Sanubis vs Saltie
Sadie Kane? Does her life suck or does it rock? Two gorgeous guys fighting over one beautiful girl. Whose side are you on?
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Yay more Salt fans!

9/10/2011 #121

I do think Anubis kissed her, just to kiss her. Kisses have many meanings besides just a idiotic sign of romance. It can be in relief, good luck, or such.. I think the kiss was more of good luck than a kiss kiss. (You know, I really despise when people put more into a kiss than it actually is. If you look at the situation correctly you'll find the true meaning behind the kiss. Since Sadie and her friends were being attacked, they were on a deadline for the book of Ra and everything was in stress, the kiss points to a sign of good luck)

But I agree, Anubis doesn't seem to really care for her, maybe just as a friend but that's it. Walt cares more for her, also Sadie seem to melt with Walt where as she got made with Anubis when he kissed her. Signs people.. Also Anubis is a dog.. Not only is he married but he can cheat.. I heard this one myth where he sired a child with Hathor once.. But cut out it's heart in disgust.. Later he killed it again by ripping it's soul that it was using to stay alive and drain the blood from it.. Yeah, one mean daddy too.. I'd hate to see him when he is really angry.... (Imagine if there was an army of Anubis like in the Mummy Returns.. Why is it he seems so wimpy in the Kane Chronicles yet so bad arse in the myths and movies...??)

But yeah, facts are facts and there is still no evidence of a real love connection between Anubis and Sadie. If so, it is just a minor crush like what Thalia had with Apollo upon meeting him.

(Also, what is with the Tea Time arguement about whether or not Anubis is gay. He's bisexual. In fact, most gods are bisexual, Apollo, Horus, Poseidon, and Set being an example of this.. Look it up. Plus, I don't think he would really care if the person he laid with is male or female or both.. As long as he is in love or lust he wouldn't care..)

9/11/2011 #122

(Also, what is with the Tea Time arguement about whether or not Anubis is gay. He's bisexual. In fact, most gods are bisexual, Apollo, Horus, Poseidon, and Set being an example of this.. Look it up. Plus, I don't think he would really care if the person he laid with is male or female or both.. As long as he is in love or lust he wouldn't care..)

Bahahaha. Go Wanubis! (But not really. xD)

9/11/2011 #123

Salt totally rocks.

10/25/2011 #124

never mind, Sanubis.

10/25/2011 #125

Only Rick Riordan can decide. I don't really like love triangles but Annabeth and Percy doesn't have love triangles. They're girlfriends and boyfriends. Jason and Piper and for Kane Chronicles, no one knows instead of Rick.

I am a fan of Sadie and Anubis and maybe there will be a pairing for Walt later in the future.

One, Sadie has a crush ON Anubis.

Two, Anubis cares deeply for her even though he doesn't show it a lot. Maybe that caring for her will turn into actual romance. He might have kissed her on the lips if I remember correctly. That actually made me jumped on the sofa laughing for joy.

12/18/2011 #126

Anubis is awesome...Walt is cool but Anubis just creams offense

Sadie and Anubis!!! Gooo Sanubis!!! Whoo!!!

1/8/2012 #127

I agree! Sadie and Anubis! Besides, Walt was just...BAM, suddenly thrown into the second book, and Sadie immediately likes him? Her relationship with Anubis had already developed some since the first book, and so they make much more sense together. And, regarding the forbidden love.. doesn't that make everything so much more epic and suspenseful?

Besides, even though Anubis is married in the actual myths, what about the Greek gods, then? Zeus's "wife" is Hera, isn't she? And yet, what about Thalia and Jason? They're his children, too! It would be pretty cute if Sadie and Anubis got together, and had demi-god children, and that could crossover into the Percy Jackson series.

Jaz and Walt would make much a better pairing than Sadie and Walt. That way, Sadie can be with Anubis!

1/12/2012 #128
Riddle Goddess

I totally agree. Sanubis, jalt and Zarter. That's what I'm hoping will turn out.

1/30/2012 #129

I am a total die hard Salt fan. I mean sure Anubis is 'hot'. But he's a bloody god! I know the whole forbidden love thing sounds cool, but it's a bit cliche. Sadie is perfect for Walt because they are exact opposites. Opposites attract. Like Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. I'm sorry I am a die harder PJO fan.

Salt all the way

2/4/2012 #130

*raises hand* I know I was naive at the beginning of this forum, but I think that /neither/ will happen. Nor Sanubis or Salt. The reason for that? Simple: Jaz.

