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Kakarot Son

Here's the link to the new system: ... There's a link to the google doc on that account's profile which is far easier on the eyes.

Above/Below is a rather long document about the new system that TDS is adopting. If you're a new member, make sure to read the entire thing or at least go through the summary at the end. We recommend that you check the google doc every few months if you wish to keep up with any minor changes to it. There is a summary of each section down the bottom for those who don't have the time to read the entire thing, but try and go through all of it.

If there are any questions in relation to the system, post below instead of in the Assignments and Queries section.

'I'm a very new member, I don't know what's going on at the moment and I'm not sure where I stand in this.'

PM me just to be sure, but in nine cases out of ten you can take the rest of the month off in order to try and meet other members of the team and form your own group/join a group. You'll still need to submit your one-shot though.

'I'm thinking of applying at the Marshalling Zone. What the heck is this?'

A set of guidelines/rules and the 'system' which you'll follow if you become a member. Don't get frightened by it, it's not as complex as it looks and you'll have people to help you understand it.

This was brought to you by Kaka, Rie and several other members of TDS (both past and present). Rie and I are available via PM if anyone has any questions.

In case the link above goes offline, here's a forum version (however FF removed much of the font formatting):

1. Current System.

The current system has gotten us through most of the year the last year rather well, but there are a few issues within it which we believe should be resolved. This document is brought to you by Kaka and Rie, as well as various current and past members. While it's a long read, we encourage you to read the entire thing--if you can't, skip to the summary at the end and scroll up when clarification is needed.

2. Focus.

First of all, we're a writing group. We're not the CIA or something, everything doesn't have to be perfect. When it all comes down to it, we're a bunch of amateur writers. Be it veteran amateur writers or just amateur writers, at this stage we're all here because writing is a hobby of ours. Hobbies aren't things which should be forced onto people, rather things that people should choose to do for the most bit. As such we don't reckon that we should be forcing people to write/claim, it should be more on them to do something. And if that something's not done within a certain time, they'll be dismissed... simple as that. TDS is a writing group first and foremost, people should be writing.

Next, while we have near eighty stories posted on the Team Dragon Star account (most of them being one-shots, but currently near 20 of them being multi-chapter), they are almost never updated. Stories such as City Friends, Annoying, Shimmering Grotto, All In Time, Plus One, Night of Fun, Divided We Fall, The Other Side to Gohan, Never A Saviour, Tortured Soul, and until very recently Tranquil Violence, have been put on the backburner. There may be individual reasons for some of these, but there still should be more happening.

Yet, new stories are continuing to be developed and written. While it's recently stopped happening (mainly because nobody's been writing much as of late) and having new ones is not necessarily a bad thing, we need to finish what we've started first... or at least try and get somewhere close. As such, we believe that the focus should be shifted to the already existing stories before new ones are started. Note that this doesn't mean that a halt will be put to all new stories, it just means that we should try and continue what we've begun.

This brings us to our next point:

3. Groups.

While cycles have allowed us to put out a great number of chapters in the past, we believe it's time for a change. As mentioned above, the stories that we've got going are often left for dust, so we believe that the easiest way to avoid this would be to construct groups for each story.

For stories like Z Identity (every chapter of which until recently had been written by ShadowMajin), it doesn't mean that only one person can't write for it. What it does mean is that there should be a group dedicated to plotting it. Groups should be of 2-3 or at most 5 people. These groups are made up of people who can come and go as they wish, but are dedicated to a specific story. In other words rather than members changing stories every two weeks, they'll stay put on one story for a while. This makes things such as plotting a lot easier, as the plot for a story won't be something that'll need to be chased up/remade entirely every two weeks anymore. While people aren't glued to a specific group, it'll be a little easier on everyone if they're familiar with what they're writing for.

That said, there is no limit to the amount of groups that you can join, however if you're inactive within one for long enough and someone wants your spot... it's most likely gone.

If it's still not all that clear, here's an example.

