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Sweg Life

Ok for some reason my rant post was deleted, so I'm putting it back on. Come here to rant about your terrible day, new enemy, just get your anger out!!!!

5/14/2011 #1
Madilyn the Introvert

Ok, so Lemonade Mout is on RIGHT NOW, but I can't watch it :/

5/14/2011 #2
Madilyn the Introvert

AND, now that I've posted two chapters for my story I've only had ONE person review it :/

5/14/2011 #3
The Sushi Monster

Ahah, I went from 20 reviews in one week to I think 7 reviews in 2 weeks. OH WELL. I'm more upset that there's an insane number of people alerting and favorite-ing, but not reviewing.


5/15/2011 #4
Madilyn the Introvert

I've never had a tumblr, but you're right about the other stuff. I have this one story that has like alot of alerts and faves, but only half the reviews

5/15/2011 #5
Sweg Life

Yeah, I'm not a Tumblr kind of person. But yeah, I have 31 reviews, and 30 Alerts! I'm like come on, can't the 30 alerts just review! Double my review stats!

5/15/2011 #6
Madilyn the Introvert

Exactly, and some of the people who added you to Alerts and Faves HAVEN'T REVIEWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, now I'm up to 38 reviews, but they're from the same person over and over :/ but, I still like the review count, but I want others to read my story as well. It's Twilight with a similar plot to Lemonade Mouth, actually, it is basically Lemonade Mouth :D

5/15/2011 #7
Sweg Life

Yeah I looked over Cranberry Lips. But I don't like Twilight so it's hard to get into Twilight stories.

5/15/2011 #8
Madilyn the Introvert

that's perfectly understandable :D

5/15/2011 #9
Winter's Writer

May I?

Well I have a person (two actually but it's more one person than the other) who keeps flamming ANY story I post and I don't know why. I've asked them to stop but they just said they'd continue to do it as long as I posted something.

5/17/2011 #10
The Sushi Monster

What are they saying in their flames?

5/17/2011 #11
Sweg Life

Yeah who's saying it?

5/17/2011 #12
Winter's Writer

They're basically saying that my characters all act the same (which they do but they're not saying it NICELY) and they're telling me how much of a bad writer I am, and that my stories are clogging up the archive and blah, blah, blah. As for your question Citrus, I probably SHOULDN'T say who he/she is.

5/17/2011 #13
Sweg Life

Are they anonymous?

5/17/2011 #14
Madilyn the Introvert

Oh, but they can't do anything to it at all, Legion. Only those with accounts are allowed to post comments on the forums. And, they can't really report us for anything seeing as though nothing was being held against them.

Also, I REALLY hope that MY rents will let me see Lemonade Mouth: What's What eddition on Friday. If not, well, it's not going to be pretty.

5/17/2011 #15
Winter's Writer

@Citrus-*laughs* Nope! I don't allow that on MY stories! Ok I'll give you his pename...it's AvengerAnon.

5/19/2011 #16
Madilyn the Introvert

:) i serisouly don't know why all of these people have to report us :/ I mean, we're trying to write what we want. Fanfiction does not care so why should they

5/19/2011 #17
Madilyn the Introvert



Did anyone else watch the What's What edition? Are you just as disapointed as I am?

5/20/2011 #18
The Sushi Monster

I'm half disappointed, half not. I was pretty amused throughout the entire thing which is mainly why. Like those little things about the cast - chalk drawings, Nick and his hair, Chris/Hayley/Nick epic friendship, Blake being a flirt, etc. But I was upset there wasn't any mention of the Scott/Mo and Charlie/Mo different endings (although I'm pretty sure now that originally they weren't planning to have Scott and Mo end up together, but eventually that storyline evolved, as mentioned during the "She's So Gone" scene.) But I did like those deleted scenes! The Charlie and Mo ones made me happy (: But I still want my Tango scene.

5/20/2011 #19
Madilyn the Introvert

I know, they showed a lot of the deleted scenes on the little side videos, but not in the movie :/ and I was also expecting the mention of the differences in the Scott/Mo/Charlie thing, but oh well :D

OMG, Hayley Yamada guest stars on Zeke and Luther :D Hopefully not as a love interest for Luther, though. That would suck :/

5/20/2011 #20
Sweg Life

Well I look at it this way, you want Mo/Charlie, read the book because there is a WHOLE bunch of fluff between them, you want Scott/Mo watch the movie, because I think the reason that they can't be together in the movie is because of that age difference (15 and 18). But I do want that tango scene lol.

