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Late March
Hi everyone! I'm looking for an RK adventure fic, in which Kaoru kind of wishes for Kenshin to be happy: that Tomoe never died and they stayed together. So Kaoru takes Kenshin's place as the rurouni, and she has a daughter and Enishi is the master of the Kamiya Kasshin dojo, and everyone sort of forms around her in the "Kaorugumi." There's also a scene in which she's traveling with the "Kaorugumi" and they run into Kenshin and Tomoe, and Kaoru sees how being a killer for so long has changed Kenshin, and I think it ended with Tomoe inevitable dying.... There was also a sequel that was never completed. So I'm really hoping that someone remembers this story!
4/28/2012 #1
Lady Proserpina

If you're still looking for this:

I think you might be looking for the "Ronin Kaoru" series by Dragonsdaugher ( r). At least, they certainly sound similar. It has been a while since I read it, thanks to the non-completion thing.

5/20/2013 #2
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