Group 1, consisting of Kaka, Gttm, Rie and Karmel choose to work on Tranquil Violence and Group 2, consisting of Kano, Shadow, Kaleb and Jin choose to work on The Missing Prince.

Rie can swap over to The Missing Prince if she would like. Similarly if Shadow wants to swap over to Tranquil Violence, that works too. However Shadow and Kaleb can't both swap over to Tranquil Violence, without one of the members leaving said group (the Tranquil Violence group), since that would mean there are six people within the group.

Active groups consist of at least two members, although as stated above both don't have to be writing.

Entire groups can also "change their focus" after a month or two. Say Group 1 wants to work on Never A Saviour instead of Tranquil Violence, that's more than allowed. However entire groups should not/cannot swap while a chapter is half-written for one of the stories so as to avoid all the problems which would arise with such a thing. When an entire group changes its focus, it would be nice if a rough plot/outline is left behind for the next group to pick up on. If you're nice enough to do that for your fellow members, they might do the same in return. Everyone wins.

Sometimes two weeks can be a little too short for one chapter, even with multiple people working on it. Sometimes not. But as has been shown in the past, it mostly is. We've all got our own lives to lead, and often our time is eaten up by other things: be it our education, work, social events etc.

As such, the minimum requirement from now on will be that that each active member must play a part in writing at least one chapter every month. Meaning that as long as a person plays a part in writing one chapter every month (even just writing a couple hundred words), they're fine.

If they don't do so and they do not give in a legitimate reason, they will be dismissed at the discretion of the admins/monthly leaders who will also make sure the Current Member list is up to date. They are allowed to and even encouraged, provided they intend to write for TDS, to reapply after a month has passed. Like normal, they'll be judged with no bias in regards to their previous time at the group. Unfortunately it also means that they will have to work themselves up from the bottom again, but if they're determined to be a part of TDS it shouldn't be that much of a problem. There'll also be no bias regarding 'last time' with promotions with the exception of the ones which deal with the password and admin promotion.

A month should be enough time to deal with writer's block and whatnot. If it's not, consider resigning and taking some time off and then re-applying once you've got more time to write. There's nothing wrong with that.

Also we strongly encourage members to push beyond the minimum requirements both for themselves (as it will no doubt improve your own writing) and for the group (we'd love to see a couple more stories being updated).

Putting groups in charge of stories, rather than just 1-2 people that change every week, proves advantageous as it allows a plot to be developed for the story. This way another member of the team will likely not stray away from what a couple of the other members had been trying to go for, and so that hopefully the story can come to a conclusion eventually instead of just continuing on forever because nobody knows where it's going to end.

Monthly leaders, with assistance from Admins, will be in charge of running things and chasing everything. But this will also help lift some of the pressure off from them, as they now only have to chase things up once a month as opposed to twice. Mostly, new monthlies will find themselves chasing up people from the month before within the first couple of days, so they should maintain contact with the previous monthly leaders where possible. It also slightly eases off some of the pressure from them though as they no longer will have to worry about exact timings, warnings and claiming disputes.

However monthlies should also aim to do a quick checkup, at least once a month, on a group's status. This is to get an idea of where each group is standing and if there's a particular member that's disappeared/not writing, thus making it slightly easier to manage instead of having surprise sprung on them at the end of the month.

Also as far as limitation to switching groups goes, it's the monthlies who decide where the plug shall be pulled just in case things ever get out of hand. That said, the smallest group size is two and biggest five. Members who are on hiatus may opt to temporarily pull out of all groups in order to make room for more members to help and work on stories.

Members also have no limitation to the amount of groups they can be apart of, so as long as there aren't too many people trying to clog up one fic, everyone will be able to write to their heart's content.

Groups are chosen by the members, so that people can work with those that they're comfortable with. There'll be a forum topic updated just like Current Members with all the active groups and members apart of it... if a change that's not yet been made needs to happen, simply post response to the topic and a mod will edit it in.

