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Here is where the TDS members will claim stories.

Every other sunday, starting on March 4, a claiming will occur.To stake claim on any story, one should post saying such either on this forum (reccommended) or facebook before any one else does so for the same story. I or someone else will probably list all the possible stories to choose before each claiming.

For groups, one needs to look under Assignments & Queries if they have missed the facebook post.

It has come to my attention that when the first claiming comes up on March 4, some members will like to start their own stories or continue their one shots. Here's the thing, TDS currently has a reputation for not completing stories or updating regularly. And we have a shit load of stories to choose from. Also, because only few has thus proven their writing capabilities with the statistics shown on the forums, it is not believed that some will be able to update constantly on said story that they introduce. To avoid the piling up of more TDS stories that may or may not be completed or worked on in a suitable manner, for each claiming there will be one "Create own story" as well as one "Continue one shot" option. But only one group or person can choose each. Therefore, first come first serve on claiming day.

2/29/2012 . Edited by Kakarot Son, 7/14/2012 #1
Kakarot Son

The first claiming is actually scheduled for March 3 from what I heard? 3+14=17, 17+14=31 which is the amount of days we have this month. Having them overlap or run into next month would not be a good thing at all.

Also expect Team Captains to appear. These are people in charge of organising and representing their group. They're to keep their group in line and repport any issues or concerns to the leaders, these being Gue and Lady. If the assignment is not in on time they'll be held responsible, however if it was another member of a group that was incompetent it will be that member who's punished.

You're expected to do at least one piece of work every 3 claiming cycles. On your first claiming cycle if you don't do your work, you'll be given a 'warning.' No we won't necesarilly always PM you, or notify you. On the next claiming cycle which will be straight after you'll be placed there, with your name in italics or something to indicate first warning that'll be shown by the leaders. With the second one it'll be in bold and will have something to indicate it. On the third one, in almost every circumstance you're out.

If you are unable to keep up with the system, put your name down for a hiatus. If you can't do that, quite frankly, get outta here.

3/1/2012 . Edited 4/18/2012 #2

Eh that's not the case Kaka. An actually Lady suggested, and I think this is a better idea, to make groups known on March 2.. Let them think over what they will claim on saturday. And sunday they'll claim a story. Also, I think that it should "overlap" b/c we're staying concise/constant with the claimings being every other week. Otherwise figuring out claiming days will be another trouble, and we want this to be as smooth and easy as possible. The only thing one, the leader, will have to do is pass it off to the next one for the following month.

3/1/2012 #3
Kakarot Son

Alright, I see your point. Also warning's don't get wiped of when the leaders changed. I expect tallies to be kept, perhaps a page on the forums can do that. And they'll be wiped as work is submitted.

I don't reckon too many exceptions should be made, but every time a person is demoted. An O5 member (preferably me, G or Zi) and/or Gue/Jin are to be contacted.

3/1/2012 #4

Virtually no exceptions will be made unless in the case of a hiatus. The new system is lenient enough and I'd rather not have the team regress back to inactivity. Of course, whoever happens to be in charge at the time will need to inform a full member/O5 member if demotion or removal from the team needs to take place.

3/2/2012 . Edited by Kakarot Son, 3/2/2012 #5
Kakarot Son

Definitely. We've been dormant too long since the days of August to September. Now my fellow hellions, let's rise to greatness once more!

3/2/2012 . Edited 3/2/2012 #6

You all know if you're writing from 4th-18th March by now & you all know what stories/options are up for grabs.

And with this I say, let the claiming...BEGIN!


Wonder and I claim "Start A New Story".

3/3/2012 #7

Me, Mikey, and Rie claim Night of Fun!

3/3/2012 #8
Kakarot Son
3/3/2012 #9

Crys and I would like to claim "Annoying!", a oneshot that we'd like to continue :)

3/3/2012 #10
Razor V

I claim to surviving your roommates :DDDD

3/3/2012 . Edited 3/3/2012 #11
Kakarot Son
Werw you in a group by yourself razor? :o I didn't know you were even on this cycle.
3/3/2012 #12

Saiyajin Love claims Never A Saviour!

3/3/2012 #13
Team Dragon Star

Sorry Razor, unfortunately since Crys and Lily have claimed "continue on a one shot" you are not able to continue the one shot called "surviving your roomates" at this time. Also, you're part of RK's group. If you two have seperated, indicate such. Otherwise, say that you and RK have claimed so and so. Thanks.

3/3/2012 #14

Razor & RK have not separated. They are still part of the same group and Razor was claiming a story on behalf of his group and had indicated to me as such.

I have informed Razor that he will need to choose another option, I was mistaken in thinking Surviving Your Roommates was a chaptered story.

3/3/2012 #15
Team Dragon Star

Alright. Actually survivying your roomates was meant to be one, last I heard from Raz. this is the SSB one?

3/3/2012 #16

I believe this has been cleared up via facebook. Surviving Your Roommates was supposed to be a chaptered story and yes it is the SSB one.

3/3/2012 #17

alright then: ultimate, gttm and gue are claiming === Missing Prince

Rie and Gue === Tranquil Violence

3/4/2012 #18

Crys and I would like to claim "Annoying!", a oneshot that we'd like to continue :)

3/4/2012 #19
Lets Random

Blue and Random would like to claim --- Night of Fun

3/17/2012 #20

Wonder and Rie are claiming Shimmering Grotto xD

3/17/2012 #21
Team Dragon Star

Jin here claiming NAS once again.

3/17/2012 #22

SD and I will be claiming Tortured Soul.

3/17/2012 #23
Sailor Saiyan007

Me and Kay claim Surviving Your Roomates. :)

3/17/2012 #24

I'm claiming Discovered... I think wonder might help me in addition to her main claimage

3/17/2012 #25

I claim Blue Moon!

3/17/2012 #26

I be claiming our first Hetalia fic that I iz gonna be writing!!!

3/17/2012 #27

Other Side To Gohan B|

3/17/2012 #28
Son Goshen

Tranquil Violence. ^^

3/17/2012 #29

Calling dibs on HOL chapter 11

3/18/2012 #30
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