Sanubis vs Saltie
Sadie Kane? Does her life suck or does it rock? Two gorgeous guys fighting over one beautiful girl. Whose side are you on?
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6/3/2011 #91

Cool. I know, my description is terrible.

6/3/2011 #92

DAUGHTERS OF ATHENA WILL DIE!! Just kidding. But really. Just don't threaten with a math book. -shudder-

6/3/2011 #93

Don't worry, we won't. Right, I'mDifferent-GetOverIt?

6/3/2011 #94

-about to cry-

You know how I feel about them...

6/3/2011 #95

I said we wouldn't torture you with the math book.

6/3/2011 #96

B-B-But what i-if you g-get all mad, Animal Charmer 11? :,(

6/3/2011 #97

I yell.

6/3/2011 #98

You yell? Is that some sort of way to get the math facts out? :,(

6/3/2011 #99

I've told you once and I'll tell you again: I HATE MATH WITH PASSION.

6/3/2011 #100

Hi. I'm back.

6/3/2011 #101


6/3/2011 #102

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

Hi, my name is booksonclouds. I'm the awesomest person alive. Animal Charmer 11 thinks so too. -offers hand-

6/3/2011 #103

I think that Salt is more likely going to happen. I mean Anubis is married and immortals won't be able to stick around all the time. And Sadie is only thirteen. People like the idea of Sanubis because it is fantasy and sweet, but realistically it will not happen. But then again Walt is going to die so it will probably be a short fling. Then once Walt is gone, Anubis can be her rebound guy. Which basically contradicts the whole point I was making; oh well. How would the relationship even work? Will Sadie have a demigod? That sounds like a TKC spin-off in the making.

6/4/2011 #104

I've read about the spin offs, where it's a crossover between Percy Jackson and The Kane Chronicles. And I had this idea where Percy accepts being a god and has a kid with Annabeth. Sadie and Anubis also have a kid. Saide and Annabeth work at the same school and their daughters' pasts catch up with get where this is going.

I do think Saltis more realistic...though the shipper name sucks...

6/4/2011 #105

I AM TEAM ZARTER!!!!!! I like Jalt (Jaz and Walt) and I am annoyed by both Annie and Sadio (Here are the reasons behind their nicknames: Annie: It annoys him. 'Nuff said. Sadio: Khufu can eat her!), so in a way, I am a Sanubis fan.

6/12/2011 #106
Giselle Pink

I just realized something...

Waz (WaltxJaz) is a REALLY bad shipping name.

PAAAAAFFFFFFFT! XD (That is supposedly laughter...)

They are SOOOO lucky they got Jalt.

6/17/2011 #107

I'm sorry if this is interupting.. but I might as well point something out. As someone has already pointed out, the AnubisxSadie (or Sanubis which is a ridiculous nickname for a pair) is, most likely, not going to happen. And before someone attempts to chew me out for this.. you guys must remember some facts and the undertone facts.

One: Consider this wisely now. Rick has stuck true to both Greek/Roman and Egyptian mythology thus far. Why would he break this now? As someone has already pointed out, Anubis (or Inpu, Anup, Anpu, lenpw) is married. And if you guys bother to look him up (or if you are like my sister and know every Egyptian Mythology by heart.. which can be annoying at times) you'd know his wife's name is Anput, his counter part. And that he has a kid with her called Kebechet.

Why is this important? Well, let me ask you this.. What do you think will happen when Sadie finds this information out? And what do you think will happen if they were to meet? I doubt the results will be good and Sadie will probably end up with a shattered heart. Now some of you might think that Rick will not include her.. or hope not to. But as I said, he has stuck true to the mythology so far, I bet you he will find some way to include the two of them.. somehow. And to add more to this point. The Egyptians gods, unlike the Greek/Roman, seem rather loyal to their wives.. So take that into account as well.

Two: I wanted to talk about Sadie's age here... but I think I will save it for the last bit. So I will go onto the other point.. Anubis loves to tease it seems. I mean seriously.. you have to be blind if you can't tell he is teasing most of the time. And Sadie seems to be more of the target.. He acts more like an older brother than a real love toy.. And that kiss.. is questionable. It had no real feeling behind it.. if anything it wasn't considered a real kiss at all but it did mess with Sadie now didn't it. This puts the relationship into question.

Now lets back up to where I said Anubis acts more like teasing older brother. In consideration.. he is another older brother or cousin. Why? Set is his father, brother to Osiris, Isis, Horus.. etc. And in another life Horus is Anubis brother.. and Osiris is Anubis father. Osiris combined with their (Sadie and Carter's) dad.. and in this book Osiris is more like Anubis adopted father, so that does.. (in retrospec) make Anubis like their brother/cousin thing. Not by blood but still...

Three: .. I swear this is the most annoying in almost any book.. Forbidden love.. hah! Answer me this, how is it forbidden when it seems more like a tease? Of course this doesn't change the fact that the Greek/Roman gods (the ones married) two time their wives... but the Egyptians aren't, percisely, like the Roman/Greek gods now are they.. So this doesn't really bring a forbidden taste to the pair now does it? No, it doesn't. God, this reminds me of the ArtemisxHolly pair.. one of the most annoying I have come across...

Four: Sadie is 13. For those who are older you guys must remember what it was like at her age, don't you? It was a confussing time especially with your hormones a buzz.. Yes, it gets better and more contorable when your older.. but she is in that delicate state right now. So you can't pass the hormones off. For all you know she might meet more guys as she gets older and her love interest might differ. It happens.

