Sanubis vs Saltie
Sadie Kane? Does her life suck or does it rock? Two gorgeous guys fighting over one beautiful girl. Whose side are you on?
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Not really, just exaggerating for you. 1st P: Welcome? 2nd P: Yes...but still find it totally unfair they didn't love Carter based on his appearance. 3rd P: Yeah, if you acted like that in front of me, I would probably slap you. No offense. 4th P: I call writing the D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. 5th P: Agreed. ...dude, have you been reading what I've been typing? Have you ever done that? I said Harry Potter because I've read the series, he lives in London, connect the dots, woman! Have you ever thought something with two fandoms at the same time without actually saying, "Oh, he's in the Kane Chronicles!" Hey, can we just call a truce? It's obvious this is going to go on till Christmas because we're both far too stubborn with kinda different and similar opinions.
5/30/2012 #151

Okay, you want to know my secret? Why I keep telling you my opinions?

First of all, I'm a GUY. And second of all, my girlfriend is basically SADIE THE SECOND, at least, mostly in the personality. I mean, I told her to read the Red Pyramid once, and she just couldn't believe that she and Sadie had almost the same personalities. Oh, and she even hates her older AND younger brothers. Keeps messing with them, blah, blah, blah. I mean, my girlfriend's fifteen, which is kinda not that far from Sadie (two years), and I've known her since we were twelve. You know, the best friend stuff and all that jazz. She's just like Sadie that I couldn't help but notice the similarities. Her personality really changed, from a bratty kid, to a loving woman, in just two years!

Anyway, that's not connected to our argument, is it? Lol :P

5/30/2012 #152

That's a relief. But despite this knowledge...

Until the book!Sadie matures, she's still going to be down in my list. Sorry. I'm sure your girlfriend's lovely.

5/30/2012 #153

Wow...finally, something we agree on! :D

And Actually, I really like Sadie, since Rick made her personality more...humanlike, and not just any make-believe book character, like Annabeth.

Plus, He depicted her as the normal thirteen-year old girl, with the schoolgirl-crush-turned-love, annoying friends, personal problems, self-centeredness (Most have these, if not all. I admit that I was a little selfish back in the past, but someone changed me *wink*).

5/30/2012 #154

It's a miracle. xD

Actually, Annabeth is a pretty realistic character, which is why a lot of people don't like her. She's been left by everyone, has pride, is protective, gets jealous, all that teen stuff.

Not everyone is self-centered...teens, anyways. A lot of them, for example, just want to die.

5/30/2012 #155

You know're right. This will keep going on until Christmas. We're just both too stubborn. ;D

Hey, did you ever notice how Sadie and Annabeth have nearly the same characteristics? Too much pride, protective of those close to them...

And huh? Want to die? Actually I've never thought about it. Never once. It's just...not right. God will take us eventually, but we have to live life to the fullest for Him.

5/30/2012 #156

xD's a gift and a curse.

Yeah. The only difference is Annabeth's book-smart.

*smiles bitterly* Ever heard of bullying? Suicide? I was suicidal once.

5/30/2012 #157


Well, I pray that you find peace in your heart.

I was actually surprised. You? Suicidal? never crossed my mind. I'd ask what happened probably wouldn't want to talk about it. Just PM me if you want somebody to talk to. And if it helps, my classmates bullied me a lot to, but I learned to live with it.

And, yeah, the only difference's is Annabeth's book-smart.

5/30/2012 #158

*smiles bitterly* Thanks. But I've gotten over that. I just felt so utterly helpless because they told it to me, through email. But yeah...past that stage.

So, we have gotten over this, truce?

5/30/2012 #159

Yeah, truce.

And email? that's just plain heartless and cowardly. (You ARE talking about the insults and similar stuff, right?)

Anyway, truce! *smiles awkwardly*

Anyway, this is a question I ask most people...but are you a guy or a girl? Totally innocent question, by the way.

5/30/2012 #160

Yeah. And specifically told to commit suicide, and that no one would care.



5/30/2012 #161

Wow. As I said, HEARTLESS. But they were wrong. There is always one person who cares: God. (That's what helped me through life, the fact that I know that God cares for me.)

And finally, truce!

"blushes* Oh great...see, I've never actually been great talking to girls...makes you wonder how I got a girlfriend, don't you? Yeah, sometimes I wonder about that myself... *blushes again*

Anyway, just reply to this as PM if you like. We're getting WAY too off topic.

5/30/2012 #162

I'm good at doing that in forums. See ya in PM.

5/30/2012 #163
xX Sunset Shadow Xx

I'm Voting for Anubis because walt is dying but in the serpents shadow they are one person,so what's not to like?

6/13/2012 #164
Leo of Nohr
Sanubis all the way! The end was sucky. I mean (SPOILER ALERT), Walt becomes host for Anubis, and they all live happily ever after.
7/7/2012 #165

Honestly, I think it was quite smart of Ricky. He had dug himself into a hole, and that was the only way out. Picked Anubis? Salt fans after him. Picked Walt? Sanubis fans after him. Both fans are sometimes a lot like Twilight fans (no disrespect intended). So he merged them together. It was quite smart. She picked both at the end. HURRAH.

7/7/2012 #166
book kid

I totally agree. I mean I love both Anubis and Walt and through the whole thing I couldnt choose which side I was on! When they joined I was sooo happy. I mean Walt didnt die and anubis can date! I mean yeah hits confusing but its also the perfect solution!

7/25/2012 #167

Actually, I think the ending was actually nice. Everyone gets a happy ending. Walt not's dying, Anubis gets to live an actual life, both are with Sadie. After saving the world and defeating chaos, they deserve to have some happiness.

8/1/2012 #168

i think percabeth jasper ( jason/piper) and sanibus

8/31/2012 #169
couples i love:percabeth,jasper,hank(frank&hazel),zarter,salt,bes & twaret. couples i like:sanubis.
11/6/2012 #170
Um, just saying to all of these posts, I only started reading TKC like, two weeks ago, maybe less, already finished, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I believe that anyone who doesn't like the couple pairing should just stick though it(on case he makes more TKC related books) Also, I feel sorry for u, about the whole, suicide email thing, and about, that other guy, I feel the same way, though I don't have a girlfriend, ad the only girl I liked turns out to not like me, It would've been better if I had found out myself, but, my friend "suggested" she goes out with me. You know what she said? In exact words: "No. He's liked me since fourth grade." I'm currently planning revenge on him *evil grin* What was I going to say? Oh yeah, I ship Salnubis, or whatever you call that couple-ish thing.
4/10/2013 #171
Aphrodite Child

I would pick Anubis over Walt because Walt is most likely to

A. cheat on her with Jaz or some other girl


B.Walt finds a cure and dumps her

12/19/2013 #172

Agreed I think that Walt has a higher chance of hurting her than Anubis.

1/24/2014 #173

Anunis is hotter than Walt. I feel that Anubis has more passion for Walt.

10/13/2015 #174
Girlie Brony

I agree that the Walt thing was kind of badly handled--boom!other hot boy you like!create love triangle! He didn't get much introduction, and we never really get a reason why he and Sadie like each other.

But I just love him so much, whereas Anubis...well, I like him a lot, but he's not as well suited to Sadie as Walt is.

11/30/2015 #175
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