In the case of members leaving the team, the members of the group they're in can carry on unless it was initially a 2 man group. The remaining members will need to find a new group and join up with them, or get more people to join his current one. If by some ridiculous fluke, there's no more room for a single member within any of the other groups and he/she cannot get anyone else to form another group with him/her, an exception may be made.

And also in light of the extended amount of writing time and members allowed within a group, the minimum length of any chapter shall be two thousand words. This does not apply to one-shots which have a minimum length of one thousand and five hundred words.

On the note of one-shots, if there's one you'd like to have published on the team account for whatever reason, simply send it into the TDS DocX inbox. Note that one-shots are completely extracurricular, so while they'll add to your contributions tally they will not count as the part of a chapter you must've played once a month. Meaning that if you submit a one-shot but don't help write a chapter for at least one group within a month, you'll be dismissed. Don't like it? Write with your group first, then go for your one-shot. Note that the one-shots in mention here don't have anything to do with the mandatory one-shot that each member has to submit before they become a member

This new system helps cater for stories that aren't as popular but would be voted to remain on the Team's FF page. For every chapter that is being written, simply have it accessible over a google doc or something similar; Making it possible for anyone to make a contribution, creating a sense of unity between group members rather as opposed to going off in isolation for a few weeks before returning with an end product.

In fact it's highly suggested that all group fics are written on google docs or something of the like, because as mentioned above it allows for members to work on one chapter at the same time while allowing them to see what the other people have written... meaning that they can twist and alter it to their hearts content as opposed to having one person do so after all the scenes have been added up.

Groups will use the Current Groups topic to initially choose which stories they want to work on, as well as well as any changes to the groups. It's only for groups, but it means that it's the official place to choose a fic, change your fic and to change groups. In other words, if you're swapping from Group A to Group B, you would make a post there. The first post should contain the members of each current group, the stories that they are working on and should the group so desire... their group name, or nickname.

Continuing on from the last point, new stories will have a slight limit on them. Members of a group can only come up with a new story every 2-3 months with all the previous rules still in effect (7 approvals and a plot etc.). While it sounds tight, it's needed to prevent the scenario of two chapter stories which are never updated being published. And hey, if you've got a month's head start on the first few chapters, it might even do everyone some good.

4. Group Captains and Hiatuses.

Each group should nominate a group captain. This group captain is merely another member of the group, but they are the person that the monthlies should talk to in order to find out a group's status.

They're also responsible for reporting any disappearances that happen within their group to monthly leaders, and also finally for the chapter being sent to the Team Dragon Star account. This doesn't mean that they are held liable if a member hasn't written their part, just that they should organise the sending of the chapter somehow.

If a group captain becomes absent, it's up to the other members of the group to report this to a monthly leader, before appointing a replacement group captain themselves and notifying the monthly of who this is. Naturally if the group's made up of two people, you should talk to the monthlies and get things sorted with them (they should be able to take care of that, whether it means finding a new group member, letting you go completely solo, or shifting you to another group etc.).

As far as hiatuses go, at the time this was written, more than three fourths of our group was on hiatus. Hiatuses aren't an opportunity for you to leave the group because you feel like it and then maybe come back. They're meant to be a break because of the influence of external factors that aren't in your hands, and are meant to only last for a couple of months in most cases. And also, hiatuses aren't a complete exemption from writing for the group, that's a responsibility that came along with joining the group. Meaning that it's not really an excuse to not write anything, if an opportunity presents itself, even for a week or two, you should consider stepping up and lending a hand with a chapter.

If you think you may not return, resign. It's as simple as that. You can always re-apply and will be judged with no bias on your decision to leave (this applies to everyone that leaves the group, voluntarily or not). You can now chat with members of TDS on Facebook without being apart of the group as well, and you will remain part of numerous other groups on Facebook despite leaving.

