm sorry, guys X( I promise that once the end of June comes around, I'll come back with renewed vigor :)

I'm often in contact with Dark, however, so yeah :)

Did I do this right? Never announced I was going on hiatus before...X3

4/24/2013 #163

Both are approved.

4/24/2013 #164
Majin Son Goku

I have been in contact with Kaka recently and have been complaining the crap out of the fact that I have been busy as all hell. I will put out the chapter of Divided that is overdue, in the next few days if I can manage it, since I have a Monday off due to May Day. But after that, I don't really think I will have any time to write until Summer break, which is around mid July. I am really going to be busy in the next few months, what with arranging the elections for the new student leaders (you know, president, vice all that stuff), actually competing for head boy myself, a few big exams coming up (I have unit two of maths this coming Tuesday, in fact), a lot (I mean a LOT) of overdue homework that somehow piled up and my cricket season that just started up (I play for two teams) and the training/match schedule on top of my normal school schedule is complete murder. Writing on top of that is just going to be impossible.

I am going to be in contact with Kaka, I am sure, since I manage to nip in for a few minutes in a few days to actually reply to messages. If you need me for something, just let me know via PM, and I will reply within a week.

Possible loop holes would be half term break that will be coming up in a few weeks, but that's only a weeks break and I would like to enjoy that for myself. So no, no real loop holes.

5/2/2013 #165
Kakarot Son

Approved, take a break you need it.

5/3/2013 #166

I always manage to forget to do this and abruptly disappear off the face of the world in the process. XD

Duration: Umm...until I get started with next semester so... I'll say about mid November

Reasons: Right now I have finals. I should've been took a hiatus but.... I procrastinate even on that. As far as later on, I won't have really any time to do anything except the internship, which will take all my energy this summer. I honestly wish I had time to write like I used to.

Possible Loop Holes: e_e Umm.... No Maybe that one week in August, but other than that... I doubt it.

How to contact: Pm me through fanfiction. I should respond in no less than 7 days. If it's urgent, email me directly.

5/6/2013 #167
Kakarot Son


5/7/2013 #168

Hello my fellow TDS members,

I'm writing this because you need to know that, due to crazy parents, I will no longer be able to write with you. Now, I'm not quitting. I'm only on hiatus until my mom settles down and comes to her senses. If you want to know what happened keep reading.

It started Friday night when I was on the phone with a friend. My sister told mom that she was going to take a bath, and I said, "It's about time," in response to my friend on the phone. Mom assumed that I was talking about my sister, and started yelling at me.I told her that I was talking to my friend and that assuming makes an ass of you and me.She jumped up and I thought she was going to hit me so I covered my head. She got irritated about that and yanked my hair back, so I would look at her. She continued to yell at me and when she finally let go off my hair, I stood up, pushed her away and went to my room.

The next day at about noon-ish, my sister said she wanted a frozen pizza and mom said, "No." My sister proceeded to say "You don't have to make it, Hannah does." Then she walked to me and put the pizza in my face and told me to make it. I slapped it away and it landed behind her on the counter. She started crying and ran to mom. My mom glared at me at told me to make the pizza. I was already in the middle of something so I said, "No. You already told her no and I'm doing something right now." So she tells my friend to call her mom and go home. By the time my friend and her mom leave, I had called my grandma, who couldn't come get me at the moment. So I walked to my friend's house, the one that had left earlier, and went to Wal-Mart with her. When we got there, mom called her mom's phone and told her to get me home immediately. When we got back to my house, mom grounded me for a month from the computer and friends took my phone and my door. Then she ripped up my permission slip for a school field trip, making a mess out of my school bag while she did so.

And that's what happened. My mom was overreacting to a small problem and went over board in my punishment. So that is why I will not be able to join you guys for a while. I, hopefully, will be back soon, but until then, I bid you farewell. Peace,


5/7/2013 #169
Kakarot Son

... ouch, that sucks. Well I hope things work out and everything, hiatus has been approved.

5/23/2013 #170
Kakarot Son

Duration: sometime soon until about the 25th of June.

Reason: Exams, revision and all that fun jazz... should still be able some stuff done though.

6/4/2013 #171

So I'm not sure where to put this, but I'll just say it here. I'm back from hiatus and should be for a good while. :D

7/15/2013 #172
Majin Son Goku

Well, since summer holidays finally started up, consider me back. It will take me a couple days to get back into the swing of things again, and I might update my own stories a couple times before I fully get back into TDS work, but I am back ... kind of. I think.

7/23/2013 #173

Testing the TDS waters again. Would like to try to get into the routine of writing once more, if my schedule allows it.

Just to give you guys a looksee at what I'm dealing with right now:

  • I work two jobs.
  • I train a service dog every weekend (friday-monday) and also go to a group training once a month.
  • I have ongoing appointments once every two weeks.
  • I go to physical therapy twice a week (which should be ending soon I believe what with the rate of my recovery, hopefully).
  • I am the MoH for my sister who is getting married the end of September (Been her right hand in planning everything since November. Bachelorette planning ongoing now).
  • I am apartment hunting with my boyfriend.
  • I will also be going back to school Fall semester (effective 09/04), while still working one of my jobs.

So please bear with me as I adjust my schedule to return. Bobo had suggested I try to get into the swing of things by volunteering as a monthly leader for August. That will allow me to learn new changes that have occurred during my absence and help indicate whether or not I have the time to write. I have a feeling my time will be freed up more after my sister's wedding, but I can't say for sure since I'll also be starting university again, as it will be my last year.

7/27/2013 #174

We'll be here to help you out, however you need it. (damn fanfiction... doesn't let me send you a heart emoticon....)

I hope everything comes together soon, especially your physical therapy ending. :D And of course, your sister's wedding. Congrats, btw. xD

7/28/2013 #175

Most folks know I have been stupid busy with work and haven't been pulling my weight. Well a few projects just got bumped up on the timeline at work and I'm going to be working weekends until November to help catch up. So I'm requesting a hiatus until November (our last project executes the first weekend in November so I should be ready to get back to TDS then) so at least I won't just be dead weight these next few months.

8/19/2013 #176

Approved & best of luck with your work!

8/20/2013 #177

Sorry, sorry sorry. I need to go on a temporary hiatus (already) I have a deadline I need to meet on a project I'm working on. I'll be back if I can get my work done before the deadline or else no later than the 30th September.

Again, sorry.

9/9/2013 #178

Approved, Ms. Rie.

Good luck on your project and see you soon. :)

9/9/2013 #179
Kakarot Son

Come Tuesday I'll be heading out for a 21 day long camp, followed shortly by exams so expect me to be out for most of - if not all - of November.

10/24/2013 #180
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