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Kakarot Son

If there are any fics that you'd like to share with the rest of the group and those who visit the forums, any suggestions or recommendations, post them below. Note that this isn't for your own fics.

I'll start us off then, with possibly my favourite fic of all time:

3/8/2013 #1
Son Goshen

I have too many favorites. xD

3/8/2013 #2

"Broken Down Universe" by dragonbabezee. It's excellent. Time travel, sci-fi, Bulma/Vegeta, some very awesome creative ideas that pull from even newer additions to the expanded DBZ universe... it's amazing. It's not done, but the author updates very quickly and it's almost complete, I think. One warning: there IS smut, B/V smut, but you can usually tell when the sexytiemz are about to start so you can skip over it. An amazing fic, and there really isn't that much smut considering how long this thing is already. Give it a read if you like mind-bendingly cool time travel paradoxes and such.

3/8/2013 #3
Kakarot Son

Oh and for god's sake...

3/8/2013 #4
Majin Son Goku

An ANBU Naruto story where Naruto is actually in the ANBU in the canon timeline, rather than one of your cookie cutter former-ANBU-gets-demoted-to-Gennin-and-owns-everything stories.

3/9/2013 #5
Kakarot Son

A couple of DBZ ones:

One of my favourite spin-off kind of stories (where one tiny event drastically changes everything):

And one of the best romance fics I've ever read... shit had me depressed:

Oh and this... just read it.

Another brilliant fic:

And finally what's probably my favourite B/V fic ever:

3/10/2013 . Edited 3/10/2013 #6
Infamous Storm

Phenomenal story! f-Uzumaki-Naruto-A-Beginning

7/11/2013 . Edited 7/11/2013 #7
Majin Son Goku ever-Ends

Read this ... best crossover I have ever read. Naruto Metal Gear Solid Good Writer = Too Much Win.

7/24/2013 #8
fkp5 eath

This is the best story I have ever read. I highly recommend it.

7/24/2013 #9
Kakarot Son

Looks fairly impressive (and massive in length) and I've heard quite a lot about that one, guess I'll give it a shot when I get a chance.

7/25/2013 #10
Majin Son Goku

Well, I have been looking for good fics to read, and I have been reading so much recently that the Naruto fandom is failing me. I might just get back into DBZ with this one...

7/25/2013 #11
Infamous Storm


What would you like to see?

7/25/2013 #12
Majin Son Goku

Anything really, but during my time in the DBZ fandom, G/V interested me particularly. Preferably though, I would like to see things WITHOUT Gohan making an absolute mockery of himself. I don't enjoy that in any character but Goku, because that is the only person that kind of personality suits, in my opinion.

7/26/2013 #13
Kakarot Son

Picked up this one yesterday: i-s-Tears The way the first two or so chapters drew me in's something that's not happened in quite a while... probably not for little kiddies though

7/26/2013 #14
Majin Son Goku

Who was the comment directed at? :P

If something hasn't happened in a while to a Naruto fic, you're better off moving on to bigger and better things.

7/26/2013 #15
Infamous Storm

Again, I recommend Legend of Uzumaki Naruto by General Grievous. Pure. Win.

7/26/2013 #16
Majin Son Goku

You know what? Why do I bother? Just go read most of the shit that Kenchi618 wrote. Most of it is downright hilarious.

7/28/2013 #17
Infamous Storm

I did, it's all the same thing. The only one I like is Better Left Unsaid

7/28/2013 #18
Majin Son Goku

Bite me, after reading most of the utter crap that populates the Naruto fandom, his writing is like pure gold. And it's fun when you're reading for the kicks rather than the actual literature itself.

7/28/2013 #19
Infamous Storm

Sorry man, didn't mean it as an insult. Yeah, its fun. I just feel that some of his stories are overdrawn. that being said, Great Clan Days seems to be off to a good start :P

And I said to try that fic, Legend of Uzumaki Naruto. It's 560, 000 something words and its AWESOME!

Also, have you ever read Worth Dying For?

7/28/2013 #20
Majin Son Goku

I probably have at some point or other. I have read so many fics in the past that I have forgotten anything that I haven't read in the last month or so ... or have bookmarked on my phone.

7/28/2013 #21
Sofia Volpina

I'm still new to this forum, but I can't go wrong with this rec. One of the best stories out there, simply brilliant!

Story: Dragon Ball AF: The Room of Sprit and Time Saga by JTX1000

Vegeta and Goku are the main characters, but all other characters get their fair share of action just as in the original DBZ series.

9/24/2013 . Edited 9/24/2013 #22

Water Sharing is an awesome fic that I think people would enjoy!!

10/17/2013 #23
Majin Son Goku

Can't be bothered to link right now since I am far too tired, but I did pick up Drifting recently. Good Naruto fic, very good writing. Seems like a pretty original plot too, so that's a plus. Harem story, bit of a minus, but can be overlooked for the quality. The length is beyond insane, so don't start it if you don't have a few days to waste away. Each chapter is like 20k long. 0_o

11/25/2013 #24

Anything written by AlphaDelta1001 is amazing. I went to University with the guy and despite him currently in his Honors year he still manages to pump out huge chapters

12/12/2013 #25

Stories by CardCaptorGoku are very good.

12/13/2013 #26
Kakarot Son

For those familiar with Danny Phantom (which is a pretty awesome show in its own right), Phantom of Truth by HaiJu is a smooth but incredible fic that I absolutely loved.

12/13/2013 #27
T. Alana M

Fallout is the best Detective Conan story ever! It's totally realistic and contains so much suspense.. Basically, Kid and Conan team up once they find out they're both fighting the Black. Org., then the other Gosho Boys join in, but they have to be in the Witness Protection Program after the Black. Org calls hits on Miwako and Takagi.

It's rather unappreciated though, with over 200k words and only 470ish reviews.

2/1/2014 #28

Bringer of Death

Check this story out. It's really good and I've been pretty addicted to it lately! It's kind of long, but definitely worth it :)

4/5/2014 #29
Dying Grin


If anyone is familiar with the Percy Jackson and the Olympians then I'd really recommend this oneshot. The story of one of the many campers not to make it to Cap Half blood. Short and powerful.

7/24/2014 #30
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