If you are certain that you are going to return and have put down a hiatus extending for over four months, a monthly leader will review your status every three months (normally consisting of simply talking to you and asking a few questions about how your hiatus is going, when you may be fee again etc.). This is to make sure that there's a reason for your hiatus and that you're not just being lazy.

For example, if a person is on hiatus from but they still quite regularly update their own stories, something is wrong. But if a person is on hiatus because of school, work, college etc. and are not updating at all, that's much more reasonable.

The process of monthlies checking on hiatuses extending for over four months every three months is called a hiatus review. If it's found that you're abusing use of the hiatus feature, then you'll be asked to end your hiatus... maybe nicely, maybe not so nicely depending upon the situation. If this repeats for a while, further action may be taken... however this should be run by an admin first. No-one is exempt from this.

This is necessary to ensure that the group isn't filled with people who simply sit on hiatuses instead of participating, it's unacceptable for a couple of members to have to run the entire group by themselves while others sit back and watch the show. Writer's block may be an issue that many of us experience but there's a fine line between having it and just being flat out lazy. On that note, one of the best things about TDS is that it had a multitude of stories on offer to be updated... if you're stuck on a certain story, try and switch things up (you've only got 80 stories to choose from :P).

In case of members who have completely vanished off the face of the Earth, a six-month unexplained absence shall result in dismissal. Unless it has been properly detailed within their hiatus post, it is safe to assume that the member has left the group/cannot be apart of the group. If Member A puts down a hiatus for three months in January, yet does not reappear, they will be dismissed in October at latest.

Unexplained absences can be handled by monthly leaders who will decide whether to expel the member or put them on indefinite hiatus (as stated above, lasting for 6 months).

Once again, expelled members can still chat with their former team-mates on Facebook and the forums, and can still apply again if they do come back.

If you're well and truly leaving for a prolonged period of time but know that you will be returning, while hiatus review messages will still be sent to you, nothing will happen if you do not respond. However if you do not return after the specified period of time, during the following hiatus review, you may be dismissed (this depends mostly upon the period of time that you're away for. If you're gone for a week or two more more, no-one will think anything of it. However if you're gone for a few more months, that's when the above is most likely).

5. Promotions and Ranks.

Not long ago, the promotion system was revisited and revised because two ranks were not enough. However it's made little to no difference, with a few minor exceptions nobody has really been promoted until quite recently. Even still, promotions are inconsistent, happen in bulk and often take too long to be carried through, the majority of the group is sitting on 0-3* and in accordance to the amount of work they've done should be higher. As such, we propose a re-revision of the ranking system:

  1. New Member: After a one-shot has been submitted, not before. Almost brand new to the team. Should look into participating in the as best as they can.

  1. Member: Having a minimum of at least about four contributions to their name, this member is now truly apart of the team. They should be starting to take their own initiative on things, as well as beginning to volunteer to be monthly leaders. To move beyond this, they should have lead before and hopefully worked in more than just one group.

  1. Experienced Member: Having a minimum of about 10-13 chapters to their names this member should be a TDS-regular. They should often be involved in writing chapters and leading the group. To move beyond this rank, members should attempt to do things other than simply writing and participating in a group or two. Show that you're capable of leading other members and that you can guide others. *May have the password.

  1. Administrators: The official leaders of the group with generally a minimum of about 15 chapters, although those who have proven themselves worthy may have a smaller amount to their name. They handle many behind-the-scenes decisions and should often be writing, leading and grading those in Marshalling. These are where the very best TDS members should stand, those who've earned it and are true-role models to the rest of the group. They should also be heavily involved with the settling in of new members and the welfare of others. *May have the password.

We believe a larger emphasis should be placed on promoting those who are writing chapters often, beta reading, leading and marking people in the Marshalling Zone amongst other things. Rather than having it be so opinion-based, we're proposing a more quantity based one. At the moment we have seven ranks, which creates some sort of a rift between members, especially with the middle so empty. To counter this we reckon that the amount of ranks should be reduced.