4/4/2012 #131
I'm all up for Sanubis. I mean, hey look a perfect couple... then Rick Riordan decided for Sadie to end up with Walt... so sorely dissapointed!
5/19/2012 #132

...technically, it's Saltnubis.

5/19/2012 #133
NOWAY!!! Forbidden love is so much better than opposites attract! Opposites attract is just as cliche as forbidden love... maybe even more! I mean don't get me wrong, I love Percabeth, but in this case I'm Sanubis all the way!
5/19/2012 #134

...actually, forbidden love is over-cliché thanks to Twilight. I was just stating that Sadie's dating both Walt and Anubis.

5/19/2012 #135

If you ask me, I'd give Rick half points for combining Walt and Anubis, but I feel like it's totally unfair to Sadie. I mean, if she kisses Waltnubis, who is she actually kissing, Walt or Anubis?

5/28/2012 #136

*snorts* I don't find it unfair for Sadie - in fact, the two gorgeous guys she likes sharing one body! Yipee! She won't have to choose! #sarcasm I find it unfair on Walt and Anubis, to tell the truth. Don't you feel like they don't know who does Sadie really like? It's already unfair both of them like the same girl, but they don't know which one of them she likes best. It's unfair to them, in my opinion.

5/29/2012 #137

Actually, it's unfair only to Sadie. Walt and Anubis get the girl of their dreams, but Sadie still has to choose between the two. What she hates Walt, but still loves Anubis? Then, she'd have to love Walt still, because Anubis lives inside Walt's head (That or she could live in a graveyard for the rest of her life).

5/29/2012 #138

*snorts* Oh, yes. Sadie is a relatable character, but compared to other epic female characters, she's wayyy down in my list of favorite female characters, and this whole romance thing is ridiculous to me. She's 13, and she's only going to be with Wanubis for the rest of her life? I had to stop from ripping my book to pieces because I couldn't stand it. I don't even think she loves them. She's 13, you call that true love? I call it SCHOOLGIRL CRUSH. I'm sorry, but this whole romance shouldn't be here. Love? Dating? At 13? *snorts* She doesn't have to decide. Don't you see what Rick was trying to do? He was trying to get us not act like all those crazed Twilight fans (not all of them are crazed, I'm talking about those fangirls that cause many people to hate Twilight (including myself. Plus, I read all the books, and nearly burned them later on)) and fight against each other. Because everytime I bring up this series, all I get is a bunch of people talking about the Anubis/Sadie/Walt thing, when the whole series is two siblings that barely know each other bond as they try to save the world and get along at the same time. The story is rotated around FAMILY LOVE, NOT ROMANTIC.

Rant over.

5/29/2012 #139

*scoffs* You have a point, but look closer into the book, and you'll actually see that Sadie's a bit mature for her age (At least, that's what I think). Plus, love doesn't depend on age. I know two people, 15 and 14, who are already dating, and with one like you can already tell that that's true love. Why can't it be the same with Sadie? So she's 13, so what? Even a "schoolgirl crush" as you put it can turn into true love, given with time.

5/29/2012 #140

Yes, but this is also Sadie Kane we're talking about here. The impulsive girl, the rebel. Yes, she's mature considering all she's been through. But can you see Sadie like Carter, who was forced to grow up too fast? I can't. Mature, yes, but I'm 13 and still immature, while being mature as well, IF THAT EVEN MAKES SENSE. But anyways, Sadie is kinda mature, but the rest of her? A big head. Self-centered. She can't say one good thing to anyone expect herself, sometimes Carter and Zia, and all the times Walt and Anubis. Was all I the ONLY one that got SICK of hearing her drone on and on and ON about Walt and Anubis's appearance? That's why I call it schoolgirl crush. We rarely hear about those two guys as a person, only their appearance. Kinda like when girls fangirl over Taylor Launter: only fangirl over his 'hotness', not him as a person, which they don't even know.

And it's not the age I'm talking about. I'm talking about how many kisses she's already getting at 13. I know, I know: AGE DOESN'T MATTER. But what I see happening is her getting so used to kissing hot guys she might accidently kiss one cause she's impulsive like that. I can't see her sticking with one guy her whole life when there are so many 'hot' guys that apparently now dig for the rebel British girls.

Point is, I can't see Sadie in a lasting relationship until she's MUCH older - more experienced in love, knowing what's it's like. Now? I'm almost afraid to love because of her terrible way of finding "true love".

