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Kakarot Son

Haha just wanted to wish all you guys a Merry Christmas! (In Advance)

Without you we definitely wouldn't have gotten this far. We started of as a no-name group, but we're starting to establish ourselves as pretty high up there. All thanks to you guys! It took us about half a year, but I"m really happy with where we've gotten. And I'm sure that we'll keep flying high.

Merry Christmas Guys!

12/24/2011 #1
Son Goshen

Leave it to Kaka to make these kinds of random topics when he comes up. Harharharharharharhar. XD

But yes, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! And almost New Years. :D

12/24/2011 #2
Kakarot Son

Hey I'm Kaka! I get to make up random topics :P

12/24/2011 #3

Goshen, I second what you just said, smdh... X-D

Soooooo..............Breaking out into another song on Christmas day!!!! *grabs Microphone*

We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! Good tidings to you, and you and your kin. Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

12/25/2011 #4
Sailor Saiyan007

Oh God, she's singing again. O.o

12/25/2011 #5

(;_;)...That hurts. Stop being such a Grinch....

No more holiday cheer for you! Bout to go get dressed, yes I'm late..And go out to give presents to other relatives. (^_^) Then go eat.

12/25/2011 #6
Sailor Saiyan007


My brother usually tells me to shut up when I start singing.

12/25/2011 #7

Does anybody want to write a Xmas DBZ story where Gohan is oblivious to what christmas is and Erasa, Sharpner and Videl have to teach him what christmas means, each with their own views on the festive season

12/25/2011 #8
Kakarot Son

Hmm I would if I had the time. Perhaps I could write a scene... Or a Vegeta scene to go along with it?

12/26/2011 #9

Merry late Christmas!!!!

1/9/2012 #10
Kakarot Son

well hey, what do you know? It's been a year... time flies.

Anyway merry Christmas!

12/24/2012 #11
Son Goshen

Ain't Christmas yet here, Kaka. But let's bring some festive cheer in the forums!!

12/24/2012 #12
Sailor Saiyan007

CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS ! _ Happiness galore! Yayayayayayayay! :D

12/24/2012 #13
Majin Son Goku

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys.

1/2/2013 #14

Starting for this year 2013. 6 days to go! CHRISTMAS!!!

12/19/2013 #15
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