As far as the actual promotion process goes, either the Admins (or if unavailable/busy, the Experienced Members) should agree to put a promotion poll up on the Forums for the member in question once the aforementioned criteria has been achieved. This of course is only for those being looked at for Admin/Experienced Member promotion (no point in spamming everyone by asking them to vote for a new member to be promoted to a normal member). There all members will be given the option to vote either yes or no. After three days, the Team Dragon Star Fanfiction account shall post the final results on the thread, close the poll and open the results. The reason why it's on the forums is so that it's accessible by everyone and also since it allows for complete anonymity.

In terms of the names of the rank, we believe that there should be no such thing as a 'full member' as the name is a bit misleading. Every member should be a full member from the very start, not until numerous months or in some cases, a year has gone by.

6. Farewells.

Since not all farewells (expulsions, resignations etc.) have been as good as they could be we've written a standard farewell and a dismissal message.


Dear [insert member name],

Your time at Team Dragon Star has been greatly appreciated, and we hope you enjoyed having us as much as we did having you. While this may be the end of the road for your time at Team Dragon Star, we hope that the bonds you formed with its members last.

As a now-former member of Team Dragon Star, you can stay on the Current Former Members Facebook group chat and any offshoot Facebook group (Team Meme Star etc.) that you are in, however you will be removed from the official ones. You are also always welcome on the forums, but we do ask that you do not vote in any of the member only polls posted there (unless explicitly stated otherwise). You also will not be able to grade people in the Marshalling Zone anymore if you were a member of the Marshalling Squad. [If person is a moderator, add: Unfortunately, your moderatorship will also have to be terminated. Understand that this is done to stop too many people from having it at any one time and to clear way for other members to obtain moderatorship.]

If you have a change of mind about your decision, you can re-apply at the Marshalling Zone as soon as one month has passed since your initial resignation. Once again, this is done to prevent cluttering. If you do decide to re-apply, anything that you have done in the past shall be forgotten and you will be judged with no bias. Whatever you had done, good or bad, shall not count; allowing you the opportunity to completely start fresh if you so desire.

It's been a pleasure to have you on board, and we're sure that our memories of you will last for a long time. We wish you luck with your life, and whatever you choose to do in the future.


All your teammates and friends at Team Dragon Star.


Dear [insert member name],

It has been a pleasure to have you at Team Dragon Star, but we're afraid that you are expelled for [insert reason here; disappearing for a prolonged period of time without explanation, inactivity etc.].

If you believe that this decision has been made unfairly, please contact an Administrator. If not, then you are no longer a member of Team Dragon Star. As such, while you are welcome on the forums, the Current Former Members Facebook group chat and any Facebook offshoot groups (Team Meme Star etc.), you will be removed from the official Team Dragon Star group. And while you are welcome on the forums, you are not entitled to a vote on any of the polls posted there (unless explicitly stated otherwise) or the right to grade applicants at the Marshalling Zone. Any other member-only rights, will obviously also be terminated [if mod, add: including your moderatorship].

However, if you still wish to be apart of the group, you can re-apply at the Marshalling Zone as soon as a month has passed. There you will be graded like normal, with no bias regarding to what you've done in the past and what members know about you; good or bad. From there, like any new member, you will be granted to opportunity to work your way up from the bottom, allowing you to carve a completely fresh path.

We wish you all the best for whatever future endeavours you may have.


Members of Team Dragon Star.

7. Missing Members and Returning Members.

Currently we have numerous missing members, and it's time to face it... many of them aren't going to return, whether we like it or not. As such, to clean up the group, we believe they should be removed from the Current Members list.

If they ever return, like all former members, they'll still have connections with the group and it won't be too hard for them to re-apply. It may seem a little unfair on their behalf, to have to redo everything that they've done so far, but it needs to be done. If they're serious about being members of the group if they do return, it shouldn't matter too much to them.