Yeah I got to check on that, oh yeah, here it is. The description for the episode.

Zeke and Luther are pressured by Crowbar Plunk to have his unskilled sister as the new Riot Skates girl. However, they choose Susie (Hayley Kiyoko), the right girl for the part. This ultimately causes a feud between Zeke and Crowbar.

Yeah so I don't see love interest there. But that would be weird if they included it.

5/20/2011 #21
Sweg Life

In fact, speaking of Mo/Charlie, I finished the book two days ago and guess what, I have a Mo/Charlie scene bookmarked that I'm going to use for my story, do you guys want a sneak peek? By the way, this probably won't be best if you are planning on reading my stories and you HATE spoilers.

5/20/2011 #22
Madilyn the Introvert

I would LOVE a sneak peek. I'm seriously mad that they overlooked Livin on a Livewire, though. When I buy it for iTunes, they better have it there :/

but, still, I would Love a sneak peek :D

5/20/2011 #23
Sweg Life

Sure thing. First you have to read this first to get it though, here it goes. This is directly from the book so enjoy. Of course I had to cut it a little, but it doesn't effect a storyline:


Charlie took a deep breath. "Thing is . . . I like you, Mo. And more than just a friend, I mean. I always have. There. I've said it."

He waits for me to say something but I feel a sudden rise of panic along with a tsunami of other emotions. Part of me wants to jump for joy. Another part is terrified. I've been trying to so hard to stay in charge of all different pieces of my life, but now it feels like everything is spinning out of control. I need to keep my eyes on the big picture. Which is probably why, before I even know what I'm doing, I find myself biting Charlie's head off.

"Didn't we already talk about this?" I snap. "Didn't we already agree that you and I are going to be friends and nothing more?" Oh Charlie . . . you know I can't. What are you trying to do? Ruin what we already have?" I see the hurt look on his face, but the words are already out.

Well that's when she snaps at him, and later when she blows up at her dad and says that she does like Charlie (which of course at first he was against) and she goes and finds him for this part of this story. By the way, you have to know that earlier in the book Charlie told her she never does things on impulse. That is important in this scene. :) :

Charlie POV-

Before I even reached the main road I felt the 1st raindrop on my ear and within seconds I found myself in the middle of a sudden cold downpour. Just my luck.

But soon I noticed her. A girl with a wide umbrella watching me from the sidewalk. I stopped.

"What are you doing here Mo?"

"Walking." She held her umbrella out. "Offering to keep the rain off you."

"But you don't live in this direction."

She shrugged.

Whatever was left of my good mood disappeared. After all, I was still stinging from the way she'd treated me at the clinic. Since then I'd been comfortable enough around her when we were with other people but I'd avoid being alone with her. And right now it was just her and me.

Plus something about this unexpected meeting felt a little too coincidental.

"How did you know I was walking home today?"

"I didn't I saw you coming across the field and decided to meet you."

Hmmm. I wondered what she was up to. But then again, Naomi lived in this direction only a few blocks away so maybe it wasn't so strange.

There was nothing I could do but join her we started down the street together with Mo holding the umbrella over both our heads and for a long time I didn't say a word and we walked in an awkward silence. But then eventually she came out with "How's English Comp?" as if everything else was perfectly fine.

"Great" I said keeping my eyes on the sidewalk. Why did she even bother to ask? She knew it was my worst subject. "Except of course that I'm practically failing."

After that we both went back to not saying anything but I could tell there was something weird going on. Some unfamiliar weight. She was definitely up to something. Finally we reached the turnoff for Naomi's street.

"This is where we part ways see you tomorrow."

I walked on. For a moment she stayed where she was but soon I heard footsteps running up behind him.

"Wait Charlie don't go! You don't have an umbrella I'll walk you a little farther!"

I could see on her face that there was something on her mind. I thought of just coming out and asking her what it was but I decided against it. You never knew with Mo. Whatever it was I figured I'd find out soon enough.

A block later we passed the Post Office. That was when I 1st felt her fingers brush against my hand. It happned so quickly but I noticed it. I didn't say anything in case it was unintentional. But my senses were on red alert. A little while after that our hands touched again only this time I knew it was no accident because her fingers wrapped around mine. I stopped walking. "What are you doing?"

"Holding your hand."

My heart was suddenly in my throat but I made an effort to stay cool. "Yes I realize that. I'm just surprised. Especially since you already made it perfectly clear you don't want anything to do with me."

