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First and Foremost, welcome.

I do not preach to you that I know everything there is to know about writing and storytelling, in fact many of you likely would be able to teach me a thing or two. Be that as it may, this topic is not about proving who is the better writer amongst us because the skill of writing is in the eye of the beholder, not in how many favorites or reviews you obtain. If you as a writer are happy with your result and know that you are getting better it does not matter what anybody else says about your writing. Here we will do our best to improve your skills but I will not give grades, I will not belittle you. My role here is to give you challenges that will test your capabilities and help you think outside the box.

These classes are optional, I will not force anybody to take these assignments and I will not persuade you otherwise. You do not have to be a member of Team Dragon Star to participate in these assignments but if you do take part I hope that you do so seriously. An assignment will be given at the beginning of every week, and these do not need to be from me as a teacher. As I said before, everyone has something they can teach and I wish that you would willingly share your lessons with your fellow writers. Each and every assignment however that you wish to be given to the other authors will go through me and be permitted with my permission as to prevent spam. With the formalities now concluded, I present to you your first assignment.

Assignment #1

You are standing within a crowded marketplace, shoppers bypass you without even batting an eyelid in your direction. You pay no attention as you climb atop a platform that lifts you over the heads of the crowd and only now do people seem to take an interest in you, wondering what it is that you are doing. What are you trying to promote? What persuasive techniques do you use to keep the crowd intrigued and prevent them from walking away? In 200-400 words, write a monologue that conveys a message and is strong enough to get people to agree with you. Give a brief explanation beforehand of the reason why you have decided to produce this speech if you believe it would be easier for us to understand. It can be about any topic across any fandom or fact, the topic is yours to choose however your imagination desires.

Class dismissed

3/18/2013 #1
Kakarot Son

"Thirty minutes... till the only chance we'll ever get at a decent life. Thirty minutes till we have our one and only chance at defeating that asshole... Thirty minutes till the biggest battle that any of us have fought. I know many of you are loyal to the king, I know many of you are not and many of you couldn't give any less of a damn if your life depended on it... but the time for action in now!

Not tomorrow, not Thursday, not next week, not next month but right now. We have one-shot, ladies and gentlemen, one-shot... let's not waste it. This is a different battle to what many of us are used to, this is no practice drill. You will be cut down swiftly and without remorse, do not go into this battle thinking otherwise, I fully expect to die tonight but not because I am suicidal. Not because I want to die or I hope to die, but because I am willing to give my life to overthrow the tyrant that rules our land so that our grandchildren may live better lives than we have! A world where innocent children aren't killed, a world where there are no taxes, a world where we can all be free and prosperous... it almost seems too good to be true, unreal? Maybe. But we have yet to find out!

If you do not stand beside me today, then I will fall. We will fall... the king's reign will continue and continue on until he passes the throne to his son, who will then continue the king's work. That means more taxes, so many that we won't even be able to eat! Stand by me as one nation, one people and one army and I promise you that we can win. That we will win, because we have something to fight for and we--those that have been oppressed for all these years--are stronger than our oppressors!

So who's with me?"

Figured I might as well take a crack, even though I can barely think straight right now. Must admit, I was half tempted to rip off that speech from Any Given Sunday.

3/19/2013 . Edited 3/19/2013 #2

I'm kind of saddened about this topic being so vacant as it is... Oh, well. Here's my shot at this.

I was inspired by some images I've seen recently somewhere about 'creative beggars' (or something like that) and the sentence in the assignment "... a crowded market place, shoppers bypass you without even batting an eyelid in your direction".

I'm a man. Dirty and thin.

"I am no-one, ladies and gentleman.

I have no place, no voice, no agenda. I'm a broken man, ripped of everything he held, dear or otherwise, and I come to you today as I come every night to God in prayer and in plea.

Let me keep my dignity. It's all I have left apart from the clothes in my body and it keeps me warm at night much more efficiently than they do.

I'm the shadow that crosses your path as you walk by. The thing in the way and the ghost in the corner. You don't know me and I don't know you, but I see you even when you don't see me.

I'm tired of begging for mercy and compassion. I'm shriveled and spent after all these years that I've been shackled by disease and left to die or live to be miserable one more day. I am done, but with the last speckle of hope that I doubt I still have in my body, I ask only this, ladies and gentleman.

Let me keep my dignity. I am no-one but I am a living being even if just barely and if you have nothing else to give me, penny or dime, please lend me your acknowledgment. A mere second of your thoughts, a simple brush of your gazes as you walk by. Nothing more do I need at this stage of my life, if you can call it that. No alms, charity or spare change. I'm ready to go if God would grace me with His favor and if you can find it your hearts to appease to an old man's dying wish, a beggar's last appeal, please, ladies and gentleman, let me keep my dignity.