5/29/2012 . Edited 5/29/2012 #141

I got your point, but ask yourself this: Why can't she start at 13? It's not like there's and age limit or something. So alright, she's self-centered, I'll give you that, and she loved Walt at first based on looks, but towards the end of The Serpent's Shadow, you'll notice that Rick Riordan described Walt like he was almost a zombie. But still, Sadie stuck with him, until he died, but then he didn't, but Sadie didn't expect that. That's why she really loved him: because he was so in love with her that he would go through extraordinary measures to be with her again. If she only loved him for his looks, wouldn't she go crying to Anubis the moment he told her he was dying? This is only my opinion, though.

And by the way, aren't we taking this way too seriously? :P

5/29/2012 #142

Because Sadie isn't heartless. Self-centered, yes. Has an ego, yes. Annoying, yes. Heartless? Not so much.

Now, I'm going to use some things I once put in an article about Carter vs. Sadie, just for you to see my point of view, but notice I wrote it before the Serpent's Shadow was out.

Well, let's start with the Red Pyramid. Even at the beginning of the book she annoyed me. If you compare the amount of interruptions between the chapters you see that Sadie interrupts more than Carter does. And most of the time Carter finds formal, polite ways to insult his sister, while Sadie isn't half as polite and constantly insults her brother. Now, let's stop there. I am able to speak for Carter now. I know how much your self-esteem goes down when someone insults you. A sibling is a whole different matter. If they had grown up together, then I would let this go. But Carter and Sadie didn't grow up together - they were separated, therefore I make this a big deal. Imagine having your own sister even if you barely know her insult you constantly, putting you down, and being a coward and making you be in danger before her. That equals Carter not thinking highly of himself, and Sadie's to blame.

Now their problems before the whole magicians things. Carter had to travel around, never having a place to call "home", never making friends, and forced to grow up too fast. Sadie, on the other hand, grew up in a home, make friends, and grow to be like her age group. Her "problems" in school are stuff that everyone goes through - and that just makes it cliché. Okay, sure, people can relate to her. But you can go to Twilight and see Bella to 'relate' to her. Therefore, Carter had the harder part of the bargain, and yet Sadie complained that he had the better part. Self-centered, anyone?

Reactions to parts of the book. Carter reacts more calmly and has his head in the game throughout the two books. Sadie, on the other hand, constantly overreacts. Now, overreacting once and a while is fine if the situation is good. But for the stupidest stuff? Not a chance. Let's take Sadie in the Throne of Fire for example. Sadie threw a fit because she was going to miss her birthday party when the world was ending. Now, most of you will say, "You would too if you had planned this for weeks!" Actually, I wouldn't. Missing one party will be nothing, because then I would've saved the world and would have more parties. So, what do you prefer? Missing one party and then saving the world, therefore staying alive and having more parties, or going to that one party and then failing to save the world, therefore dying because you were selfish? Yeah, I thought so.

Thoughts on romance. Have you guys ever noticed that all Sadie talks about is how hot Anubis is and how his "sad brown eyes" makes her melt? Have you noticed that all Sadie talks about Walt is how hot he and his muscles are? Honestly. You call that true love? I call that schoolgirl crush. Carter, on the other hand, actually loves Zia and was heartbroken when her shabti died. And when he finds her again, even if she doesn't know him and thinks she hates him, he still fights for her because he wouldn't stand it if she died for real. Now that is true love. Shame Zarter is unpopular. It pwns Sanubis and Salt in so many ways.

Personalities. As I've mentioned before, Carter's personality is non-Sueish at all. He is smart and brave, but he has a low self-esteem and is embarrassed easily and hates the fact. Now that is a flaw. (And let me say that Zia will love Carter and she will accept his flaw and love him for it. ;-) ) Sadie is, as mentioned, annoying, self-centered, selfish, British prat. She thinks too highly of herself, which results an ego, which results self-centeredness. Annoying is for the tantrum in ToF and saying stupid things like, "I didn't give him permission to kiss me!". Um, hello. No one except perhaps a few unsure teenage guys will ask for your permission to kiss you. And let me tell you, Sadie, that your crush on Anubis is obvious, therefore he kissed you to tease you about it.

And yes, I have. But I am stubborn that way in discussion. Should've said that earlier.

5/29/2012 #143
Giselle Pink

To be honest, I'm kind of iffy on their romantic ending. I still love them all as characters, but the whole Walt and Anubis combination thing is just... Euuurgh. I dunno. It's really original, but I just keep on feeling like Sadie's forced into cheating on her boyfriend/s. Then I keep on wondering, are they like one person, all of their traits combined, or are their minds and souls still seperate?

I dunno. Near the end I just wanted her to end up with Walt. While Sanubis is just so charming, I think Salt it's just... Real. More... This word carries no weight to the Kane Chronicles, realistic. Compatible. He's been around Sadie for one entire book less than Anubis, but they fit better. I don't want her to end up with both. But otherwise the Serpant's Shadow was pretty kick butt.

