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Come one, come all, and ask ShadowMajin your questions. It is answers you seek and it's answers he will give, unless it's in a court of law.

Ask away.

5/8/2013 #1

Looking at some of your recent stories, you seem to have changed a lot since the days of 'Survival of the Lamest.' Was changing from pure comedy to what you write today a difficult thought process to get your head around?

5/8/2013 #2
Kakarot Son

If you had one fic, just one fic, to suggest to someone to read what would it be?

5/8/2013 #3

Raz: Going from Survival to Battle Stain had its problems, the biggest being that I was constantly thinking of jokes to put throughout Battle Stain, which was pretty much how I wrote SOL. But once I had the hang of separating comedy from serious material, it was a whole lot easier. It was a matter of figuring out how to go into different mindsets for comedy and more serious works, much like one would have to go through when writing through a character POV. That isn't to say I've completely repressed the comedy instinct as I usually slip in humor throughout every story I've done, but it does require knowing when it's appropriate and when you have to play it straight.

5/8/2013 #4

Kaka: Would that be from my own stories or from every story I've read?

For all stories, I would have to go with In Spite Of Me by Kitten Kisses. Considering how much fanfiction is out there that involves romance and falling in love, that one speaks out to me the most. Instead of having the narrating character say that she fell in love at first sight, she go through everything she'd been through and figuring out that it wasn't just one moment, but a whole multitude of moments that she fell in love. I like that. It's not something you see considering how most people want two characters to see each other and love each other immediately without building a foundation that any relationship requires. Now, I'm not a big romance reader or writer by any means, but if I were to really write a story, that would be my guide and the standard I would base any story I would write, not to mention read.

From my own, Dragon Quest Z, no question.

5/8/2013 #5

Would you ever consider returning to your roots and doing another pure comedic story or is that all in the past now?

5/8/2013 #6

Oh yes, definitely. Feeble Trip is evidence that I can't stay too far away from parody, so I will do another one eventually.

5/8/2013 #7

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration?

5/8/2013 #8

It depends on the story. Some come from movies, like Z Identity, and others like Dragon Quest Z and Battle Stain were from scenarios that I thought up. For the humor stories, I usually think of what would make me laugh, such as a group of teenagers getting lost in a fast food chain's playskate in Feeble Trip. Mel Brooks movies give many many ideas, if not concepts.

And admittedly, there are stories I've seen that made me think I could do it better. That's how Survival started out as before it ended up descending into parody. Feeble Trip came from the idea of field trip stories and about the actually bus ride rather than the destination.

Not sure if I answered that question right.

5/8/2013 #9
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