And since Percy/Rachel/Annabeth is being thrown into the mix.. Annabeth and Percy didn't really love each other as they had a minor school crush at first. Remember, it was a minor interest at first in the first book (when he was twelve), a type of crush in the second (when he was thirteen, Sadie's age) and so on it build. Rachel didn't come in until Percy had more control over his hormones at the age of 15 (I know they met in the Titan's Curse when he was 14 but that was a brief meeting and can't be consider much).. but even then he didn't show much interest in her. So remember the hormones first... Why does everyone forget this? *sighs*

Five: I am not sure what to say with point five.. I pretty much pointed out most of the facts that goes against the pairing.. So what could this be? Take Apollo for example on this point. Who can truly resists a sexy god? Now you know why I said to take Apollo for example. But when you are immortal.. it usually never lasts.

Now, I know most of you probably don't like the facts that stack up agains the pairing.. but you must remember them. However, it still makes a good canon pair none the less.. Forbidden.. not so much.. but still it is an interest.. as long as people don't go over board with it.

You know.. I wish people would remember some facts when they go to write this pair.. or the mythology. It can be really ridiculous at times to see people forget it.. and then the story just drops some from there.

For instance people seem to forget that Chiron said that the Greeks/Romans moved around.. so it is possible that they could have been in Egypt at one time.. making them have some sort of Egyptian counter part. And I discovered something of interest.. Gaia might have a role in Egyptian mythology as well. Remember in Greek/Roman she created herself from the void (which is Chaos/Khaos.. the formless, un-orderly, dark, silence.. nothing) and created the rivers, mountains, etc. In Egyptian mythology the river of churning chaos (Nu/Nun). What if this was a river that Gaia had created and one of her, unknown children who wanted to have an kingdom of his/her own formed a hill from it.. Thus starting Egyptian mythology. As ridiculous as it sounds.. it is highly possible.. but you see... there is a connection between the two.. And I apologize I am starting to ramble.. My bad. You can forget this part right here.

6/24/2011 #108
Giselle Pink

I agree with you a little, sadly.

Although, is it to much to hope that Anubis's wife faded away much as some gods and monsters did?

But I have to say, something is fishy with Walt aswell. The things about him are moving to fast and he is tooooo perfect for me to trust.

6/27/2011 #109

I think a lot of Sanubis fans would hope for that, and I don't blame them. It's hard to see a favorite couple not come to be. But as far as I can tell, it doesn't look likely. So far, no Egyptian God/Goddess or monsters have been mentioned to have faded yet, just sealed somewhere. Which says a lot in comparison to those who have faded (and been mentioned to have) in the Percy Jackson series. So it is still likely that she will turn up at some point, either that or Kebechet will.

But it is not too much to hope for it.. though it's better not to build it too high.

You've noticed that weirdness as well? I'm not too sure what it is but there looks to be a secret hidden there, what do you think?

You know.. I want to challenge someone to write a story where Sadie finds out about Anubis wife or daughter.. That should be interesting. It will certainly give a change to the over crowd of Zarter and Sanubis floating about.

6/27/2011 #110

I am a total Sanubis.

7/6/2011 #111

Okay, so I was coming across one of my reviews on a specific story, and I came across this one...


"I think that Walt will become Anubis's host. That way, Walt can't die cuz hosts don't die. So Sadie won't have to chose!"

I thought about the idea for a little and talked to her about it. Walt and Anubis already have something secretive going on between them, and the idea that Walt won't die from this is perfect. But with the whole "Sadie won't have to choose!" part really made me think. Would she still like Anubis and want him back in his normal way, or like Walt with Anubis as his host? Surely she'd have to like one over the other, maybe even just a tiny bit. And that might cause conflicts in the future. :\

Anyway, the idea was all bookgirl39's and I was just very interested in it.

7/17/2011 #112

Salt fan, Mine is a lot shorter less explained list

1. with the kiss scenes Sadie was mad that Anubis kissed her with out her promission, but when Walt kissed her she did not complain, she was happy

2. At the end, I'm guessing Anubis and Walt made some sort of deal, for Walt to live longer, and why would Anubis help Walt if they both loved Sadie

3. Anubis is Married and has a kid, that is just creepy and wrong. So if he and Sadie do end up together, how long till he cheats on her? Pluss he is (and i did my math) 384.615384(and that keeps going) times her age or 4986 years older Walt is just 3 years not nearly as creepy

8/3/2011 . Edited 8/3/2011 #113

Yeah, I'm a total Sanubis fan too. I think Walt and Jaz would be cute, but I just don't like Walt and Sadie... Something about him is fishy.

8/6/2011 #114
Giselle Pink

Walt and his fishiness are a bit too... Eh... Fishy...

I might be a neither fan... Thinking deeper into the deepness of the actions portrayed.

I don't know.


8/12/2011 #115

And well, I find Anubis a tad bit hotter.

LOL. Still... How hot you are should not interfere with love.

8/13/2011 #116

i am so sanubis coz i think a god dating a mortal is just plain cool. salt good i supose but sanubis is the best!

8/14/2011 #117

As cool as it is, it's not likely. :P

8/16/2011 #118

I'm a total Salt fan. Anubis is just to standoffish for me. Walt is sweet and he actually cares about Sadie... unlike Anubis... well, at least I assume he doesnt care about her...


9/8/2011 #119
Odd One You're Never Alone


1. Anubis is MARRIED!!!!

2. walt is soo sweet to her.

3. Anubis just randomly kissed her just to kiss her.

4. walt actually likes her

9/10/2011 #120
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