As far as former members goes, before they leave an updated list of all their contributions to the group should be kept. This is great for just general reference and in case they ever return. While it won't matter at first when they do return, if they've written a lot of chapters for the group it may be taken into account by members of the group when an Admin/Experienced Member position is being considered.

So this list... does this mean that the Admins and Monthly Leaders will have more work on their hands? No. They might at first, but there are somewhat infrequently updated lists of this already contained in the 'Statistics' thread. Firstly it will well and truly be brought up to scratch, and Group Captains will be responsible for updating the contributions of the members of their group every time a chapter is sent to the TDS inbox. A link to a Google doc containing each member's current contributions will be posted on the Team Dragon Star Facebook page (if one does not already exist) and then members will update it themselves, every time a chapter's posted.

Members who don't have a Facebook account will be able to access this, however the link won't be made publicly available on the forums. Rather, one will be included in the orientation package so as to avoid any potential vandalism by members of the public.

Why isn't such a thing hosted on the forums? Well on the forums, only moderators can edit posts, meaning that we can't adopt the do-it-yourself system and people will fall behind. Also on the forums you can't see what recent changes have been made, so in case of any misconduct or anything, the earlier version of the doc can be pulled up and used. As for why it's not on Facebook... Google Docs is also a nice medium between the forums and Facebook, as both can access it without need for an account.

In these lists, if a member leaves TDS (willingly or not), it should be mentioned in the do-it-yourself log. So for example, this would be a normal member's section in the log:

[Member's name]: Tranquil x2, Tortured Soul x8, All in Time x3, Never a Saviour x9.

This would be a member who has rejoined the group.

[Member's name]: Tranquil x2, Tortured Soul x8, All in Time x3, Never a Saviour x9. Rejoined. Tranquil x4, Tortured Soul x1, A Home Once Lost x2.

So in other words, their contributions after rejoining should be marked separately to their contributions the first time around. That indicates that the member completed two chapters of Tranquil, eight chapters of Tortured, three of All In Time etc. the first time around, while four chapters of Tranquil, one chapter of Tortured etc. the second time around.

And in total:

  • 6 chapters of Tranquil Violence

  • 9 chapters of Tortured Soul

  • 3 chapters of All In Time

  • 9 chapters of Never a saviour

  • 2 chapters of A Home Once Lost

Also when a member leaves the group, their statistics remain. In case they ever rejoin, or just simply for reference.

*It is each member's responsibility to not only always put their own name onto each chapter they write (preferably in an Author's Note at the bottom) but to update this list when they send something into the TDS account. Members won't always be willing to go through each chapter posted on the TDS account individually and attempt to guess who's written it, if you don't do so perhaps expect an unequal amount of contributions to your name.

8. Marshalling Zone.

The Marshalling Zone has gone through various changes over time, and such we believe it's time for a change. First off, fandoms will no longer count for anything. Despite everything that's been said over the last year or so, there's been no real attempt to branch into other fandoms and as such they shouldn't count. It doesn't affect a person's writing skill, which is what should mainly be judged, especially when they're all only really writing for one fandom. Short of an odd one-shot here and there, and an infrequently updated multi-chapter fic, we've mostly been Dragonball and always will be.

As you know, quite recently a new Marshalling system has been implemented. The 'Marshalling Squad' which currently consists of people who were regulars at Marshalling, admins and people who often write for the group... the logic being that those who are writing deserve to be able to choose who they're writing with. Since it's come to our attention that applicant's have been having to wait for large amounts of time--for most of which they're confused--and that some members have marked what they probably shouldn't have (e.g. a brand new member marking another brand new member) only a select few can currently grade applicants.

For those that are curious to know how it works, there's a Facebook group running in which the members pass or fail applicants with a bit of a reasoning for why they chose whatever it was. It's currently working on a best of 5 format, mostly because there are only 6 members currently.

If there are any questions or queries about this, do not hesitate to ask ShadowMajin. For those hoping to join the Marshalling squad--write, lead and beta read (if applicable). If you're sitting in the corner don't expect to be added to it.

