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Kakarot Son

... sigh. I'll take him.

8/28/2012 #31
Majin Son Goku
You make it sound like a bad thing?
8/28/2012 #32
Kakarot Son

Everything's a bad thing when you're as lazy as me.

Still up for grabs if anyone wants me.

8/28/2012 #33
Kakarot Son

Let's not spam the mentor thread and move this thing over to general chat

8/30/2012 #34
Majin Son Goku
Good idea, but nah. I would rather not argue with you over something this retarded and pointless.
8/30/2012 #35
I'd like to sign up as a writing mentor and thereby end my claiming of Godess at the same time. Full or mod please PM me if any more rules etc. follows .
9/3/2012 #36

I'd like to make ShadowMajin my mentor...

9/21/2012 #37

I'd like Mikey H to be my mentor.... :D

10/2/2012 . Edited by Son Goshen, 10/2/2012 #38

I'd like a mentor. Perhaps ShadowMajin.

2/16/2013 #39
Lord of the Saiyans

Well, originally I didn't intend to request help here however, I have been looking around and the whole cycle stuff seems a bit complicated. While I am sure I could grasp it eventually, I'd like someone who knows what they are doing to help me out a bit so I don't end up messing up somewhere along the way.

I am cool for writing, though. I don't feel I need any mentorship on that.

2/16/2013 #40

Ah, good ol' confidence. It helps a lot, but most of the time it's a bitch. I think I'm pretty good with writing as well, but there's always more to be learned.

2/16/2013 #41
Lord of the Saiyans

Well, I am not saying my writing is perfect because it isn't. I am just confident enough in it that I feel I can improve on my own and therefore don't feel the need to ask for assistance. If I thought I needed it, I'd be asking for it.

2/16/2013 #42

Yes, I understand. I'm honestly a bit confused myself, but I think I understand the basic premise.

2/16/2013 #43
Majin Son Goku

Don't worry so much. Stick around for a while, and you will get the entire thing just fine. And did you already get accepted J1? I didn't catch a post in Marshalling Zone saying you did.

2/17/2013 #44
I think I did. I got a PM from Kano saying that I was accepted.
2/17/2013 #45
Majin Son Goku

Then don't worry, you have been accepted. Welcome to the family ... I think. It was a family last time I checked, maybe it changed?

2/17/2013 #46
Lord of the Saiyans

And then TDS was the Godfather.

2/17/2013 #47
Majin Son Goku

If you are suggesting that TDS has degenerated into becoming a Mafia, please stop. We have long since transcended something as weak as a Mafia. We are TDS, and have become something better.

2/17/2013 . Edited 2/17/2013 #48
Kakarot Son

And that's the last we ever heard from Majin Son Goku...

2/19/2013 #49
Majin Son Goku

Really? You heard from me now :P

2/19/2013 #50
Lord of the Saiyans

Nope, definitely not hearing someone right now. If there was any abnormal noise I'd put it down to the wind but I can't because there is not.

2/19/2013 #51
Majin Son Goku

-sigh- Here we go again.

2/20/2013 #52

I'd like to sign up to be a mentor. Both kinds, either kind. Whatever is needed.

3/10/2013 #53
Kakarot Son

aand done

3/10/2013 #54

Screw it ill be a mentor

5/18/2013 #55
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