5/29/2012 #144
Giselle Pink

Isn't being an annoying, self-centered, selfish, British prat a flaw as well? Personally I find Sadie charming. Who doesn't, deep down, think highly of themself? Carter thinks himself higher than Sadie because he's more booksmart than her at the beginning. It just makes them more realistic. Having low self-esteem is actually more of a Sue-ish quality in itself unless done right. Just saying (though Carter isn't a Sue at all. Neither of the Kanes are.)

5/29/2012 #145

Well, I guess we're both too stubborn then.

For your first paragraph, I actually felt the same, way, until I realized that she the "little" sister. Technically, that's her job: to make her brother's life a living Hades/Hell whatever. And the insults actually helped us get a grasp on her entire personality from the very beginning. And if you just look through the entire trilogy, you'll see that Sadie has really changed from her personality from the Red Pyramid. Look at what she did for her brother in the Throne of Fire: SHE SAVED HIS FREAKING LIFE! If that's not sisterly love, then I don't know what is.

With their problems before the whole magician thing, you only saw half the equation. Yes, Sadie complained about her "problems" in school, which is probably what every kid does, but you forgot to mention that she also complained about never having a proper family. She said that Carter had the "better" part of the deal because whatever the case, he actually spent his time with his father, you know, Sadie's last living parent? On the other hand, Sadie was stuck with her grandparents, and doesn't see her father except for twice a year. I personally think that Sadie envied Carter because he was much closer to their dad than she ever was.

With the reactions? Well, you just didn't see it from Sadie's point of view. How would you react when you, a thirteen-ish year old girl, was suddenly ripped out of your normal life and thrown into a magical world of spells, monsters, demons, and sun-eating snakes that want to kill you? If Carter would be the one to overreact, I would think he's gay, but for Sadie, it's just normal.

Yes, the romance. Believe it or not, I actually agree with you there. Sadie did describe only their physical appearances during the first two books, but did you ever notice her feelings for Walt begin to bloom in The Serpent's Shadow? I mean, she would miss out on a dance, just because Walt couldn't go, and she actually stood beside him, even though he was dying.

Ah, the personalities. The hardest part of writing (don't you agree?). I agree with you on Carter, but with Sadie, nah. Her self-centeredness is actually her flaw, and if you look closely in the trilogy, you'll see how that almost got them killed multiple times. Self-centeredness is actually a million different things rolled into one single word, so could you say that Sadie is a Sue? NO! Lastly, kissing. If a guy you barely know kisses you, what would be your reaction? Enough said.

Wow, I can't believe we're really debating about

5/29/2012 #146

@ Giselle Pink: Wow, wow, wow, back up. Really, low self-esteem? You call that a Sueish-trait? So you're just calling practically half of the teen population a Sue? Wow, I congratulate you for not realizing that what I was saying was that he had a trait real-life kids have. #sarcasm Sorry if I seem a bit too harsh. And really, Sadie, charming? Please. In the words of Haymitch, she has "as much charm as a slug". She thinks she's all mighty and smart, when in reality, she wouldn't know half of the stuff if it wasn't for Carter. And Carter was just acting like an older brother: looking at his sibling thinking, "Are we REALLY related?" Come on, you can't deny that if you have a sibling, you haven't ONCE thought that. And he doesn't think himself higher than her, he thinks of himself smarter than her, which is different. Higher means having an ego, which I don't really see Carter having, and thinking himself smarter is, well...kinda the truth.

@ CariVal: Yes we are.

1st Paragraph: Oh, yes, the little sister. Let me tell you something. My cousin is a little sister, and she has never insulted her brothers as cruelly as Sadie has to Carter. And yes, she does: she saves his life. Sisterly love. After Jaz was the one who predicted it would happen and gave her the shabti. Mhm.

2nd Paragraph: See your point, but she was too close-minded to realize that hello, this was Dr. Julius Kane that always traveled, and probably, in my opinion, spent a lot of his time in lectures and press conferences instead of actually being with Carter. he was just...there.

3rd Paragraph: Well, considering all I've read, not really. :P But yeah, I guess. But you need to get a grasp on it and keep your head in the game.

4th Paragraph: Yes, her feelings did blossom for Walt in The Serpent's Shadow, but, as soon as Anubis got there to dance with her, she concentrated on his hotness instead of him. I'm seriously beginning to lean on Salt more than Sanubis right now.