With that out of the equation, we also propose a slight point distribution. TDS has always prided itself in being open to the majority of people, however half the application is just making things sound good--something that many applicants lose points for when they probably shouldn't.

This is the proposed new Marshalling marking system:

Writing: Write/give a piece of writing to be marked out of 8. There are no issues if this is an excerpt from one of your works. Marks shall generally be given depending on grammar, spelling, punctuation, total 'flowing ability,' finesse and perhaps length.' Marked out of 8.

Why You believe You Should be Added: What you can do for Team Dragon Star (What are your strengths and weaknesses and what you can bring to the table: constant updates, quality writing, beta reading services [this counts for nothing if you cannot back it up with prior experiences], organisation, specialties in a certain genre or type of writing etc. almost anything you can do for us goes here.) Marked out of 3.

Bonus (optional): This section does not need to be filled out, your marker will make their own section based on what they can see--you don't lose marks for not having this section. What else do you deserve marks for? If you have anything which you think is deserving of any extra marks, put it in. Whatever good traits you have, e.g. effort, if you're an experienced writer, whatever you think might score you a few extra marks. Marked out of 1.

As usual an applicant requires five more passes than they do fails. So 5 straight passes means that the applicant has passed, as does 8 passes and 3 fails. 5 passes and 2 fails means that the applicant has failed though, as the difference between passes and fails is less than five.

Another change we'd like to make is that all applicants must have written something of their own before. Be it a few one-shots or a single chaptered story... many applicants made an account to sign up, without exactly knowing how FF works or even really knowing how to write anything beyond a chapter or two. Harsh, it may be... but we're not here to teach those ropes.

9. In and Out Voting.

As some may have noticed there are an abundance of unfinished fics (we're not talking about one-shots) some of which, the majority may wish to take down. To many new members this is something new, so I'll do my best to explain it:

A topic is temporarily created on the forums, but there isn't a poll embedded on it. Instead this is done manually, stories which haven't been updated/probably won't be updated are listed and members are given a simple in or out choice in regards to whether or not the fic should be deleted. Naturally what follows isn't the best example you could find, so go take a look at some of the older topics on the forums and you'll find one.


1st post- It's time for another In/Out vote. The stories that have been chosen this time are:

A Dragon's Choice

The Stray Bullet

Still Water

Dark Shadows

2nd post-

A Dragon's Choice-In

The Stray Bullet-Out

Still Water-Out

Dark Shadows-In

3rd post-

A Dragon's Choice - Out

The Stray Bullet- Out

Still Water- IN

Dark Shadows- In

There are no maybes about your decision. It's in or out, although you may want to provide justification (it's not necessary), and then the story shall be deleted. (Make a backup while you still can, if you wish). It's the monthlies who organise this before getting someone with the password to delete the fics.

10. Old and special stories.

There are a couple of stories which are special; you wouldn't call them abandoned necessarily, but you wouldn't call them all that active either. They're either special or exclusive in some way or they've been made so by and In and Out poll: voted in continuously, but with no-one updating it. This is most likely because those who primarily updated it were former members.

Such stories currently include:

Tortured Soul

All in Time

Blue Moon


The next chapter of these stories will be open on a Google Doc (hopefully along with a rough plot) for anyone who's been associated with TDS at any point to update. Including, former members. Stories such as .Hack were quite successful in comparison to our other stories (in terms of words/chapters published relative to time) however it was stopped because several of the characters/writers left the group.

Contributions for these stories will work by having anyone who's helped out with the chapter down the bottom credited as a writer. At the time of publishing, everyone's contributions will be updated including that of former members.

Also on a final note, the orientation package will be changed ever-so slightly to accommodate all the above changes and a new addition will be made to it. New members who have just joined the group get to take the rest of the month, after submitting their one-shot, off by having a look at what groups they would like to join and getting to know the rest of the team. They'll also be slightly pushed in the direction of Raz' "TDS Writing Class" in order to hopefully develop a couple of their skills a little further before they jump in. Note that this is optional, although heavily suggested.

