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Kakarot Son

Alright writers, it's that time of year when love is in the air and our fingers are itching to give those souls reading fanfictions something to make their hearts go 'aww.'

First off some of you are probably wondering, why has this been left so late. There are two reasons for that. Reason number one, Valentine's Day doesn't really mean anything to me (seriously I'm spending this Valentine's Day sitting in a meeting discussing how pokie machines operate). Reason number two, with less time to prepare the material is a lot more raw and as such (I believe) will be of better quality.

The rules. Number One: Your story has to be at least 1000 words (we want to keep some kind of minimum limit, maximum go for your life). Number Two: Romance has to be one of the genres, what kind of romance, that's up to you. Number Three: Your story will be Unbetad, meaning the product you write will be the one to be published. The reason for this is that it is a competition and as such you will get judged on your writing, not a second rendition of your story. Number Four: Your writing will be anonymous, the only person who will know who wrote what story is the person selected to post the stories.

There will be three competitions, all of which can be won by the same story, or three individual stories. These are: Most Hits, Most Reviews and the Best Story voted by other members (including former) of TDS.

I'm also extending this competition to all former members of TDS, as I believe the more competitors we have the better the competition would be.

The stories will be posted on fanfiction on Valentine's Day or for late entries as close to the date as possible. The results shall be handed out exactly one week later on the 21st, so the earlier you get your story in the more hits and reviews it will likely get. There is no restriction on what fandom you can write for and most importantly, have fun. Copied and Pasted from the Facebook event for all our forum-only members.

2/10/2013 . Edited 2/10/2013 #1
Kakarot Son

It's been a while and we apologise for the wait. Here's who wrote what, in case you were wondering: Autocorrect 2 - Marimo Zi-Dawg Switch - Goshen Son Fire and Water - Razamataz Twentytwo Second Doubts - Kakarot Son A Spectacular or Craptacular V-day? - Sailor Saiyan Most hits went: 1. Autocorrect 2 - 1142 2. Switch - 502 3. Fire and Water - 388 Most reviews: 1. Second Doubts - 6 2. Fire and Water - 4 3. Autocorrect 2 - 3 note: Switch came first in reviews, but the author chose to take the prize for most votes instead. Most votes: 1. Switch - 3 2. Second Doubts - 2 3. Fire and Water/Second Doubts/A Spectacular or Craptacular V-day? - 0 Congratulations to all the prizewinners (those who came first). Hope the rest of you guys found it to be enjoyable and whatnot.

3/9/2013 #2
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