5th Paragraph: Gods, the writer's worst nightmare is to make a character OOC. And that's what bothers me so much. It's that Sadie doesn't actually realize that her flaw is getting both her, her boyfriend, her friend, and her brother nearly killed. And I wasn't calling her a Sue, I was calling her that annoying girl that if I ever met in real life I would probably hate. And the kissing thing? If a guy that I barely knew kissed me, my reaction would probably be: "What the hell just happened?" Not, "i didn't give him permission to kiss me!" Another example of her regularly used flaw.

And I have noticed you have not mentioned, not once, of Sadie's tantrum in ToF for missing her birthday party, when the freakin' world was ending. I have never forgiven her for that. That's probably what sealed my decision for making Sadie go down down down on my list.

5/29/2012 #147

Giselle Pink: Yes, I totally agree with Dream Out Loud 18 (even though we were the ones arguing in the first place... :P) A Sue is basically a character without any flaws, and the last time I checked, low self-esteem is a FLAW. Enough said. You know what I mean.

Dream Out Loud 18:

1st Paragraph: Well, my cousins also has a little sister, and she acts WORSE THAN SADIE. I mean, one time, she pours orange juice in his pants...never mind. What I'm saying is that a little sister can be the devil on earth, or an angel in disguise. It depends, really. But Sadie is probably more like in the middle. And I can't get why you brought Jaz up. Sure she gave her the statue/shabti thing, but that was all. Sadie did all the healing.

2nd Paragraph: Or, she's not close minded, but Rick Riordan hinted that in Sadie's mind she would rather travel than go to school. And as much as she loves her grandparents, she loves her dad even more.

3rd Paragraph: Keep your head in the game? That's a bit hard when you have an evil snake, a group of magicians, and a crazy spirit wanting to kill you.

4th Paragraph: Me too. But in my crossovers, I'm leaning for Sadie/Nico (I know, crazy idea, but it's that's why it's called fanfiction anyway.) Plus, Anubis really didn't know her that well either, and Shu hates seeing them together as well.

5th Paragraph: Actually, from first look, I would probably hate her too, but if you really squint hard, you can see that she only acts that bratty, annoying way to hide her disappointment of actually never knowing her father and mother. At least, that is my opinion. And again, Sadie is jealous of her brother because she didn't know her dad any more than she knows her brother.

And for the last part, BIRTHDAY PARTIES ARE AWESOME! (C'mon, I dare you to disagree.) But personally, I think that Rick Riordan wrote her reaction in that way to deepen her character even more.

5/29/2012 #148

1st P: Yes, but still, all I was saying is that with Jaz's shabti, Carter would probably be dead. So yes, Sadie did save him, but I'm just glad she didn't make the shabti herself if all the shabti turn out like the one in TSS (The Serpent's Shadow).

2nd P: Yes, but still. At least her grandparents loved her. They hate their own grandson.

3rd P: Keeping your head in the game means concentrating on what you have to do, gods. Make sure the snake doesn't kill you and save the world.

4th P: Sadie/Nico for me is the Sanubis only not as forbidden. So yeah. I don't like it all that much.

5th P: I see your point, but I thought hiding behind walls was Zia, not Sadie.

yes, birthday parties rule. And to deepen her character? Please. I nearly ripped my book when I read that. I seriously did. And then I yelled, "YOU STUPID SELF-CENTERED BRITISH PRAT YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE IN THE SAME CITY HARRY POTTER DOES GRRRRRR YOU ARE GOING TO END THE WORLD BECAUSE OF YOUR SELFISHNESS YOU STUPID GIT."

5/29/2012 #149

You nearly ripped the book? Wow, overreacting much? :P

1st Paragraph: *groans* Oh great, now I got a completely ridiculous and very funny ideas in my head that I want to write. Thanks a lot. :D

2nd Paragraph: Yeah, her grandparents did love her, but it's not the same feeling as having you mom and dad close to you.

3rd Paragraph: Yeah, do that, if you don't have a life. (Whoa, I just realized that I acted like a total Sadie there...)

4th Paragraph: Yeah, that's why I'm for Nico/Sadie. It's not actually forbidden, but more like an exotic love. I mean, Sadie Kane, the princess of the underworld (since she's Osiris' daughter, so she is technically the princess), and Nico di Angelo, the prince of the underworld (Hades' son, duh), together? either that spells L-O-V-E or D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.

5th Paragraph: Everybody has something to hide, don't you agree?

And in case you didn't realize this, Sadie was just the average thirteen year old British girl, with the complicated lovelife, blah, blah, blah, you know, technically. AND W**? HARRY POTTER? SERIOUSLY? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE KANE CHRONICLES?

5/29/2012 #150
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