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Kakarot Son

If you're looking for the Current Members topic, here's the link.

On this first post are the names of all the current groups, their members, and what story/stories they're currently working on. Post in this topic if there are any changes at all that need to be made, but try to refrain from going too off topic. If you're confused as to what exactly's going on, click here. Inactive groups are ones that obviously aren't active at the moment, but their information is kept stored below for the sake of convenience.

Group name - Members - Story name - Group Captain

Active Groups:

Team Buried - Shadow, Mysterious Prophetess - Things Best Left Buried - MP/Shadow

Team Lost and Found - Raz, Gttm, LordHelen, Stark - Discovered - Raz / Gttm

Team Vengeance - Grin, FanGirl, DoV - Hidden Vengeance - Grin

Team One - Gue, Kano, Shadow, Panda - Plus One - Gue

The Missing Team - Kano, Dark, Raiyne, Aquestra, Grin - The Missing Prince - Kano / Dark

Team Nuisance - Dark, Panda - Annoying! - Dark / Panda

Team Other Side - Kaka, Kaleb - The Other Side to Gohan - Kaka

The Tranquilles - Kaleb, Kaka, Rie, Dark, Alpha - Tranquil Violence - Kaleb

Team Tortured - Shadow, Gue - Tortured Soul - Shadow

Team Z - Shadow, Silvia - The Z Conspiracy - Shadow

Team Shattered - Grin, Raz - Shattered Existence - Grin

Team Outback - Raz, Kaka, Kaleb - Trials and Forthcomings - Raz

Inactive Groups:

Team HOL - Devils, Gue, Kaka - A Home Once Lost - Gue

Team Reflection - Alpha, Silvia, VChan, DoV- A Dark Reflection - Alpha

Team Nice Dynamite- Devils, Kano - Hellsing: Atonement - Kano

Team Divided - Kaka, Majin - Divided We Fall - Majin

To Join a Group: Contact the hyperlinked Group Captain and ask them if you can join the group, if they say yes, get a forum moderator to edit the topic and add you to the group. Alternatively you could just post below that you've joined one of the groups. A reminder that a group may only have five active members at one given time .

3/12/2013 . Edited 3/31/2016 #1

The Missing Team- Kano, Dark, Kaleb, Raiyne - Missing Prince - Kano & Dark

3/12/2013 #2
Majin Son Goku

Since everyone is going with team names that relate to their chosen stories, why not Team Fallen? Karot cake, make the changes...

3/13/2013 . Edited 3/16/2013 #3

Team Lost and Found - Members: Gohan-to-the-Max and Raz - Discovered

Team Raz - Members: Raz - Pretty much whatever he feels like at the time that hasn't been claimed

3/15/2013 #4

Team Reflection: Alpha and Silvia: A Dark Reflection.

3/15/2013 #5
Kakarot Son

don't forget to nominate/name a team captain and don't worry, you can swap the duty around.

3/15/2013 #6

Team Tortured - ShadowMajin, Gue22 - Tortured Soul - Shadow

Team Blue Moon - Lady, Devil, Kano, Shadow - Blue Moon - Lady

Team Z ID - Shadow, Lady - Z Identity - Shadow

3/19/2013 . Edited 3/21/2013 #7
Kakarot Son

All of the above groups have until the end of the month to get their chapter's in. Each member in the above groups (unless they're on hiatus) must play a part in the writing of at least one chapter. Roughly ten days left, get onto it if you haven't already

3/20/2013 #8
Kakarot Son

The Ill Minds of Kaka and Kaleb - Kaka and Kaleb - The Other Side to Gohan - Kaka

3/30/2013 #9
Kakarot Son

Team HOL - Gue and Kaka - A Home Once Lost - Gue

4/4/2013 #10
Kakarot Son

Team Aussie Aussie Aussie - Raz and Kaka - Failings and Misunderstandings - Raz

4/27/2013 #11

Team nice dynamite- devils and Kano- hellsing atonement

6/7/2013 #12

Anyone want to make a new story? Any ideas please PM. I've got to find a group soon...

12/18/2013 #13
Dying Grin

Team Vengeance- Dying Grin and VegetaFanGirl1- Hidden Vengeance.

3/17/2014 #14
Dying Grin

Can someone add Daughter Of Vegeta to Team Vengeance?

6/17/2014 #15
Dying Grin

Can one of the admin add a group for the Fairy Tail story Shattered Existence? I want new members to know that we do have a Fairy Tail story in case that's something they'd want to work on. I think Team Shattered works as a name. I'm team captain.

4/6/2015 #16

Who's all on the team?

4/6/2015 #17
Dying Grin

Currently it's just me and Raz.

4/6/2015 #18
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