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Ok, so...

You know how there are those obnoxious people that just have too much time on their hands? Well, that's me... :D and since I didn't feel like writing last night, I made this: sp=sharing

This is a document of all the 'in progress' stories listed in TDS's profile (as of today) and their respective information.

I was reading some of TDS's older stories and went to check out the reviews (as I like to do). It seems to me that, even though people do like and follow our stories closely, the fact that some aren't being updated on a regular basis is an issue to lots of readers.

"hurry up 5/12/13 . chapter 1

if u want to make a story make sure u update it and don't leave it aside as if it was some kinda trash ...!"so make a new chapter or are you just a helpless author huh...answer me and update"

This is just an example and, as I'm sure this particular reader may come out as a little worked up, he/she does have a point. This story (Reflected Love) was last updated in April 2012... I'm not sure if it's actually supposed to be just a one shot but if a story is completed we just have to mark it as such, not leave readers wondering. This is my opinion.

As I prepared the doc, I noticed that only approximately half of the stories still in progress were updated in the last 3 months. As I see it, some of these stories should not be 'up and running' because if we cannot maintain them regularly (be it because we don't have enough members to upkeep them, or because we just got bored with it, etc) then we shouldn't maintain them at all. That being said, we should, indeed, finish them for the readers' sake and we should do it ASAP (in a couple of chapters, if possible).

This brings me to my suggestion:

"Adopt a fic": Excluding some exceptions which we can discuss, the overall idea is that every story marked on the list as 'overdue' is put up for adoption. The person or group that adopts a story has the responsability to finish it. This helps ensure that a) stories actually get finished; b) the people that take it upon themselves to 'adopt' a story may actually be more motivated to work on it. If groups are already assigned they should either finish it or let it go; if the storyline is already plotted, it's up to the 'adopter' to keep it/discard it/adapt it with the sole purpose of finishing the story. Properly, of course. We want to expedite the process, not present sub par work.

As a follow-up suggestion, members should focus first on stories that have endings in sight (a few chapters ahead in the plotline). This doesn't mean that they can't/shouldn't write for the other stories they're involved in but their main priority should be that one that's nearing the finish.

I am volunteering to take responsability for "Hidden Vengeance" and finish it to the best of my ability, as soon as I can; this serves as an example that I will stand by if we decide to go through with this idea.

As with all ideas in a group, this should be discussed and opinions/further suggestions should be brought forth.

Finishing up 'overdue' stories will not only be respectful to the people that actually read what we put out there but it will also encourage us to come up with new stuff after we trim the list a little bit.

What do you guys think?

6/22/2013 #1
Kakarot Son

Not a bad idea but at the same time you've got to consider how it's hard for us to keep a crap-load of multi-chap fics going at the same rate. While there are definitely some fics that could benefit from what you've suggested there are also still some that could still flourish given enough time, so by adopting a story (by that I'd presume you mean take it outside of TDS) we might be destroying a good chance to keep it going.

As for trying to finish off the stories, that's already the plan, the groups and all being based off that idea. That said, great idea with that spreadsheet to keep track of the stories.

6/25/2013 #2

No, no, no! I never meant to suggest that whoever would adopt a story would take it outside of TDS.

As in my example, I'd work on HV as a writer for TDS, when I was done it would go through betaing within TDS and it would be open for comments/opinions/etc to TDS members before it'd be posted. At the top of my head, for example, after it was written it could be put up for all member's input for a month (so everyone has time to go through it) and only then would it be posted.

I do agree that there are some stories that wouldn't benefit of this idea (as AHOL, for example) hence the 'exceptions' part, but you know when you read a chapter and you just see the rest of the story writting itself in your head? Well, I had that happening to me when I read HV and even though I think there would be A LOT that we could do with it (maybe even make it a good and long multi-chaptered story) the fact that it's been waiting for an update for 6 months is a little too much, imo.

Are there groups assigned to ALL the stories? I ask only because there's nothing mentioned in the respective topic in the forum, for about at least 10 of them.

Even if there ARE groups assigned to get these stories going, I don't think that a story should be up for a year waiting for an update (there are a handful of them that are reaching that threshold). Maybe there was a time in which TDS had enough members to be working on all these stories but, as I see it, that isn't the case anymore.

Finally, you're right about how massive the workload of keeping multilple stories rolling at the same time can become too much to handle, but that's why it would be a volunteering-only type of thing, and there wouldn't be deadlines to have it ready, either. If a story is in limbo for so long, it's a way to change things up and make something happen for that story instead of just waiting that everybody's ready for it, because that may never happen altogether...

Oh, and about the spreadsheet: I'll take it upon myself to update it regularly, monthly or so, if I remember to. Free of charge!! xD

6/26/2013 #3
Kakarot Son

Haha in that case all for the idea :P

Phew, was worried we'd have to chip in a couple bucks every month for a second there xD

6/27/2013 #4

Well, I am bribable... xD

6/28/2013 #5

well this needs an update

12/12/2013 #6
It was just an idea. Not sure if it hasn't got much acceptance or the forum is just *that* dead. xD
12/14/2013 #7
Kakarot Son

Probably the latter.

12/14/2013 #8
Dying Grin

Was this idea posted to the Facebook group as well or was it just brought up here?

10/27/2014 #9
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