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Hey there, this is Raz coming to you from the middle of nowhere telling you that this is your time to let your questions be heard. It doesn't matter what topic the question is on, I will do my best to give you the best possible answer. Note though that I will not be answering questions relating to when the next chapter of a certain story will be updated because the answers are not known at this current time.

With that being said, ask away and I will answer as soon as possible.


5/8/2013 #1
Kakarot Son

Wondering if you've considered reworking/reposting any of your older stories, bounty hunters and the like? They were pretty sweet reads

5/8/2013 #2

I still have all of my old stories stashed away in the depths of my laptops memory. That being said, I have no real plans to return to some of my earlier work. If anything it is more likely that within the coming months I will be deleting more of my stories as I lose interest in them

5/8/2013 #3
Kakarot Son

That mean your time'll be focussed towards writing entirely new stories then?

5/8/2013 #4

I write mostly because of an idea that continues to grow, establishing something I hadn't done before. If you look at most of my stories they are of a random variety, hardly any link in with one another. It's not that my time will be focused on creating more and more new stories but at the moment I want to push forward with those I have recently started before more ideas start creeping in

5/8/2013 #5

So what made you start writing stories?

5/8/2013 #6

I first started writing stories back in high school and just went with it. Some of the stories we had to read for class were dis-likable (now I understand that there is a purpose for them being like this) and basically had the brainwave that I could write something better than this. I wasn't foolish enough to believe I could create a full blown story right then and there so all of my fanfiction work to date has been increasing my own skill level so one day I can hopefully look at writing my own novel

5/8/2013 #7
Kakarot Son

What, in your opinion, is the best story you have written?

5/8/2013 #8

As much as people would probably like me to say Ramen or Legend, I'd actually have to go with Spell, the pure reason being that while it is a rewrite of the canon it is so unique and difficult to comprehend the characterization. Every character is different from their original persona and with that I find it one of the most difficult stories to write for and for that I have to give it the title of my best story

5/8/2013 #9

What have been some influences for you as a writer?

5/8/2013 #10

Reading for one, but most of my influences basically came from the vast depths of nothingness, the whole 'what hasn't been done before' kind of perspective. Even my stories that have similarities with other stories, they all break apart at a certain stage and become truly individual, or so I like to believe

5/8/2013 #11
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