She was biting her lip and looking really nervous. "I know I did I'm sorry I'm so so sorry but at the time I was messed up and confused and I didn't know what I wanted but you're truly the best thing that's ever happened to me and I love being around you and I really do want to be with you and I really want to be with you I've wanted to tell you that for so long but I didn't know how to do it because I've already made such a mess of things."

The rain had picked up by then and it was falling hard all around us and I was having a hard time making sense of this. "I don't get it Mo. What about everything you said about us being too different?"

"I was wrong I'm sorry" she said again. "I screwed up."

"What about your parents? I thought you didn't want to sneak around anymore. Like you did with Scott?"

She shrugged. "My parents already know. We worked it out. They want me to be happy and they trust my judgement."

They worked it out? Huh? Did I miss something? Were we talking about the same parents she always said would hit the roof if she even hinted she was dating anybody?

Hold on I have to continue this in another message this one is screwing up.

5/20/2011 #24
Sweg Life

Charlie POV-

Was she serious?

I wondered if I would ever understand this girl. Who did she think I was? A toy she could play with? Some robot with no feelings? I pulled my hand away remembering what she'd said to me.

"Well you're too late Mo.I'm not interested. I have my own grand plan now and you're not in it."

She bit her lip again and it looked like she might even cry.

"I never meant to hurt you Charlie . . . I hope you can at least forgive me."

I felt a wave of heat and I was about to tell her what she could do with her apologies but that's when she took my hand again and stepped even closer. The way she peered up at me all anxious it put the brakes on whatever I was about to say.

All I could manage was "What are you doing?"

"Remember the time you poked fun at me because I never do anything on impulse? Anything reckless just because I'm dying to know what it feels like? Well get ready. I'm about to do something reckless."

She suddenly raised herself on her toes. She must of lost track of how she was holding the umbrella because I felt the rain pelt down on my neck and the back of my jeans but I hardly paid any attention to that.

Because that's when she kissed me.

It was quick and soft and so unexpected I nearly fell over.

"Oh God I'm sorry!" she said seconds later as she readjusted the angle of the umbrella. "You're all wet!"

"What was that?" I asked. I was too surprised to be angry.

The truth was that even though I didn't want to admit it I still liked this girl just as much as ever. I never stopped thinking about her. Part of me wanted to find a way to get over my hurt feelings so we could be together only I didn't know how.

"It was a kiss." she said. Like that wasn't obvious. "And you want me to tell you how it felt?"

What could I say? My brain was on overload.

"Right. It felt . . . right. Tell me you didn't feel the same thing."

After all, she'd totally crushed me back at the clinic.

"You're out of your mind" I said.

I started to pull away but she wouldn't let go. She grabbed my hand tight and came in close again. Then for what seemed like a long time we both just stood there. Me fuming and Mo still squeezing my hand. Neither of us saying a word and the rain still pelting down on the umbrella.

And that's when she stood on her toes again. And kissed me for the 2nd time only this one was even softer and longer. When it was over the calves of my jeans were soaked and I realized I'd forgotten to breathe.

And there it is! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

5/20/2011 #25
Madilyn the Introvert

I read the new chapter :D it was amazing.

I have a serious dilema. Should I buy the songs from the Lemonade MOuth soundtrack from iTunes or should I wait till the movie comes out and buy that? I'll end up buying the other later when I have the money, but I want to know what I should buy first. Help me decide, please?

5/21/2011 #26
Sweg Life

I would get the movie, especially if your going to get both anyway, I would buy the movie because the movie has the songs plus the extended edition, deleted scenes, yada yada yada yada. Yeah I would get the movie.

5/21/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #27
Sweg Life

By the way, for your review, you guessed it. If they even make it to HighWire though! Trying to keep you on you're toes. :)

5/21/2011 #28
Madilyn the Introvert

:D of course!!! :D

and thanks, but do you think they'll add it to the actual movie because the what's what edition IS the extended editon and they didn't show LiveWire. I was seriously disapointed.

Plus, my friend, K.M Arrow, said she heard that they are together and they tell the interveiwer that :D I really can't wait. I saw the scene with Wen grabbing Olivia's hand and kissing it. Soo cute! ^O^

5/21/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #29
Sweg Life

No I think they had to save some of the extended scenes so that you'll actually buy it and they'll make money off of it. But even if there's not, you will still have deleted scenes. And they have to add HighWire somewhere, but they probably didn't show it on Disney because they wanted people to buy the DVD so they'll make money off of it.

5/21/2011 #30
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