In Summary (for those too lazy to read all that, jump down here):

1. Current System.

  • We reckon it's time for a change in how things work here.

2. Focus.

  • Let's shift away from the mentality that TDS is just for giggles. It's not as serious as the CIA--it's a group for our hobby, but from now on it'll be more on the members themselves to do things than other members doing it for them.

  • If members don't do that, they'll be dismissed. (You'll find out what that is if you continue reading).

  • Let's try and keep the same people working together on a story for a while as that seems to be working best.

3. Groups.

  • Cycles are now scrapped

  • Members will make a group with another 1-4 of their teammates. Up to them who is in the group and who is not, although let's try and be nice. Max. of 5 per group, min. of 2.

  • One person can be writing in a group but there's a minimum of two per group. The other must be helping out with the plotting in some way

  • Members can swap groups as long as there's 2-5 members per group at all times. Exceptions may be made if one member's on hiatus (e.g. can help with plotting)

  • Current Groups topic shall be made, listing which members make up which groups

  • Members can choose a name for said group

  • People on hiatus can opt to temporarily leave a group in order to make space for more help

  • Active members must play a part in writing at least one chapter for one group per month (even a small amount). Failure to do so=expulsion. If you don't have enough time and probably won't for a long time, consider resigning and then reapplying once you're more freed up. Same for Writer's Block

  • Groups which are writing a story may lose said story if it's not being updated, allowing another group to grab it. Occurs when a group's had the story for a few months.(This can happen if all members in one group are apart of another one which updates once a month, therefore rendering them non-excludable)

  • Entire groups can change their focus however, change of focus can't occur when a chapter is half-written/in the middle of a month (generally). Groups should try and leave plots for the next group

  • Monthlies to try and keep track of groups where possible. Now 'reign' from month to month, be it from the 1st-31st, 1st-30th... or 28th/29th

  • New Monthlies will be in charge of dismissing those eligible for expulsion (from previous month) after running past an admin. Dismissals will be private

  • Limitation to switching between groups is decided by the monthlies

  • No limitation to the amount of groups you can join. Knock yourself out, we're encouraging writing not prohibiting it

  • Current Groups topic to be used to choose which stories entire groups will work on

4. Group Captains and Hiatuses.

  • Groups will nominate a group captain who the monthly will speak to in order to find out about the group's progress

  • If the group captain him/herself disappears than the other members of the group should contact the monthly

  • Hiatuses that extend for over four months will be checked every three months in order to prevent abuse of the system by lazy members

5. Promotions and ranks.

Reworking of the rank system:

  • New Member

  • Member

  • Experienced Member

  • Admin

6. Farewells.

  • Similarly to the orientation message, there's now a dismissal message. One for resignation and the other for expulsion/dismissal, both are similar in context

7. Missing/Returning Members.

  • Unless otherwise detailed in their hiatus post (someone says they'll be gone for longer than 6 months etc.) anyone gone for six months after the end of their hiatus shall be dismissed

  • Do-it-yourself statistics list on a google doc. To be updated everytime a chapter is sent in, with the intention of showing who does what. All members, past and present, will be kept on it (so that in theory, we'll know where each and every chapter came from)

8. Marshalling Zone.

  • Minor changes to point distribution (should only really make a difference to the Marshalling Squad anyway)

  • Applicants must have written something of their own before applying.

9. In and Out Voting.

  • In and Out Votes may take place for some of the multi-chap stories that are never updated. Take the ones by former members that none of us can write for, for example. See above for more detail.

10. Old and Special Stories.

  • Select stories will be readily available as a Google Doc

  • Orientation package will be changed to point new members in the direction of the TDS Writing Class

This entire system comes into effect as of the 3/12/13 UTC time.

Thanks for reading, don't hesitate to bring up any concerns.

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