Sanubis vs Saltie
Sadie Kane? Does her life suck or does it rock? Two gorgeous guys fighting over one beautiful girl. Whose side are you on?
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I honestly think that Rick Riordan was being unfair when he threw Walt in like that. From the Red Pyramid, we could easily see that there was something going to happen between Anubis and Sadie, and maybe that pairing could put a whole new twist to a forbidden kind of love. But no, Walt came and made the whole thing a sort of love triangle.

And well, I find Anubis a tad bit hotter.

What's your opinion?

5/13/2011 #1
Chick With Brains

My sister is a total Salt (Sadie/Walt) fan, but I'm still Sanubis all the way. I don't mind if there is just a tiny bit of Salt romance in the future books, but I want Sadie to end up choosing Anubis.

I still think Walt is a great character. I don't want him to die- STUPID CURSE!

5/15/2011 #2
Giselle Pink

Sanubis! I loved the Sadie and Anubis pairing the second he showed up, even before she knew his name.

I like the idea of Jaz and Walt though.

5/16/2011 #3
Chick With Brains

I agree, Jaz and Walt is just so cute. I also like the idea of Liz or Emma dating Walt. Hey, someone needs to write a fanfic about that. Who volunteers?

5/19/2011 #4

I will if I'm not busy. And I'm Sanubis all the way and think that Jaz and Walt are cute together.

5/21/2011 #5

Oh noes! I'm the only Sadie/Walt person here!

I like Sadie/Anubis too, but the thing is that he's a god. I don't think it'd really work out in the future. I hate the way Anubis just randomly kissed Sadie in the beginning of the Throne of Fire. I thought it was squealful, yet uncalled for.

Walt is actually a teenager like Sadie. Normal, likes Sadie, and has the blood of the pharaohs. The whole package, right?

I respect and love both pairings though. I just wonder who she'll pick.

5/25/2011 #6

That's the reason I love Sanubis. It's a forbidden love. And I think that Anubis kissed Sadie in the Throne of Fire because he really likes her, but I'm not Rick Riordan, so I don't know. :/ Besides, Walt is DYING. I don't want him to die (STUPID CURSE) but if Sadie chooses Walt, then she will get her heart broken if they don't find a cure for him. And doesn't EVERYONE wonder who she'll pick? Two guys that are apparently "super hot" in Sadie's mind in love with her. Kind of hard to choose, isn't it?

5/25/2011 #7

I liked the kiss, but I just thought that it was a little rushed. (Even though they were being chased by two angry gods..) But anyway, I expected the kiss to be more meaningful. I don't know. I guess I was just a little disappointed. I can't really explain it.

And about the curse, I hope Walt won't die. I mean, I wouldn't think that Riordan would cause him to die, but he has killed off characters before. But I believe that in the third book there will be a subplot just to find the cure for the sickness.

And Walt came straight out to tell her that he liked her. (Well, he told Carter. I guess that's a difference.) I find Anubis a little mysterious and unpredictable. Is that a good thing?

Two hot guys, I agree it would be hard to choose. She's just twelve... oh er.. thirteen, and she's got her hands full with them. She's lucky. ;)

5/25/2011 . Edited 5/25/2011 #8

Yeah, I agree on the rush part... but still, it was a bit cute. And I hope that Walt doesn't die either, but I agree: Riordan has killed characters before. I guess it's because not everyone can be alive after a war. There has to be some deaths. Of course, I don't like it, but still. It makes the story a bit more... realistic, I guess. Idk, I can't find the proper word. :S Yeah, Walt told Carter and Carter told Sadie. And gods ARE mysterious and unpredictable. I think both good and bad. And I agree. Sadie is lucky.

5/26/2011 #9

We all wish we could be her... well I guess the romantic part. Not the whole.. gotta save the world part. :D

5/26/2011 #10

Actually, I don't want to be her, I just want to streak my hair. I wouldn't stand having to chose from two hot boys... or saving the world, since I can seriously mess up. :S

5/26/2011 #11

Yes, a streak in the hair would be pretty awesome. C:

5/26/2011 #12

Yeah! What color would yours be? Mine would probably be a light color, lilac, I think. *Sighs* Lucky Sadie, she gets purple streaks in her hair! *Pouts*

5/26/2011 #13

It'd be blue or orange! I know, she's so unfair. -sobs- I know, we should just eat her!

5/26/2011 #14

Um... I pass. Why? 1) I don't want to eat a human. That's just gross. And 2) She's suppose to save the world, so I guess if we eat her, the world would end, and I would like to go to Greece, Egypt, and Rome before I die... not to mention Carter will kill us :S

5/26/2011 #15

Aww, but eating Sadie would be fun.

5/26/2011 #16


5/26/2011 #17

Ha-ha, but that's like the thrill, you know? Everyone chasing after you and....wanting to kill you...and after you're dead Osiris and Anubis will kill you some more.....second thought.........

5/26/2011 #18

See what I mean? Anyway, back on the topic of the forum, Rick Riordan loves love triangles. Look at this: Annabeth/Percy/Rachel, Piper/Jason/Reyna (this is a probability) and now Anubis/Sadie/Walt! Make up your mind, RR!

5/26/2011 #19

I find Reyna very interesting, especially since we know nothing about her. Why would he tease us with these love triangles of doom? (Add 'of doom' to everything to make it sound terrifying! :D) What would happen if there was a love triangle between Zia/Carter/??? That would be awesome, yet readers would start shooting the book with a gun.

5/26/2011 #20

I know but still... *shrugs* And to tell the truth, I think that he's teasing us with the whole "Zia-doesn't-remember-Carter-and-Carter-is-heartbroken" situation, instead of doing Zia/Carter/???

5/26/2011 #21

I think I like the Zia-doesn't-remember-Carter thing better than the Take-down-the-other-girl-in-Carter's-life-now! situation. The second one would break both of their hearts, while the first one breaks (probably?) only one. Though, I still dislike the first one even being in the second book. But I guess it creates drama and sadness to it.

5/26/2011 #22

I think that RR would make Zia remember slowly Carter and Sadie... it is something he would do... BTW, have any of you read the first chapter of the Son of Neptune?

5/26/2011 #23

Oh, did he release the first chapter already? It seems so early!

5/26/2011 #24

YES AND IT'S SUPER GOOD! Here's the link: h t t p : / / c d n 3 . d o l i m g . c o m / e x p l o r e / P M P a g e s / P r i n t a b l e / S o n _ o f _ N e p t u n e _ p r e v i e w . p d f (Delete the spaces)

5/26/2011 #25


Thank you so much! I must go read it!

5/26/2011 #26

Tell me when you finish it!

5/26/2011 #27

Okie dokie.

5/26/2011 #28

Okay, for some strange reason it's kicking me out of it. It won't let the link load. :(

5/26/2011 #29

OK... weird. Tell you what: go to the official website of the Heroes of Olympus (which is just tripe w, dot, heroesofolympus, dot, com) and you will see it will give you a sneak peek to it. Also, if it's all gray, it's because it's loading the images and all that.

5/26/2011 #30
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