Don't ignore my presence even if you choose to neglect my pain. I am no-one but I was a person, just like you. Life sullied my very existence as indifferently as the touch of a breeze and when I go, and please God let it be soon, another will fill my space. Look around, ladies and gentleman, because not long ago you'd see me. Poised, whole and assertive. Fate knows no distinction and it takes without pardon.

It took me and now... I am no-one."

Constructive criticism? :D

5/8/2013 #3
I am a big fan of DBZ so I'm gunna do something like that. "My neighbos, I may not look like much, but I am a fighter. I fight for the lives of others no matter what the cost, even my life. I will continue to fight for you for as long as I stand upon this earth. I cannot say why, but something inside me reacts to any danger afoot. My body moves faster than my mind and I protect. I have no regrets afterwards. My life revolves around helping others. Without you, I would be nothing. But now it's your turn. Stand up for the weak. Do what you think is right. Remember there are people out there who are less fortunate than yourself. Help them. Protect them. Save them. I advise you follow the lead of all the heroes that protect you everyday. Fight for them and show them your appreciation. Thank you for your time." I truely admire this type of thing. :)
5/11/2013 #4
Dying Grin

Damn this is underused, here's my best shot.

I am not one of you, I am not of the common folk...I belong to no class of society anymore but I used to be somebody. That was until the day the government knocked on my door...that day sealed my fate.

They did not ask for my permission, they simply knocked me out and dragged me to their secret labs...days turned to weeks and then to months and months to years. I know I have lost at least twenty years of my life to that hell-hole.

I cannot give you people any evidence, oh i can see you scoffing at me from below...fine! Think that way but don't say I didn't warn you if the government arrives on your doorstep.

I saw at least a few hundred test subjects while I was in the labs, oh I see you don't believe me? I know what your thinking, that If that many people went missing you'd notice...ah but that's the beauty of it, there is one class of citizens that no one cares about and no one notices.

I see some of you muttering it and you're right, the homeless. Almost all the test subjects were homeless beggars and vagabonds, all were unhealthy and easily died.

I see some of you below starting to almost believe but are wondering how I escaped...the answer is simple. They thought me dead when I went into cardiac arrest after a day of brutal testing and threw my body into the desert.

Please I beg of you don't let them take your lives like they have taken countless others, rise and fight!

Please...if not for you than for your children and your children's children...I beg of you don't let them get away with this.

you don't let them get away with this.

I can feel that I'm entering my final moments in this life, my body........ is giving........ out...please.....stop...........them................

12/30/2013 . Edited 12/30/2013 #5
A Sword Saint

A speech set in the Naruto fandom, mild spoiler warning for those not keeping up with the story even a little. The speaker is Naruto.

"Look at you all, going about your daily lives all happy and carefree. Not a single one of you has anything to complain about. No worries or concerns, no angst or grudges or fears... no hate. It's been five years since the end of the fourth great ninja war, where the five big villages joined forced to put an end to Uchiha Madara and his 'Moon's Eye Plan'. Such a crazy and dangerous idea, that was... Tsukiyomi is an extremely powerful illusion that turns the opponent's mind inward against itself and distorts perception of time immensely. Such an illusion was said to only be breakable by another mangekyou sharingan. To think that Madara had planned to cast it on the moon and reflect it down across all of humanity. A threat like that, coming from a man so powerful, was more than enough to rally every shinobi from across the elemental nations under the same banner. Since our victory, the world has been a much better place. The alliance continued after the war, and within a short period of time all the nations had joined in. Finally, an end to the hateful system of shinobi just as my master was always dreamed. We live now in a Utopian society where the only fighting that happens is for sport or exercise.

Such a happy time to live. I pity you all, I really do. You think all that actually happened, and that everything is better now. I hate myself for being the one who has to end your bliss but it must be done. Here it is, the truth...

All those five prosperous years of harmony and progress. All that post war happiness, everything from the children you had to your surviving comrades to even the food some of you are now eating is a lie. You think that's air you're breathing? None of this has happened yet! Madara has just finished his Moon's Eye Plan a few minutes ago! I know, it seems like years have passed but pull yourselves out of your stupors and think... try to remember the exact details of those years, literally any details of significance other than a vague summary of what you thought 'would have been a nice ending' in the middle of the war? You won't find any because there's nothing there to find. I'm sorry about this, I truly am. I wish the nations had all joined together and ended the hateful shinobi system, but it hasn't happened yet. I wish I had married Hinata, become Hokage, and had a daughter.... but it hasn't happened yet or maybe ever. I wish my comrades had all survived but the sad truth is that even I can't save everyone, sorry Neji. It's painful and unpleasant but you all need to help me dispel this illusion. I can't do it by myself.

The war hasn't ended. The battle is far from over. If you ever trusted me or had faith in my actions or beliefs, now is the time that I call upon you to prove it. Form the hand seal with me now and repeat after me...

Genjutsu: Kai (Illusion Art: Release)!"

1/16/2014 #6
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