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Well, this is supposed to be approved, right? :D Have fun at camp.
10/25/2013 #181

I'm applying for another hiatus. I'm so sorry to do this back to back, but my mother was just diagnosed with cancer for the second time, and I just have no creative drive at all. I'm so sorry everyone. ._. I would like to come back starting in January. If this is not acceptable let me know and I'll try to work something else out. Thank you. ;;

11/9/2013 #182

I've just remembered I didn't respond to this officially, but it is approved, Silvia, as we've talked through Facebook.

11/17/2013 #183
Majin Son Goku

I returned from an impromptu, unofficial hiatus.

11/25/2013 #184

Welcome back, then. :)

11/25/2013 #185

Here we go again. {insert preference of name} is taking a break ._. what else is new...

Duration: Around now until January 3rd. So basically after finals and Christmas Break.

Reasons: Exams, visiting family, mom getting surgery, & being extremely stressed.

Possible Loop Holes: If I find the time to sit down at a computer like I am now and type stuff out.

How to contact: Preferably my email. But since my internet is working better now, I can take PMs. Just, you'll get a faster response with my email.

Here we go again...

12/12/2013 #186
Kakarot Son

Approved, hope everything goes well.

12/12/2013 #187

Hello, everyone. I'm not sure if I'm even considered a member of this team anymore, since I've been gone for so long, but there's been reasons.

I ask for an indefinite break. It's junior year in high school for me, and it is much, MUCH harder than I anticipated. I barely have time to do anything else, which really kills me. Sophomore year, I always had some time to write some fanfiction, but this year, I have had NONE. It's all so stressful, all the work--English, AP US History, Pre-Calc...and it's taking its toll. I rarely have time to do ANYTHING during the week, and my weekends are just as busy. I also didn't come back over the summer because, well, lots of things happened. I joined a summer program that gives me college credit, and the only regret that I have about it is how little time I had to be on fanfiction. Also, there's just been lots of family issues. Quite a few family members who I was very close to and meant a lot to me have passed away, and I'm a very emotional person, so it's taken its toll on me. Another reason I ask for indefinite hiatus is because I can barely find inspiration anymore. Schoolwork literally seems to be eating up my creativity at times. As such, I literally haven't touched any of my fanfictions for about a year. I wonder if anyone will remember me when I pop back.

I know it may sound like I'm coming up with a bunch of excuses, but it's the truth. I'm so sorry I haven't been active at all, and I think I may have been taken off the team, which would be all right. I wouldn't mind. I'd love to stay, but I will understand if you see me as dead weight now and wish to take me off the team. If I'm still on the team, though, I ask for a hiatus possibly until the summer. I don't know how summer will be; I just know that I want junior year to END already.

So, all this being said, I ask to be placed on hiatus. Maybe, just maybe, I could possibly be able to submit a little oneshot of something, but right at the moment, I have no free time to do anything. I'm so sorry, I feel like I'm just dragging you all down. If you've already taken me off the team, I don't mind; I just ask that I can be given another chance eventually if such a thing has been done.

Thank you for your time; now, I have to go back to reading my boring APUSH textbook and making another outline, and then study for a Latin test because the teacher hasn't taught us shit. X(

1/12/2014 #188

OK. Now that I managed to sneak on here I can tell you guys that I can't participate for a while. I don't know how long exactly but it may be until March. Just depending on this situation going on at home. My mother is going absolutely nuts and grounding me from everything that I might remotely enjoy. No matter how I act It just gets worse. And the reason I say March is because I will be 17 and I can legally move out at that age. I hope I can get this solved before then, but if not I will see you all again sometime after March 16th.

1/12/2014 #189

Don't panic, minions, but your Lord Popo must take a break from writing. All is not lost, however, since I'll still be around so you can take comfort in my glorious presence. And of course, I'll still be around for all other TDS needs, like betaing, leading, or plotting world domination.

I'm not sure how long I'll need, but I'll be reacheable as usual via Facebook, and I'll get right back on the horse ASAP.

6/8/2014 #190
Kakarot Son

Approved, hope you enjoy your break.

6/8/2014 #191

On behalf of Ms. Aquestra, she'll be on hiatus for the next 3 months. Working 3 jobs at the same time until September... o.O

She does plan on returning after that, or sooner if things align themselves that way.

Contact via Facebook is preferable, but probably easier through her personal account (which Dark, Grin, and I have).

6/21/2014 #192
Kakarot Son


6/21/2014 #193
T. Alana M

I will be on hiatus from now until the Christmas break, at least. It's my senior year, and I need to prioritize getting my grades up for now. I might be able to manage a couple of scenes, but when things get too busy I'll take too long (as I've already done for the most recent chapter) and that would force the whole team to wait.

So I'm requesting some time off until I'm certain I'll be able to make time for writing.

Pleasure working with you all.

8/8/2014 . Edited 8/8/2014 #194
Kakarot Son
I've got finals coming up quite shortly so in an effort to at least try and study for them, I'll soon be deactivating my Facebook until November 11th. You'll still be able to reach me over here.
10/11/2015 #195
Hello. I was recently on a hiatus, but now I am able to write again. I originally messaged TDS but am posting here to let everyone know.
8/11/2016 #196
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