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Kakarot Son

We're implementing a new extra-curricular program within the group. For those who want help writing and to help the newer members settle into TDS. This also means that none of this is compulsory; it is voluntary and you don't have to take part in it. It also means that anything below will not officially count as a contribution.

All TDS members are allowed to be mentored, I'll explain in depth on what that means later on. There are two types of mentors; Writing Mentors and Regular Mentors.

The Writing Mentors are members that have decided to share their writing expertise with their fellow peers. They'll help the TDS members that request help in writing and assist them. This may come in various forms, from looking over pieces of their work and offering feedback to requesting to be partnered up with them during writing cycles. It is entirely up to the mentor and the one being mentored, on how this shall be done.

This is simply to offer assistance to those who want it. If you sign up to help, you'll be put on the list down below and called on if a member requests your help. Monthly Leaders aren't involved in this. Also veteran/experienced writers are preferred here, learning's great and all; but if you're not that experienced, leave this one to those that are.

You must be a TDS member to mentor people in writing. Likewise to be mentored in writing (via TDS that is), you must currently be a TDS member.

The Regular Mentors are members that will look after the newer members. This means introducing them to TDS, the members, the systems and explaining all the basic things that they'll need to know. The Monthly Leader(s) should check in with the newer members to make sure things are going fine (as they should be doing normally anyway) and check that the members are being mentored decently (Naturally this means the fulls would have to overlook the grand scheme of things).

This would also mean that you'll be likely to be paired up with your mentor/protoge during the bi-weekly cycles, if no explicit requests asking for otherwise are made. Note that this is not set in stone and does not mean that you will be definitely be paired up with your mentor every time.

Regular Mentor-ships will last for however long the pair would like. Once the "protoge" is able to stand on their own feet, the bond between the two should last, but the mentor should say that they're ready to take on another member. Technically the mentor/protoge relationship should officially exist for 6-8 weeks but that is, just a figure.

The minimum requirement to mentor the newer members, is to have been a member of TDS for 1.5 months (This should mean you have been involved in at least 2 cycles). If you are a member that has rejoined after leaving, your total time (previous and current) spent within the group must amount to 1.5 months or more as well. Technically any member can request this feature, but it would be much appreciated if only the newer ones do.

Currently this program is only available to TDS members.

Also Mentors hold the right to refuse to mentor a member at all times, remember this is voluntary and only works if we all want it to.


Kept bellow will be our list of mentors, their current status (available, occupied, unavailable) and who they have "mentored" so far. Default status for those mentoring is "occupied," if this is incorrect for yourself; either post below or ask a mod to change it.

Writing Mentors:

kalebxdd (occupied) Lans13

Kanotari (occupied) Darkvoid116

Kakarot Son (available)


Regular Mentors:

Kakarot Son (available)

Gohan-to-the-Max (available)

Kanotari (available)

Darkvoid116 (available)

DevilsDoCry (available)


Now to sign up to be either a Writing Mentor or a Regular Mentor, reply below and list what you would like to sign up for. Please only sign up for either if you're going to take it somewhat seriously.

If you are a Newer Member it is heavily suggested that you do request for one of the Regular Mentors listed above to aid you. Please only request those who have their status listed as available. Simply reply below saying you'd like to be mentored regularly, and request a Mentor from the Regular List.


Once again; this is completely extra-curricular. It is not something that is intended to be strenuous for anyone, and it is not meant to be a hassle. It's not compulsory and is something that should be done to either learn or help your peers.

Do not sign up to mentor if you're not going to mentor properly. Don't be abusive if your partner/protoge is taking their time doing things, or anything of the sort. Doing this will be considered as an offence and result in the mentor being expelled from the system (further judgement and consequences may be in order). Likewise, if you're not willing to be mentored (this would mean taking constructive criticism etc.) don't request to be mentored.

If you are unable to mentor any more, please post in this threat so that another member can be chosen to mentor. In the case of a hiatus, please alert the fulls/post on the hiatus thread and mention your protoge to make it simpler for everyone. Alternatively if you're being mentored and your mentor vanishes of the face of the Earth, please alert a full member or a monthly leader. If the number of people requesting to be mentored exceeds the number of mentors by far, it should be first come; first serve.

