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5/10/2013 #31
Kakarot Son

actually since the thing was meant to be only for 24 hours and I created it about half an hour after it ticked over to the 8th there wasn't a timezone technicality... and hey I answered the questions just not in the way you were hoping for :P

5/10/2013 #32

Dammit I wanted to ask questions lol

6/1/2013 #33
Kakarot Son

Feel free to, doesn't matter if the time limit's expired. Though I might not answer them if I don't want to (probably by providing responses like the ones above).

6/1/2013 #34
Infamous Storm

Who would win in a fight? Goku or Superman?

7/12/2013 #35
Kakarot Son

Arrgg this question, I remember it once pretty much split everyone in two. Stuff got nasty xD

Anyway, I say Superman... because if you look at how many freaking powers the guy has, Goku pretty much pales in comparison. Only real option Goku would have would be to blow up the sun, except I reckon that'd be more of a stalemate than anything considering that he would freeze to death.

7/12/2013 #36
Infamous Storm

Interesting thought process.

7/12/2013 #37
Kakarot Son

Heh sometimes I'm not sure if my brain's wired the right way

7/12/2013 #38

I'm gonna infiltrate Mr. Son's Q&A just to say this:

"This debate is seriously ludicrous, we all need to move on! It took me a while to let go of how badly Screw Attack disrespected the image of Goku, but seriously we all need to move on. Superman and Goku are both awesome! I'm gonna take a page out of Goku's book and move on to bigger and better things!"

www (dot) screwattack (dot) com /news/death-battle-erred-goku-vs-superman - This is a oh-dear-god-so-damn-long semi-logical analysis of the Goku vs Superman dilemma, in comparison with Death Battle's video on youtube that concluded Superman's victory. This one, concluded that Goku wins but ends with the above and I think that it's the most accurate response to the question.

7/13/2013 #39
Kakarot Son

No bloody way am I reading all of that xD But yeah, to each their own and don't we have bigger fish to fry?

7/13/2013 #40
Infamous Storm

Thank you boboleta! You're awesome!

Kakarot Son?

If you had ONE WISH (and no wishing or making anything that grants more wishes) what would it be?

7/13/2013 #41
Kakarot Son

Probably to live my life again with all my memories that I've got now. While I'm barely even through life, I've always thought it'd be pretty freaking awesome to have all the knowledge I do know when I was four and the for-knowledge I'd have of things would come in handy a lot.

7/13/2013 #42
Infamous Storm

You could gamble your way to a billion!

7/13/2013 #43
Majin Son Goku

If this thing is still going on, I have a question to ask. If you could kill one person and one person only on this earth, barring yourself or your immediate family, who would it be?

7/24/2013 #44
Kakarot Son

A) A person slowly dying, so much so that it tortures them and the family/them would much rather they pass than live out the remainder of their time.

B) Whoever the hell the latest completely bat-shit crazy lunatic is. However they'd have to be pretty screwed up for me to reckon they should be dead, there's generally about four sides to each story.

C) ... probably Nicki Minaj. I don't think I'd even need to provide reasons for this one...

7/25/2013 #45
Majin Son Goku

I'm surprised my name wasn't on there somewhere.

7/25/2013 #46
Team Dragon Star

You could be the bat-shit crazy lunatic.

7/25/2013 #47
Infamous Storm

Kaka... you want to kill Nikki Manaj.

High five man!

7/25/2013 #48
Majin Son Goku

I think this might be the first time I have agreed with Kaka on something. I think the world is going to end.

I MIGHT be the bat-shit-crazy lunatic? Who are you and what have you done to the real Kaka?

7/26/2013 #49
Kakarot Son

*high five*

The real Kakas here in some strange basement dangling over a pit of crocodiles.

7/26/2013 #50
Majin Son Goku

Why dangling over the pit of crocodiles? This is Kaka we are talking about, here. You should have dropped the bastard straight in without any remorse whatsoever.

7/26/2013 #51
Infamous Storm

But then what about the poor crocodiles?

7/26/2013 #52
Kakarot Son

This guy gets it

7/27/2013 #53
Infamous Storm


7/27/2013 #54
Majin Son Goku

What about the poor crocodiles? Pretty sure they would enjoy the spanking they would get.

7/28/2013 #55
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