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Kakarot Son

Yeah ask away, no real rules.

5/8/2013 #1

What was your reason to begin writing fanfiction?

5/8/2013 #2
Kakarot Son

Really had no idea what I was doing when I started off but the reason mostly came from reading a couple of fanfics that I enjoyed. Guess you could say I liked the way they played with my imagination so I decided to try doing some of that with my own ideas and eventually one thing lead to another.

5/8/2013 #3

What are some influences in your writing?

5/8/2013 #4
Kakarot Son

A fairly tough one, I've been influenced by many things but aside from various books that I can barely remember I'd have to point to the fics on this site the most. As I write I continue to read the work of others and all that, it's something of a cycle. Do have to say that Dragon Ball's fight scenes heavily influenced my first couple of pieces.

5/8/2013 #5

A little birdy told me that you're an atheist, so...

If God doesn't exist... then how has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Think about that ;)

5/8/2013 #6
Kakarot Son

Not really an atheist, more agnostic. God could exist, might exist, might not... would rather live life to its fullest without worrying about the aftermath.

As for the answer, want go even more.... i don't know

5/8/2013 #7

Im looking for some advice on my story The Visionary And The Bond. it has an OC, and i want to incorporate a love story, and a tale of going back in time (saving the world) into one, with grace. and i want to up my reviews... lol

any advice would be very much appreciated.

5/8/2013 #8

Cutting in for Kaka, msanimegeek we actually have a reviews page where you can post a link of your story in which we will follow said link and give you our criticism, not quite the thing to put into a Questions and Answers section

5/8/2013 #9

okay, i do apologize for that.

5/9/2013 #10
Kakarot Son

Not a problem in the slightest

5/10/2013 #11

Kaka, do you have a girlfriend in real life? :D

5/10/2013 #12
Kakarot Son

Kaka is currently single

5/10/2013 #13

Have you ever been in love? :P

5/10/2013 #14
Kakarot Son

Potentially depending on what your definition of love is.

5/10/2013 #15

Be attracted to a person, want to be with them, want to make them happy etc.

5/10/2013 #16
Kakarot Son


5/10/2013 #17

What kind of person was it?

5/10/2013 #18
Kakarot Son

They had a nose and two eyes

5/10/2013 #19

What kind of hair color did she have?

5/10/2013 #20
Kakarot Son

well it was either blonde, brown, black, possibly green or some kind of variant.

5/10/2013 #21

What was her personality like?

5/10/2013 #22

I want specifics. Don't dodge the question.

5/10/2013 #23
Kakarot Son

loopholes loopholes, technically the Q &A ended 3 days ago so I'm not even trying to answer these with the slightest bit of seriousness. besides I'm still answering 'em

Good I suppose

5/10/2013 #24

Omg Kaka... Just answer our damn questions x_x

5/10/2013 . Edited 5/10/2013 #25
Kakarot Son


5/10/2013 #26

è_é *glares*

5/10/2013 #27
Kakarot Son


5/10/2013 #28

At the time I'd asked you the question, you got off on a timezone technicality which just makes you a terrible Q&A guy. Remind me to nominate someone else next year for TDS' 3rd anniversary. Shadow would've answered my questions. Pfft.

5/10/2013 #29

Y'all do realize personal questions like that aren't the purpose of the Q&A, right?

5/10/2013 #30
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