Additionally, just because this currently doesn't statistically amount to anything; it does not mean that it won't help you go further. When considering promotions, there's a chance that the fulls will have a look at the mentor page and so on. Don't be discouraged and give it a shot.

Mentors, please make contact with those that you are mentoring once you have been "chosen."

7/11/2012 . Edited 7/23/2014 #1

I will sign up for said mentor system.

7/11/2012 #2
Kakarot Son

Which one of the regulars would you like to choose?

Or are you saying you'd like to become a writing mentor?

7/11/2012 #3

Hm... I guess I'd sign up for Ijust/Crys to be mentor me since I know her work...

7/11/2012 #4
Kakarot Son

And it's done

7/11/2012 #5

Look forward to working w you, Lance!

I'll be willing to take up to two people total at a time for mentoring, btw. (Meaning, I have another spot free if anyone is interested)

7/11/2012 #6
Son Goshen

*raises hand* XD Pretty sure I'm qualified for mentoring.

7/11/2012 #7
Kakarot Son
What type?
7/11/2012 #8

I "Claim" Rin as my writing mentor

7/11/2012 #9

I could use a mentor, considering I only have a vague idea what to do after my one shot. Kaka, would you be willing?

7/12/2012 #10
Kakarot Son

Uhh sure, why not.

7/12/2012 #11
Borderlined Innocence

I know I'm supposedly on Hiatus, but I'm working on a story that I'll be lobbying soon. And I'd like to request Crys to be my writing mentor please _ if that's okay with her....


7/13/2012 #12

ino, you're alive!!

sure, i'll be your writing mentor :)

7/13/2012 #13
Borderlined Innocence

Yay! :D and yes... I live B

7/14/2012 #14

I would like to sign up for a mentor*

7/18/2012 #15
Kakarot Son

as I'm busy atm, the only other mentor right now is Crys.

That is; unless somebody else wants to join in.

Also a little tip, if you make a spelling mistake you can always use the little edit feature.

7/18/2012 #16

I wouldn't mind any mentor, I'd like a regular mentor and also a writing mentor, anybody is fine with me

7/18/2012 #17

I have two people under my name to mentor (one for writing and one for regular mentoring) right now, so I am no longer available. I believe Goshen was interested in mentoring, though.

Please list me as unavailable at this time :) thanks

7/18/2012 . Edited 7/18/2012 #18
Sailor Saiyan007

I could be a regular mentor... Not good enough for writing mentor.

7/18/2012 #19

thanks I would be glad to have you as a Regular mentor, thank you so much for accepting and if anyone would be a writing mentor for me that would also be appreciated

7/18/2012 . Edited 7/18/2012 #20
I'd like to ask for a mentor since I do need a little help on here.(I'm a little lost) Just wondering if I could have a regular mentor, or if I could ask for a writing mentor (I want to improve on my skills badly...) or I could have both if anyone minds. I see Son Goshen is available, but she's still a leader for this month, but I could also have Sailor since it looks like she's available too. Also I could take anyone else that's available. If anyone could mentor me it would highly appreciated.
7/23/2012 #21
Son Goshen

Put Jitter and Syd under my name. I'm their mentor.

Jitter = writing

Syd = regular.

7/23/2012 . Edited 7/23/2012 #22
Kakarot Son

Done. good luck Curly

7/24/2012 #23

Now that I'm off of hiatus, you can put me up as a mentor.

8/16/2012 #24
Kakarot Son

Regular or writing?

8/16/2012 #25


8/16/2012 #26
Kakarot Son

Done... anyone else want to sign up? Or any of the newer members want a mentor?

8/16/2012 #27

Do I have to officially claim Kajun, or can I leave it like it is (unspoken)?

8/17/2012 #28
Kakarot Son

well I think it counts statistically if you do it here. but unspoken's fine and perhaps easier too

8/17/2012 #29
Majin Son Goku

Wait, was someone screwing with me or did DDC get stuck with mentoring me for some reason?

8/27/2012 #30
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