Sanubis vs Saltie
Sadie Kane? Does her life suck or does it rock? Two gorgeous guys fighting over one beautiful girl. Whose side are you on?
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Ugh, it's still not working. I even tried getting on to his blog. Whenever I click the link, it doesn't let me get on it. But I did see the cover. Is that Leo or Percy or what? Or could it be Jason because of the winged animal staff he's holding?

5/26/2011 #31

Percy. I think he isn't holding an eagle shaped staff, I think he is putting Riptide on the ground and the eagle is on top of it. I mean, why would Leo be near water if he is technically fire himself? And why would Jason be near water if Poseidon will probably be all "GET OUT OF MY TERRITORY!"

5/26/2011 #32

Suicide? :P I'm kidding.

Now that I have the picture zoomed in, it does look like a sword. And I guess it would make sense with the title and all. But is Percy going to be a main character in this story or will the other three still be the mains?

5/26/2011 #33

Both, I think.

5/26/2011 #34

Hm, okay. I wish that stupid link would work!

5/26/2011 #35

*Sighs* Internet. Don't fail booksonclouds. THE 1st CHAPTER OF THE SON OF NEPTUE! ANY HoO FAN WANTS THAT!

5/26/2011 #36

Why must it be so cruel to me? -sobsob-

5/26/2011 #37

*Shakes head* If the Internet company wants people to use the Internet, they shouldn't be so cruel with the computer-users.

5/26/2011 #38

I must throw tomatoes at them until it works.

5/26/2011 #39


5/26/2011 #40

You know, we really are quite off topic here. I hope no one comes after us. But we'll just eat them. Oh wait. You don't like eating people. Darn.

5/26/2011 #41

I know. And I know I don't like eating people, but that doesn't mean that I don't like cursing them... *evil smile*

5/26/2011 #42

OH EGYPTIAN GODS. That scares me deeply. Don't do that again. :|

5/26/2011 #43


5/26/2011 #44

I'm kiddings. :P And I was looking through Kane Chronicles pictures on the website and WOW. Anubis is HAWT. And Bes is hawt as well, in his OWN WAY. -shuddershudder-

5/26/2011 #45

*Shudders* Did you see Zia's picture?

5/26/2011 #46

Yeah, she looks intimidating. I wonder how the camera man got them to look in the camera like that. Some of them have smiles like, "I stalk you."

5/26/2011 #47

Pretty and intimidating. And at least I wasn't the only one who would notice that.

5/26/2011 #48

Yes, I can see why Carter chose her. Sadie looks like she's about to kill.

5/26/2011 #49

I KNOW! I saw her, and I was like, "Who are you going to kill?"

5/26/2011 #50

Her brother. Lol.

5/26/2011 #51

Since Sadie would be hopelessly LOST without Carter (he's the smart one of the family, as much as Sadie doesn't want to admit it) I don't think so.

5/26/2011 #52

Fake kill, then? Like as in a duel?

5/26/2011 #53

THAT I believe.

5/26/2011 #54

But then again, she could accidentally kill him while dueling. :O

5/26/2011 #55

True. And she'll feel all guilty and beg to her father to bring him back. She would probably say, "Who am I going to bother now?"

5/27/2011 #56

And then her dad will bring him back. Then it'll start all over again. They'll duel and Carter will die again. Repeat.

5/27/2011 #57

Holy noses! The preview is working! I will read it now! HOORAY!

5/27/2011 #58

Jack in the Crack burrito? You know, I've heard of Jack in the Box, but not of Jack in the Crack. That sounds unbelieveably disgusting, ha-ha.

Aww, he remembers Annabeth. Which is good, but he doesn't remember his life?!? This is almost exactly what happened to Jason. They switched. Percy is with the Romans, and Jason is which the Greeks. I think? I don't know.

He has a pillowpet in his backpack. I've always wanted one of those things. :| Not fair.

The gorgons officially creep me out. And why must Riordan end the chapter when he jumps off the cliff? -sigh-

Still good I suppose. I can't wait for it to come out in October. Such a long, terrible wait though.

5/27/2011 #59

I KNOW!!!! And I'm glad he remembers Annabeth, and I have a pretty good idea of how he will be when he sees her:

"A girl of about sixteen or seventeen years old with curly blond hair and stormy gray eyes walked up to Percy. His voice cracked as he asked, 'Annabeth?'"

Something like that.

5/27/2011 #60
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