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Kakarot Son

In commemoration of two long and successful years, we bring to you a new topic. Anyone from fans to members to random passerbys are welcome here... there's undoubtedly been times where we've all come up with an idea, something that could be big or a lot of fun, but we've had to turn it down. Time issues, a shortage of creative juices, all kinds of things. We're offering a solution of sorts to that... why not have someone else write it?

Very simply, challenges are when an idea (potentially with a set of rules the author must abide by) are thrown at someone to write. It's different because you don't have to come up with all the plotting, a lot of it's there for you but at the same time it's up to you to come up with the bits that fill the void that spans between the criteria you've been given. They're a way for a lazy person to have an idea he can't be bothered to write turned into 'reality' but at the same time they're also a way for author's to make their own little twists on a plot line, make a story unique (be it the style of writing, the insane plotline, the brilliant characterisation etc.).

Now anyone is welcome to draw from the challenges that'll be listed below here and anyone is welcome to put a challenge down. While I'm sure the creator of the challenge would appreciate being given some credit for coming up with it, it's up to you whether or not you'd like to do so should you choose to write one of the challenges. As for the one ground rule, you cannot challenge a writer in particular. All challenges here are public and can be attempted by anyone, however if you'd like you could ask them via PM to complete a challenge you post here. Nobody is liable to take up your challenge and it's entirely up to them whether or not they'd like to finish it or not.

As for where the challenges are posted when written, that's a choice members can make: put it up on the TDS account and collaborate with a couple others on it or do it themselves on their own account.

That said, suppose I'll kick things off with a DBZ one...


Fandom: DBZ

Challenge Name: Shoes to Fill

Pairing(s): Gohan/Videl

Challenge: Goku never comes back to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament and suddenly, Gohan finds himself having to make good on the role that his father passed onto him as Protector of the Earth as he and the Z Fighters deal with the looming threat of Buu.


  1. Buu must be released.
  2. Gohan cannot have had any contact with Goku since the lookout (or Bojack if you'd like) up until Buu's release.
  3. The WMAT can't be completed by the Z fighters and they'll all have to run off to Babadi's ship like in cannon. Also Vegeta doesn't have to be the Majin provided you choose for it to go that far.
  4. Naturally, the storyline must be kept somewhat realistic in that no-one should be able to destroy Buu the second he emerges from his cocoon.

The rest is yours to bend in anyway that you'd like.

5/10/2013 #1

I think this might be an interesting one.

Fandom: DBZ

Challenge Name: Tempered

Pairings: Canon

Challenge: During the fight with Buu, on the Supreme Kai's planet, Gohan does not break the Z-sword. Without the support and wisdom of the Elder Kai and the Potara's, how will Earth fair against Buu?


1: The Z-sword must remain whole.

2: The Potara earrings cannot be discovered at all.

3: Buu must be destroyed/redeemed in a realistic way.

4: Kid Buu doesn't have to appear.

5: Buu must absorb someone.

6: One of the dead Z-Fighters must be erased from existence.

5/11/2013 #2

Hey Kakarot Son, has anyone ever taken you up on that challenge?

12/27/2013 #3
Kakarot Son

Nah, not yet at least.

12/28/2013 #4

Seems like a while since someone posted in the this thread.

Fandom: DBZ

Name of challenge: Super Warrior Girl Marron.

Pairings: you can choose but prefer straight and femmeslash.

Challenge: Marron has always been a girly girl with no interests in martial arts but then a situation happens that forces her to start training and end up becoming a super warrior girl.


1: Marron can't be trained by her parents, Uncle 17 or Roshi.

2: Marron must be at least 16yrs at start of story.

3: The situation must be something that is far beyond the eternal dragon's power to deal with.

10/12/2015 #5
Leo the zodiac
Fandom: DBZ Challenge name: (unknown) Pairings: (any except G/V) Challenge: gohan died in the battle with buu, but he did not go to the otherworld but was stuck in the area between life and death. There he saw the other earthlings' death on the earth. He felt disappointed and blamed himself. There he found gohans from different multiverses(like Mirai gohan etc) and fused with one of them. Rules: 1) gohan must fuse with one of the other gohans be it any of them. 2) he should train after the buu fiasco. 3) he must have gotten over his attraction to videl. 4) he should have a backbone. 5)he must be the one to beat buu. 6) his potential really should be unlimited and accepted by all of them
5/18/2016 #6
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